About DroomHout

The origins of DroomHout

DroomHout is the brand name of a unique company in Utrecht. As part of The Wood Collection BV, DroomHout produces beautiful, exclusive wooden furniture and custom interiors. On January 1, 2008, father Pierre Mentrop and son Jacques Mentrop took over the then Social Workplace of UW Holding (Utrecht).

Beautiful dining tables from DroomHout

Work companies) from the Municipality of Utrecht. DroomHout is rapidly developing into a leading supplier of unique and exclusive wooden furniture and custom work for both companies and private individuals. Approximately all processable types of wood on earth are used, with European oak and American walnut forming the main tone. At the beginning of 2009, Mentrop senior chose to continue his existing oak panel business and from that moment on, son Jacques ran the factory together with a team of about ten professionals. After Pierre Mentrop decided to exchange wood for a very well-deserved retirement in 2016, we continued the Eikenpanelen.nl brand as a tribute to him. Together with DroomHout, these are currently our two active brand names.

Focus DreamWood

Over time, DroomHout increasingly learns where the strengths of the organization lie and what the market demands. DroomHout is very good at making

Bathroom furniture from DroomHout

dining tables for both private individuals and the business market. And that of course includes chairs , rugs and lamps . In addition, DroomHout makes the most beautiful bathroom furniture , all made of well-protected solid wood. For this purpose, DroomHout uses modern machines and a CNC milling machine . The next specialization that has grown over time is that ofgarden furniture . Lounge sofas and bean bags are particularly popular in this category. Finally, DroomHout makes very beautiful products to take your kitchen to a higher level. We make kitchen fronts and worktops for kitchens. Products that do not fall into one of these four categories are called specials. DroomHout's specials are unique products such as wall shelves , IKEA hacks and super cool limited editions and offers.

Unique business location

This DroomHout factory is located in a wonderfully quiet location in the middle of the meadows and old former defense strongholds just outside the Utrecht district of Lunetten, very appropriately on the Nieuwe Houtenseweg. Next to the factory is the design studio where the beautiful designer furniture can be seen. You can stay there for five days

DroomHout design studio and showroom in Utrecht

per week for good advice while enjoying a delicious Utrecht cup of coffee. Parking is available in front of the door and is completely free. In addition to this physical location, all DroomHout products can also be ordered online in the webshop.

DroomHout and the other TWC brands

As part of The Wood Collection, the DroomHout brand has existed almost from the very beginning, when it was founded in 2008. Over time, The Wood Collection has focused on different target groups with different brands. For example, in the beginning there was the Mentrop Woodworking brand, which stood for all the services that we offered with our wood factory. At that time, that was also the company name, which today is The Wood Collection BV. We brought out the essence of interiors for a while under the name Ezenze . These projects and products can now be found under the Droomhout flag.

DroomHout in the news

There has been a lot of interest in DroomHout from the media since the beginning. Various television programs like to broadcast the product solutions. DroomHout also appears in various printed magazines and journals. Finally, DroomHout is frequently quoted online, an overview of the various collaborations can be found here .

Social and sustainable

DroomHout has been a recognized training company of the Hout & Meubel Foundation since 2009. We are committed to the environment and have in the past provided a place for people who are at a distance from the labor market. In addition, we regularly share our knowledge with interns from the Wood and Furniture College in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which in turn gives us unique ideas. But the greatest source of inspiration is you as a customer. Come and discuss your ideas with us!