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Wooden dining tables

    You will of course find the wooden dining table of your dreams at DroomHout. Here you can buy wooden dining tables from beautiful brands such as Mobitec, Zuiver, Dutchbone, Tower Living, Keijser & Co, Artisan. And of course we make the sustainable and traditional brand DroomHout in our own factory in Utrecht.

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - dining table Mobitec Dolmen - wooden table of your dreams

    The wooden tables from DroomHout all have one thing in common: they make your interior even more beautiful. The tables we sell here are usually made of solid wood. Occasionally your wooden dining table is made of a different material such as wood veneer, plastic or metal. Wooden tables come in many shapes. There is of course the rectangular dining table, the square dining table and the round dining table . But there are also the oval dining table , the Danish oval dining table and the flat oval dining table. And what about the organic dining table or diamond-shaped dining table? All wooden dining tables are treated so that you can use them without worrying about a stain or scratch. The wooden tables from our own DroomWout brand are also easy to maintain. DroomHout offers beautiful oak tables of high quality with a short delivery time. We will arrange delivery for you or you can pick up your order from us in Utrecht. Just what you like.

    Solid wood dining table - visit our showroom for advice

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Keijser & Co Big Top

    Would you like to feel the wood and really have an experience with it? Then come and try it out at one of our oak dining tables in our awesome design studio in Utrecht. To really know how your new dining table will look in your dining area, it is super important to see it live before you place your order via our webshop. Not just your wooden dining table itself. But also nice dining room chairs around it, your lighting and your various rug options. Or chairs on one side and a comfortable dining room sofa on the other side. Complete the picture and come and have a look. We are happy to think along with you about your design. Your interior is our passion. You are very welcome with or without an appointment. Enjoy some good advice and a cup of coffee. You have certainly come to the right place at DroomHout. You can see it all in our store before placing your order. This gives you the opportunity to see the various models first. There is also quite a lot of choice around your wooden table and there are many variants to choose from. One person wants rectangular. The other nice and firm. Or your choice is oval. From mango wood to oak with wenge look. We will help you place your order. But also to see the material and the look in real life. These are all things that greatly influence the appearance of your dining room table. The look, the color, the appearance.

    Collection of wooden dining tables DroomHout

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - round wooden table Zuiver Storm

    Enjoy a nice long meal with the oak tables from DroomHout. They give your home a warm and attractive appearance. And now I hear you thinking: why choose an oak table? That question is not that difficult to answer. Oak wood is one of the most popular types of wood. And there's a reason for that. The material is super strong and sturdy, yet relatively easy to work with. The wood comes from the beautiful oak tree. The oak tables are made from European oak from the summer and sessile oak: the Quercus Robur and the Quercus Petraea. Fun fact, right? DroomHout offers oak tables that fit into any interior. We guarantee that. For example, are you going for a wooden table top made of rustic oak, finished with a gray wash for an extra raw and sturdy look? Or would you prefer a slightly thinner, beautifully finished table top in warm, natural or white oak? Do you perhaps like the modern and robust look of black dining tables ? DroomHout makes everything possible for you. DroomHout offers beautiful oak tables of high quality. Do you have a size in mind, but it is not included? That's no problem either. DroomHout can make your oak table to measure.

    Rectangular wood dining table

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec

    A rectangular wooden dining table is usually purchased by people who are practical and like a lot of space on the table. A rectangular wooden dining table offers space for many chairs. And depending on the size of the table and the position of the legs, you can fit 4 to 12 dining chairs at your rectangular dining table. With some tables and brands you can even change the position of the legs so that (even) more chairs can fit. In general, dining tables of 200 cm are very suitable for 4-6 people. A dining table of 240 cm can seat approximately 6-8 people. And if you opt for a dining table of 280 cm or longer, there is room for even 8-12 people. This of course also depends on the size of your dining room chairs. A dining room chair with armrests is usually approximately 60 cm wide. While a dining room chair without armrest is often a bit slimmer at approximately 50 cm. With our brand DroomHout you can have your wooden dining table made to measure, even so that your chairs always fit. And have you already thought about a rug under your dining table? It turns your dining table into a truly separate dining area and you have nice and warm feet when you dine.

