You can buy wooden kitchen fronts at DroomHout. We use first-class oak and walnut with a very high-quality finish that perfectly protect your wooden kitchen fronts and keep them beautiful for a long time. Be inspired and choose your most beautiful kitchen front color here.

Houten keukenfronten met latstructuur blank eiken - by DroomHout

Kitchen fronts


    Solid wood kitchen fronts

    The prettiest wooden kitchen fronts shop at DroomHout. We make the kitchen fronts from solid wood and precisely so that they fit your kitchen cabinets. Wooden kitchens give a luxurious look and a warm atmosphere. Standard sizes or customization, DroomHout makes it so that it fits. You then do the assembly yourself and it is easy.

    Visit our showroom for tailor-made advice

    Kitchen island oak

    You can always visit our showroom in Utrecht to look at the possibilities in kitchen fronts.

    We have an IKEA METOD kitchen and our solid wooden fronts have been placed on it. In different finishes and with slatted structure. Our wooden kitchen also has a wooden worktop . Combine the two in solid wood and you will see that a completely wooden kitchen also looks great. Our loyal customers Jade and Tim did this, which resulted in a very cool kitchen, which you can see in our blog Oak kitchen island is trending! .

    Solid wood kitchen fronts

    Oak kitchen fronts

    Solid wooden kitchen fronts are completely hip and the trend of the moment. Do you want a completely new kitchen or just replace your kitchen fronts, for example your IKEA kitchen? In both cases, solid wooden kitchen fronts give your kitchen a maximum natural look and the luxurious appearance of an attractive kitchen. Moreover, wood is a sustainable choice and solid wooden kitchen fronts contribute to a natural atmosphere in your kitchen. Whether you have a sleek living style, rural, Scandinavian, basic, vintage, Japandi, classic or eclectic, solid wooden kitchen fronts match any interior. You can adjust your fronts exactly to your style. How? You can read that further down. Your kitchen is a space where you are every day and where you enjoy it every day. And moreover, the kitchen is increasingly part of the living room, so you also want a stylish appearance here. A beautiful kitchen with real wooden fronts that makes you happy is therefore worth it.

    IKEA kitchen hack with solid wooden kitchen fronts

    Side panel kitchen oak kitchen fronts

    How does the IKEA kitchen hack work? Design your kitchen with the IKEA kitchen planner, order it and only leave out the fronts. Send us your IKEA kitchen plan and we will take care of the rest, because we know exactly what you need. We know IKEA's standard sizes and we know which cutouts are needed. This way, your solid wooden kitchen front always fits exactly. You simply click them on. And if you still need a leveling slat, side panel and/or skirting board, no problem, we can supply that as well. Also in beautiful solid wood, so that it matches your fronts. And, we do more IKEA hacks , would you also like to provide your TV furniture or play corner for the children with a beautiful DreamWood plank so that the beautiful wood is reflected in the rest of your living room? It's all possible at DroomHout.

    Wood look kitchen or rather solid

    Wooden kitchens have a cozy, warm appearance. You could also opt for the look of wooden fronts by choosing a wood-look finish. A front is basically made of MDF or plywood and then has a wood-look veneer top layer with a wood structure. The advantage is that it is relatively inexpensive compared to solid wood. The disadvantage is that if there is damage on your front, there is no other option than to replace the front. That's the great thing about solid wood, you can renovate it endlessly or even give it a different look by sanding it and oiling or lacquering it in a different color. Ultimately, with real wood you also have a more sustainable wooden kitchen. In addition, each piece of wood has its own design, so you have a truly unique kitchen when you choose solid wood.

    Wooden kitchen cabinets and kitchen drawers

    Kitchen drawer fronts oak DroomHout

    Kitchen cabinet fronts made of solid wood give your entire kitchen a chic look. This makes your kitchen look like a completely solid wooden kitchen. It does not matter what the interior cabinets are made of, the fronts make the difference. It is also possible to mask the side panels of the kitchen with solid wooden panels. This way your kitchen will look like a completely solid wooden kitchen.

    Hinges and bores for drawer fronts

    Hinges oak kitchen fronts

    We can also pre-route your hinge holes and drill holes for drawer fronts. If it concerns a standard IKEA kitchen, we simply mill the standard hinges and bores. If it is a different kitchen, we would like to have the old kitchen fronts here so that we can recreate them. This way you can easily assemble your fronts yourself at home.

    Kitchen fronts material

    Our wooden kitchen doors have a thickness of 18 mm thick solid wood. We supply European oak as standard, but you can also contact us for other types of wood, such as American walnut. Oak is a popular type of wood and do you know why? Oak is a versatile type of wood: if you opt for a robust appearance and a more rural style, the oak wood will have more knots and more grain. Or do you like it quiet and sleek? Then we make your fronts with our oak in medium rustic wood.

    In any case, we make the fronts from whole panels with continuous slats. This way your wood grain continues nicely into the next front. We make a milled L-profile in the back of every kitchen front, door or drawer.

    Kitchen front L-profile

    This steel profile provides extra stability and counteracts any movement of the wood. As standard, we seal the knots so that no dirt can get in and your fronts feel nice and smooth. Do you want to keep the knots open? No problem, just let us know.

    How is my kitchen front protected?

    The choice for the finish of the solid oak kitchen doors and kitchen drawers is very diverse. You can choose white oak, which creates a natural look in your kitchen. We then varnish the wood with our strong matte clear varnish. Our warm oak kitchen fronts have a natural oil and matt lacquer finish that can be painted over. This gives a completely different look, it gives an even more wooden feeling.

