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Custom tree trunk table

Boomstam tafel op maat

From a slice of a tree to a chic tree trunk table. It's all possible at DroomHout. Last summer Chiara came to us with her wish for a tree trunk table in combination with a sleek stainless steel frame. She had it all figured out and we went to work for her.

What is a tree trunk table?

Tree trunk table top A tree trunk table is made from a slice of a tree, with the cheek of the tree still visible on the side of the table. These slabs arrive to us completely untreated and with the bark still attached. On a beautiful summer afternoon, Chiara selected her own tree trunk slice and we started working on it.

Custom 3D drawings

Chiara had also thought carefully about the legs, they had to be sturdy legs that would support this tree trunk top made of stainless steel. But after seeing the custom 3D drawings, she thought the legs were a bit coarse for the model. After a lot of fiddling with the different dimensions, it was decided that the legs should have the same width as the top. After the drawings were approved, the table was put into production.

From slice to sheet

This tree trunk slab was first sawn and planed to size. Two slabs were then glued together under high pressure. Chiara wanted a table measuring 160 x 80 cm, which was of course no problem with this piece of customization. Once the slices were glued together, the top was sanded evenly and the men started finishing the top. The top is treated with a matte clear lacquer, which reflects the appearance of untreated oak, but at the same time provides optimal protection. Finally, the legs are attached to the top and the result is certainly impressive! Chiara's custom table, we are proud of it!

Do you also want a custom table?

Do you also have an idea about a custom table? Let us know! You can submit a custom request for custom tables and we will contact you as soon as possible. We would also like to think along with you!

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Tree trunk table

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Custom tree trunk table