    Dining table oval wood

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table DroomHout Annemarie made of lacquered walnut

    It's completely oval! The oval wooden dining table is a wonderful variant. There is hardly a house where you do not see this choice nowadays. Oval dining tables are gaining enormous popularity. You could say that people who choose an oval dining table are actually looking for a middle ground between a rectangular wooden table and a round table. Because the long sides are slightly curved, you have the longitudinal effect of a rectangular dining table. But the light round seat makes it easier to have eye contact with each other at an oval dining table than at a rectangular table. But an oval table is more than that. An oval wooden dining table is also often chosen for its elegance. The oval shape looks pleasant and soft and the frames of oval dining tables are often slim and modest. In a longer room, an oval wooden dining table can strengthen the space by apparently filling it up a little more than a rectangular table. And do you want to know how many of your current chairs fit your oval dining table? An oval wooden table top is a smart option with a lot of appeal. We are happy to think along with you and help you add warmth, color and style to your interior.

    Square wooden dining table

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - custom square wooden table

    A dining table size that you don't hear much about, but unjustly in our opinion. Perhaps it is because there is not much supply of square wooden dining tables, but we actually have a lot of demand for them. You are of course familiar with the square dining table first of all from your favorite restaurant. Have you ever noticed that about half of all restaurant tables are square? The size is of course limited because a restaurant must be able to accommodate sufficient tables in the space. But a square table measuring 70 x 70 cm can easily accommodate two delicious dishes with a romantic candle in between. The sturdy square wooden dining table is mainly purchased from us by people who have a larger family. Or to be able to sit at the table with 8 people. A square dining table measuring 150 x 150 cm is very suitable, but feel free to consider larger or smaller sizes. With our own brand DroomHout we can even offer you a custom square table. Including delivery and with a short delivery time.

    Round wooden dining table - oak dining table round

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table DroomHout Forcina

    We are fans of the round dining table. In addition to the other shapes, this dining table shape is also making quite a comeback. You remember the round dining table from the past. Your parents' living room undoubtedly had a round extendable wooden dining table in it at some point. You know, one of those that you could extend and then out of nowhere an extra half meter would pop out. That extendable thing is a bit over, but a round table in itself is completely hot again. Rightly so. Because where a square table fits well in a square room, a round wooden dining table does the same. People who buy this shape of dining table often do so because they do not like the corners of a table. But especially because with a round wooden dining table it is so nice to be able to see everyone at the table. A frequently asked question is: how big should my round table be? In our DroomHout store and webshop you can buy round tables in all sizes. Very common are the round table of 130 cm (for approximately 4-5 people), the round table of 150 cm (for approximately 5-6 people) and the round table of 170 cm (for 6-8 people). This of course also depends on the size of your dining room chairs. And of course how far you slide those chairs under the table. We personally think it is best not to move your chairs all the way. This means that more chairs can easily fit around your round table and it also looks a bit more spacious. And let's be honest: a beautiful dining room chair is worth seeing, right? In the right style, this creates a great atmosphere in your home. Did you know that the round wooden table is now also placed against the wall? Or how about a dining room bench with a round dining table? Popular round dining tables are the sturdy Big Top table from Keijser & Co and of course the round wooden dining table DroomHout Forcina. And a beautiful round rug should not be missing under a round dining table.

    Custom-made wooden dining table

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table DroomHout Elegante

    Top! You want a custom-made wooden dining table. What a party. Because at DroomHout that is possible. The reason for choosing a custom dining table is often because you cannot find the table of your dreams anywhere. It's all so standard. Or because you simply know exactly what you want and we realize exactly your design. How cool is that? The process often starts with creating a design. People are often inspired by a beautiful or cool dining table on Pinterest, for example. Or they make their own sketch based on their ideas. Once this design or sketch is ready, we can get started. First we let you know exactly what your table will cost and when it will be ready. This depends on, among other things, the type of wood, the dimensions and the finish of the wooden table top. We will provide you with a tailor-made quote that also includes your delivery time. This way you know in advance exactly where you stand. If you agree with the quote, we will order your approved design and get to work. If the design is not yet available in our webshop, we will make a drawing in 3D. This way you can see in advance exactly what your table will look like. And even better: you can even choose different options and make changes to your table. Until your table is completely to your liking. And that is exactly what we will make for you. So no surprises, you know exactly what kind of dining room table you are getting. After the agreed delivery time, we will deliver your dining table to your home or you can collect your order from our factory. The latter option has an even shorter delivery time. Easy does it!