    Colors that can be painted over DroomHout oil

    Colors such as white, gray or brown are also possible. This finish looks like stained wood, but it is not, we add a color pigment to our paintable oil and end up with the matte finish again.

    The matte lacquer, possibly combined with oil, ensures that moisture cannot penetrate the fronts. You can easily wipe off any stains from your kitchen doors with just a damp cloth. We can also supply your fronts in opaque black where you can still see the wood grain through the black. A cool trendy kitchen with matte black kitchen fronts, also a nice choice.

    New kitchen fronts tips: slatted fronts

    Kitchen fronts slatted structure oak DroomHout

    Are you thinking about new kitchen fronts in your existing kitchen? You can give your kitchen a nice upgrade with just new kitchen fronts. What is completely hip now is the kitchen with slatted fronts. The solid fronts then get a slatted structure, the groove in the wood then looks like a loose slat. The standard width of the slat is 2 cm to half a cm, but the fronts are also available with a wider or narrower slat structure.

    Furthermore, we make most kitchen fronts with a vertical grain structure, but if you find a horizontal grain direction better or more suitable in your kitchen, for example if you have more drawers, then this is also possible. Even then, the wood grain continues nicely into the next front.

    Advantages and disadvantages of wooden kitchen fronts

    Wooden kitchen fronts create a warm and natural atmosphere in your kitchen. In a sleek industrial interior with, for example, a cast floor and worktops in a cool color, you can distinguish yourself by choosing wooden kitchen fronts or a wooden worktop. Combining your kitchen fronts with wooden kitchen tops is also possible. An entirely solid wooden kitchen, so cool! Of course, the mix of wood with a kitchen top in natural stone or marble also has its charm.

    Kitchen island made of oak DroomHout

    What are the disadvantages of solid wooden fronts? If you do not protect the fronts properly with a good matte clear varnish, you run the risk of the wood expanding because moisture would penetrate the wood. Fortunately, we use a good matte clear coat that protects against warping, staining and discoloration. Maintenance is also minimal due to this treatment with lacquer. You use a damp cloth to remove any stains, otherwise your fronts do not require regular maintenance. And just like fronts made of other materials, a wooden kitchen front is also sensitive to sharp or hard objects. The great thing about solid wood is that you can simply repair a dent or scratch. You sand your front again and paint it and then the front is like new again. No other material can compete with that. The price of real wooden fronts is somewhat higher than a kitchen front from IKEA. On the other hand, you invest in kitchen fronts that last year after year and are therefore sustainable.

    Wooden kitchen fronts in your kitchen - can I do that myself?

    Oak kitchen fronts DroomHout

    Once you have made the choice to opt for new or replacement kitchen fronts, you will of course want to know quickly what it will cost. And whether you can set it all up yourself. The sizes of our fronts offered online are based on the IKEA METOD kitchen system, an IKEA base. Please note: our wooden kitchen fronts fit all kitchens! Whether it concerns a new or an existing kitchen. The sizes are usually quite standard. This means that a wooden kitchen front for an IKEA METOD kitchen, for example, has the same dimensions as a wooden kitchen front for a Poggenpohl kitchen.

    On our page When ordering kitchen fronts, how does that work, you will find a complete checklist that you can follow.

    Net versus gross dimensions of kitchen fronts

    With all kitchen brands, your kitchen front will be slightly smaller than the indicated size. Exactly 3mm to be precise. That is the narrow seam between your kitchen fronts to ensure a good fit. You can already order the standard sizes of kitchen front made of solid wood online from us. If you have a different size or could use some advice, you are of course also very welcome. Great if you have one appointment you are assured of our time. We then design your kitchen together and together we create your dream kitchen. See you soon?

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Can I use DroomHout kitchen fronts on any kitchen or cupboard?

    Yes, DroomHout kitchen fronts fit various cabinet types, including those from popular brands such as IKEA. This makes them a versatile option for anyone who wants to replace (kitchen) fronts on their existing (kitchen) cabinets. Please contact us for specific customization options. We will then create a front diagram for the new (kitchen) fronts you require. Do you find it all very exciting and you don't know how to measure it properly? You can also supply your old fronts so that we can use them as underlays. Then you can be sure that everything is perfectly tailored.

    How do I maintain my wooden (kitchen) fronts that I purchased from DroomHout?

    Clean them regularly with a soft, damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning agent. Do not use abrasive cleaners or scouring pads that can damage the finish. Wipe up any spilled water to prevent water stains and damage to the wood. For a detailed explanation of the perfect maintenance of wooden fronts, you can also take a look at our blog post: Maintaining wooden kitchen fronts . Or consult our team for specific care instructions for different finishes.

    Are DroomHout kitchen fronts and tops suitable for all kitchen styles?

    Absolute! DroomHout kitchen fronts are designed for a wide range of kitchen styles, from modern to traditional. Our selection includes different materials and finishes, so customers can choose options that best suit their design preferences and existing kitchen furnishings. For example, opt for a slatted structure to give that extra touch to your kitchen.

    Can I install the kitchen fronts myself or do I need professional help?

    You can install the DroomHout kitchen fronts yourself if you have the basic skills and tools. But for a precise fit and optimal results, especially with custom or complex configurations, it may be helpful to seek professional help.

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