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Sofas and beanbags

    This is perhaps our softest and most comfortable category of furniture. Sofas and bean bags have become an indispensable part of your interior and are a warm addition to your living room.

    Sofas and beanbags from DroomHout

    Nowadays, even in kitchen-diners and open kitchens, you will find sofas and bean bags as an extension of your living room. And if you match your sofa or beanbag beautifully with your wooden dining room table and dining room chairs , you will achieve a very nice balance in this important living space.

    Sofa, sofa or settee - what about?

    Beanbag Vetsak large beanbag - DroomHout

    A sofa (often abbreviated to couch and therefore also called sofa) is an upholstered piece of seating furniture that can accommodate more than one person. A combination of sofas and armchairs that belong together is called a sofa. These are the more Dutch names because in Flanders people often speak of an armchair or sofa. So there are a lot of different names for the nice seating furniture sofa. And sitting comfortably, that's what DroomHout is all about when we talk about sofas and bean bags.

    Why buy your sofa or beanbag at DroomHout?

    You might initially think: what does a sofa or beanbag have to do with a dining table? They are quite completely different furniture. But it is precisely because of their use that they complement each other well. DroomHout makes the most beautiful wooden dining tables and without exception they are intended for wonderful long dining. And to enjoy. From each other and from good food. And that enjoyment is what it's all about. What could be better than enjoying a delicious meal after a good meal? While enjoying a digestif, relax on the couch. And that is why you also buy your sofa and beanbag at DroomHout. Our customers ask about it. And increasingly, the dining table and sofa are placed in the same room. And how nice is it when those two super important atmospheric and enjoyable furniture match well with each other. Hence.

    Which model of sofa or sofa do I need?

    Beanbag Vetsak large DroomWood

    Because sofas and sofas can take up quite a lot of space. So you need to think carefully about how much space you want to devote to your sofa. Look, if you have a super large living room then it's easy. Then you simply pop in a huge Vetsak lounge sofa. They are mega large and due to their modular nature you can make them as large or small as you want. The sizes do not matter and then perhaps the bigger the better. But if your living room is more compact, you want to be able to seat as many people as possible in a smaller space. A compact sofa, bean bag or sofa is what you need.

    Sofas from DroomHout

    At DroomHout, wood naturally comes first. For that reason, we have all seating furniture made for us by external experts. So for you. We have some very nice brands that make sofas, bean bags and sofas and we discuss them briefly:

    Sofa Zuiver Summer 4.5-seater sofa DroomHout

    Sofas from Zuiver : the Dutch design brand Zuiver has a very rich collection of super hip and trendy couches and sofas. Zuiver's signature is modern and light and this is clearly reflected in the designs. For example, take a look at a Zuiver Summer sofa with its sleek lines. A really nice sofa to sink into. The colors in which you can get the Zuiver sofas are also good. Very natural and often light tones for a nice spacious, modern and light feeling in your home.

    Sofas from Dutchbone : Dutchbone is the sister brand of Zuiver and makes warmer sofas with a more ethnic look under that name. Just such beautiful, trendy designs and also very affordable. But just a little darker with warmer and heavier colors. And the sofa models also have their roots in further countries and areas. Very cool if you want to create a beautiful bohemian atmosphere in your living space. Sometimes with a nod to the classic, such as the Dutchbone Chester sofa. It is reminiscent of a heavy classic English Chesterfield, but in a soft, fresh velvet 'jacket'.

    Sofas from Vetsak : well, and if we talk about real 'sofas, sofas' then a Vetsak sofa quickly comes to mind. The originally South African brand makes really cool sofas and sofas that make true statements in your living room. This is because a Vetsak sofa is constructed modularly. So you can make your Vetsak sofa as big as you want. And that's cool. Go all out and put together your own custom sofa. An extra handrail or seat, it doesn't matter. You combine everything together. And the current collection of fabrics completes it completely. With beautiful soft fabrics such as the Cord Velours, but also extreme eye-catchers such as the Flokati, which most resembles a long-haired animal fur (not really, of course). And with a rich collection of loose cushions you can make your Vetsak sofa as full and soft as you want.

    Sofas from Mobitec : a sofa that you may not immediately think of. The Belgian seat maker Mobitec mainly makes dining room benches for your dining table. And not so much sofas and sofas. But those dining room benches are so beautiful and comfortable that they are almost sofas in themselves. A perfect example is the Cozy dining room sofa . Of course, we often sell these with wooden dining tables because there are also dining room chairs in the same model. But it is so comfortable because of its nice thick fixed cushions that people also use it as a separate sofa in their room, hall or bedroom. Super compact yet maximum seating comfort. And 100% customizable in terms of fabric colors and base. Come and try it out with us and you won't know what you will experience.

    Beanbags from DroomHout

    Bean bags are loose covers with a soft filling that you can sink into. And bean bags are already more than half a century old. The first beanbag, the Sacco, was designed by Italians and dates from 1968. So you can say that the beanbag has become an indispensable part of your interior. More and more people are surrendering to this ultimately relaxing way of sitting. Thanks to the loose filling, the beanbag molds comfortably to your body. You sit in it and immediately feel completely comfortable and supported. Bean bags are also called bean bags because they used to be filled with dried beans. Nowadays, flakes are often used as a filling because they are even softer. We sell bean bags from Vetsak. Vetsak makes bean bags with great comfort that are innovative, flexible and adaptive and will last a lifetime. Filled with foam so soft and fluffy that you'll think you're sitting on clouds. You can place bean bags or bean bags standing alone in your interior. But it is also the ideal addition to your sofa. We see many of our customers placing a Vetsak beanbag next to their Vetsak sofa. A really cool combination that offers you everything in terms of seating comfort. The Vetsak beanbag is available in two handy sizes. The Vetsak beanbag medium for smaller interiors. And the Vetsak beanbag large for large spaces and rooms. And we have both formats ready for you in our design studio. So that you can not only try it out, but also experience the differences perfectly. Come to our Vetsak showroom Utrecht for good advice and a nice cup of coffee.

    Sofa Zuiver Summer 4.5-seater sofa DroomHout