    Wooden table, black legs

    The combination of a solid wooden table top with a set of black metal legs works well. This composition gives a sturdy look, but is also refined and elegant. The alternation of natural and industrial materials gives a playful and hip effect. This way you create a table that you will be very happy with for years to come. The black metal of the legs is also very scratch-resistant and sturdy. The legs can support a large solid top and promise to still look like new for a long time. The cool thing about DroomHout is that we can make the table entirely according to your wishes. Do you prefer a cross or v-leg with a round table top? We all do. This makes the wooden table with black legs a classic and flexible design. Create your dream table yourself with our configurator.

    Complete wooden table

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table with rug

    Completing your wooden dining table is very easy at DroomHout. We not only make or sell you the dining room table of your dreams to order, but we also supply chairs, lamps and even rugs. This way you can shop for your complete new dining area one-stop with us. We are also happy to think with you about the ideal number of chairs around your dining room table. Whether it concerns square dining tables or a sturdy tree trunk table. It often depends not only on the dimensions but also on the chassis. If you come and visit us in the DroomHout design studio, you will also see many wooden dining tables. You view them live from all sides before placing your order. Especially for you to see what your beautiful dining table will look like in your living room. And you can place that order via our webshop, but you can also pass everything on to us while you are with us. We will help you with your order and remove any obstacles for you.

    Frequently asked questions about your wooden dining table

    What is the delivery time of my dining room table or order?

    For the DroomHout dining tables (which we make ourselves), the production time is approximately 1-2 weeks. That is lightning fast and with this short delivery time, dw e. The delivery time of dining tables from other brands can vary from a few working days to up to 16 weeks. You can find the current delivery time under the purchase button in our webshop. So it also depends a bit on your own wishes and choice.

    Do you sell a mango wood dining room table?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Goa

    Mango wood is a beautiful piece of wood. It is a kind of collective name for various native wood species from Asia. Usually from the older strains that no longer produce fruit. Very sustainable in that sense. DroomHout has a very beautiful mango wood dining table model in its collection that you can have completely customized. A really cool table.

    How sturdy is my dining room table?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec

    The models of dining tables that DroomHout makes itself are rock-solid and will last 100 years or more. The actual load-bearing capacity may differ per model, size and type of wood.

    How is the metal of your dining tables finished?

    Most variants of metal frames are made of powder-coated metal. This means a beautiful matte structure that provides a robust appearance that fits in almost any interior. Moreover, it is very strong so it can withstand a knock.

    Do you also sell dining tables directly from stock?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Keijser & Co Big Tip white RAL9010 oak

    Although we make almost all dining tables to measure for you, we sometimes also have variants directly in stock. These are often dining tables that have been used for photo shoots or that are in our store to furnish our own showroom. You can also find this stock in our webshop and easily place your order there. In addition to the short delivery time, we also offer an interesting discount of 10% if you pick up your order from us. Cool, right?

    What sizes are there for a square dining room table?

    We make and sell many varieties of square dining tables. Roughly consider all dimensions between 70 x 70 cm and 200 x 200 cm. Very common is an order in, for example, 140 x 140 cm, 160 x 160 cm or a square dining room table in 180 x 180 cm. We are happy to advise you which square dining room table fits best in your dining area or dining room.

    What material of wood base do you use?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - Zuiver Clover wooden table

    If you buy a dining room table with a wooden leg from DroomHout, we will make your base from the same type of wood as your table top. With an oak dining room table, both the legs and the table top are made of oak.

    Do you also sell teak furniture?

    In the Netherlands we mainly know teak wood from sturdy and affordable furniture. These are made in the country of origin (often Indonesia) from the residual wood left over from the extraction of teak wood. The really beautiful teak wood is kept for trade, but you quickly pay the gold price for it and it does not resemble the teak wood we know here in the Netherlands. Therefore, DroomHout does not have this type of wood in its collection or webshop.

    Does DroomHout supply the complete furnishing of my dining area?

    Yes, we come a long way :-) In addition to your dining room table, you also choose your lamps, your dining room chairs and your lighting. For a well-thought-out design and style of your dining area or dining room, you have definitely come to the right place.

    Which variants of dining room table can I expect in your store?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Eclipse

    We are continuously working on new additions to our collection and are happy to show you these in our store. Not all models are in stock, but with our short delivery time they are always made for you. We show sufficient wood types, finishes and variants to optimally help you choose your order. If you choose DroomHout, you choose the most beautiful dining room in your house. And is your style not included? Then we will make your dining room table tailor-made for you.

