Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"
Design siphon 5/4"

Design siphon 5/4"

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Design siphon in different colours

If the siphon is visible in your bathroom, then you want a nice one! A designer siphon made of brass or stainless steel is a solution. When you walk into your bathroom or toilet, the whole thing immediately looks a lot nicer than with a white plastic siphon, of course. Your siphon is in plain view if you have opted for a washbasin that hangs on the wall or if the bathroom furniture under your washbasin is open or only has a shelf. You can see the siphon, for example, in the Azur bathroom furniture and in the Serenity floor-standing bathroom furniture .

What is the function of a siphon?

A siphon is an essential part of your bathroom and has an important function in draining water and preventing unpleasant odors in bathrooms and kitchens. The most important functions of a siphon are:

  1. Water drainage: A trap is designed to divert water from sinks, sinks, showers and bathtubs into the sewer or drain system. This prevents water from accumulating in these drain points and ensures effective water drainage.

  2. Preventing odor spread: The shape of a siphon creates a water seal that prevents sewer gases and unpleasant odors from escaping from the drain system in the bathroom or kitchen. This contributes to a fresh and pleasant environment.

  3. Preventing blockages: Traps can also help prevent blockages in the drainage system. The design of the siphon, with bends and twists, can prevent larger objects or particles that enter the drain from traveling further into the system and causing blockages.

A siphon actually acts as a barrier between your sink and the drainage system. An important part of your bathroom.

Peace, cleanliness and regularity in your bathroom

The best option is to match the color of your design siphon with yourbathroom tap and drain plug (also called click waste). This way you create unity and tranquility in your bathroom. It is also cool to adapt your shower set for extra appearance. It shows that you have really thought about it. Do you choose trendy black or do you go for the cool gun metal? With the gold or bronze siphon you get that chic, rich look and the chrome version is nice and basic and has nothing to worry about. You can achieve the industrial look with the stainless steel siphon.

The size of the design siphon

The siphon has a universal size of 5/4 inch, or 5/4". This is the size that fits under all sinks and on the drain of your water. The diameter of the pipe drain is 32 mm. Furthermore, the drain pipe is 33 cm long. The siphon height is adjustable from 15 to 23 cm.

Order your siphon online and immediately order the drain plug and tap in the same material and color. Easily install the entire set at once for a beautiful look in your bathroom.

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