We have selected a number of taps for you that meet three important criteria: excellent quality, very stylish and affordable. Are you looking for a suitable and matching washbasin tap? Then you are very welcome to come and see us in our showroom in Utrecht!


Washbasin taps


    Washbasin taps in all shapes and sizes

    A sink tap can just be the icing on the cake in your unique bathroom. DroomHout has a nice selection of beautiful, sustainable collection of bathroom furniture. A bathroom furniture naturally includes a sink or wash basin with a matching washbasin tap. That is why we have carefully put together an extensive collection of taps. Matt black, chrome or brushed gold brass; something for everyone. Combine the tap with a DroomWout bathroom furniture . With us you can easily put together a complete bathroom set and whatever your taste, you're done! Looking for a specific tap and do you already have furniture? We have various taps in different models. Think of bath taps, fountain taps, shower taps, but also kitchen taps.

    Choose the perfect washbasin tap to match your bathroom furniture

    First of all, consider the use of the sink tap. The tap is the destination in the bathroom, washing hands, brushing teeth or shaving. A sink tap must be practical for daily use. It can also simply mean replacing a current tap, for example after your move. A nice fresh new look. With a new sink tap you can easily update your bathroom furniture. For example, a washing mixer tap with a swivel spout such as the Largo tap. This versatile sink tap has a beautiful, round shape. The style and shape suits many different types of sinks and basins. Click here to see what is possible in the field of wash basins . The nice thing about the Largo is that it is available in various color combinations. This way you can play a little with the style, color and shape. Matte black or brushed brass gives your bathroom that sought-after hotel chic look. A bit more traditional? A modern stainless steel chrome is always good, luxurious and timeless. Perfect in its simplicity and also easy to maintain. If you have a recessed sink, a sink tap with a small spout is a nice choice. The Alesa surface-mounted tap , made in chrome and a sleek design, is an example of this. If desired, it comes with a matching clickwaste drain plug. Also very easy to maintain, a wet cloth and wiping is sufficient. Washbasin tap High Pure Chrome by DroomHout

    Raised washbasin tap, ideal for the washbasin or high washbasin

    Nowadays we see many raised sink taps in bathrooms. Beautiful with a wash basin, top-mounted bowl or a built-in washbasin tap in the wall. If your sink is on the bathroom cabinet, choose a sink tap with a high spout. These sink taps are slightly extended, so that the water does not flow past the sink. Take, for example, the Pure bathroom furniture with a high sink. We can supply this complete with sink and washbasin tap. Ready in one go. Equipped with the Pure washbasin tap high , in stainless steel chrome. Available in 2 heights, 25 cm and 35 cm, depending on the bowl choice. So that you always install the perfectly fitting tap. Whether you want sleek and modern or trendy and chic. DroomHout sells various models of washbasin taps, user-friendly and durable. Modern or timeless. Angular shapes or round? Matte black or silver chrome, we have it all. The finishing gives our taps a long lifespan. So you can move forward for the time being. See a complete overview of washbasin taps here. Still some more inspiration, read on.

    Washbasin mixers in various colors; classic chrome or trendy bronze

    A classic washbasin tap consists of a handle tap on the left and right. For cold and warm. Nowadays we see the washbasin mixer tap with lever more often. This regulates the heat inside the tap. Smart, right? You can choose the temperature by simply sliding the lever to the left or right. DroomHout carries a nice selection of various washbasin mixer taps. For example, the Largo washbasin mixer tap. This is available in a stylish stainless steel chrome version, but also in trendy black matt. An example of a classic stainless steel washbasin tap is the Pure. Which fits perfectly with the Pure bathroom furniture. What else? A black matte washbasin tap is completely contemporary. With accessories in a matte black color you can immediately give the bathroom a modern touch. This way you can combine a matte black mixer tap fantastically with a profile shower wall and a rain shower. This way you can transform a white or gray bathroom into a contemporary bathroom in no time.

    DroomHout bathroom furniture Immaculate oak matt white with brushed gold brass tap by DroomHout

    Hotel chic: wash basin tap in brushed gold or matt black

    Also completely contemporary is a gold washbasin mixer tap. The DroomHout washbasin taps in stainless steel are made of stainless steel, the rest of the color schemes are mainly brass. If you are looking for a washbasin tap with a gold look, check out the Pure or Largo. Depending on your furniture, you can opt for a round, classic version such as the Largo. If you prefer sleek and modern, choose the Pure. If you want a unique touch, consider bronze rosé. This immediately gives a luxurious, warm touch to your bathroom. And combines great with shades of gray. Gold or bronze a bit intense? Both options are also available in black or chrome, for example.

    Built-in or surface-mounted washbasin taps, DroomHout has it

    A sink tap from the wall. Completely neatly concealed, simple and chic. This is also possible. It is an incredibly smart solution because it also saves a lot of space on your sink or bathroom furniture. Easy to clean and prevents nasty water circles. For example, if you have the DreamWood bathroom furniture Ocean Breeze, then the matte stainless steel sink tap built-in tap is a perfect choice. You can determine the ideal height yourself. This sink tap also comes with a click waste plug. Also called a drain plug. This way you immediately have a nice combination. We also have the Shine, a built-in tap that actually goes with everything. Super simple and stylish in its simplicity. Whatever style your bathroom is. The tap extends to 17.6 cm and flows beautifully into the wash basin or sink. Made of stainless steel, this brass spout tap is always a good choice. Looking for simple, minimalist? Then choose the Bongio T Mix concealed basin mixer. You can operate this handy mixer with 1 hand. Hot and cold is left or right. It really couldn't be easier. Available in chrome or brushed nickel. The latter gives a cool touch and is great in combination with white and oak. Whether you want a sink tap that comes out of the wall or where you can brush your teeth or wash your hair. We have the high and low tap that suits your bathroom and situation.
    Washbasin mixer tap Matte built-in round stainless steel by DroomHout

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What types of bathroom taps do you offer?

    At DroomHout we offer a wide range of washbasin taps, the most common choices are mainly built-in chrome washbasin taps and standard surface-mounted washbasin taps. Both are mixer taps so you can easily determine the temperature.

    What materials are your sink taps made of?

    Droomhout prioritizes quality and durability in their washbasin taps by using high-quality materials such as stainless steel (stainless steel) and chrome.

    How can I maintain my kitchen faucet to extend its life?

    Clean your sink tap regularly with a mild soap and water solution to remove dirt and grime. Do not use harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners as they can damage the finish. If the sink faucet has a spray function, retract the spray head after each use to prevent dripping.