    Is the delivery time on your webshop always correct?

    For the part we can influence (read our own production), 100%. Sometimes we are dependent on third parties for the delivery time and stock can fluctuate there. We give you the stock and delivery time of each product in our webshop in the "current delivery time" tab under the purchase button for each product. And so we do everything we can to achieve this and make it happen.

    Do you also sell a dining room table with a marble table top in the webshop?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table DroomHout custom made - custom table

    Currently there are a few suppliers with variants that offer this. Because a dining room table with a marble table top is sensitive to stains, we place more emphasis on the wooden dining table.

    How many chairs fit around a round dining table?

    That actually depends on 2 things: the size of your round dining room table and the size and type of chair you add. If you want to place 3 chairs, you can make do with a round dining room table with a diameter of approximately 110 cm to 130 cm. For 4 chairs, it is advisable to choose a dining room table of 130 cm to 140 cm. Pay special attention to the leg of the dining room table because one leg is better suited for even numbers than the other. For 5 or 6 chairs, we recommend a round dining room table from 150 cm. And if you don't push your chairs too far, more chairs will fit around your dining room table. Fortunately, in practice it solves itself easily.

    What are the advantages of a wooden dining table?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table DroomHout New York

    The advantages of a wooden dining room table are plenty. The sturdy and, above all, warm appearance that you bring into your home with this choice of wood. The natural character in your dining room. And whether it is a tree trunk table or a rectangular table: wood is alive. Not to mention the lifespan and the ease with which you can repair a wooden dining room table. So take courage, because wood is necessary :-)

    What should I pay attention to with a wooden dining table?

    Points of attention are the quality of the wood used. At DroomHout we use well-dried wood and make the panels ourselves. This gives your table top a high quality and appearance and we can offer you many variants. From oval to rectangular, your dining area will get a real boost. The finish of your dining room table is also very important. For all variants and colors we choose to finish with a rock-hard 2-component matte clear coat. This has a nice sturdy and lively appearance and offers the very best protection for your dining room table.

    Which materials of wooden dining tables can I buy?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Mood

    This mainly concerns the type of wood. DroomHout offers many variants of dining room table in oak. We have a large stock of this and we can therefore supply it well, quickly and cost-effectively in the highest quality. But also consider a dining room table made of sturdy dark walnut. We also supply this type of wood directly from stock via our webshop. In addition, all variants of dining room table are possible. DroomHout has a generous network of wood suppliers. In fact, we supply all types of wood to order and the delivery time via the webshop is therefore relatively short.

    What other cool variations are there on the rectangular shape?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Mood

    With a rectangular dining room table you simply bring a design classic into your home. Pure beauty in all its simplicity. But there's more. At DroomHout you can easily and quickly shop these beautiful variants of the rectangular table:

    • rounded rectangular table : actually a rectangular dining room table with rounded corners. The standard radius of these corners is 5 cm, but we can make them larger or smaller for you upon request.

    • square table : we make every conceivable square table custom for you with a short delivery time;

    • round table : the name says it all, 1 side instead of 4 sides, beautifully round;

    • oval table : dining room table based on the pure oval, but with slightly flattened ends so that you can also sit comfortably on the ends;

    • Danish oval table : this shape is somewhere between oval and rectangular, somewhat more rectangular than oval and somewhat more oval than rectangular;

    • flat oval table : this shape, also called cylinder or barrel shape, is super modern and hip. See if it also looks nice in your house;

    • diamond-shaped table : actually an octagonal table, this shape is the latest, for people who are ready for something different and like it nice and sleek;

    • organic table : less sleek but oh so hip. This variant can actually be made in any shape, but it most resembles that of a rounded stone with three large rounded corners in the base. With a little imagination you could also call it a triangular table.

    How exactly will my dining room table be delivered?

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec

    If you indicate when ordering in our webshop that you want your table delivered to your home, we will deliver it to your home. To guarantee you a short delivery time, we usually use specialized external parties. Transporters that specialize in the delivery of furniture, that is. If your order is a bit larger, we will arrive with 2 strong delivery personnel. We formally deliver your order to the first threshold. But in practice, the delivery people continue to go as far as they can without letting go of your order. Most dining tables are already completely assembled, otherwise you can optionally use our assembly service. Finally, you can pay any (residual) payment during delivery. Easy by pin.

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Mood

    Wooden dining table by DroomHout - wooden table Mobitec Mood