The best lounge sofas for the garden or terrace, you can buy them at DroomHout. Made from first-class Douglas fir and luxurious fabrics. We also make your lounge sofa to measure. And of course we supply the tastiest lounge cushions, bean bags and outdoor rugs.

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    Lounge sofas from DroomHout

    Cool huh? All that beautiful garden furniture in one overview. Because on this page you actually see all our lounge sofas, lounge cushions, outdoor rugs and bean bags together, we will highlight each of them for you.

    Lounge sofa with luxurious lounge cushions

    Lounge sofa 3-seater douglas DroomWout

    The lounge sofas from DroomHout can actually be divided into two main categories. Wooden lounge sofas with loose comfortable lounge cushions. These are lounge sofas that we make ourselves in our own factory in Utrecht. And fabric lounge sofas with fixed lounge cushions that we purchase and resell to you. The lounge sofas that we make ourselves are composed of first-class Douglas fir wood. That wood is nice and durable and the Douglas fir plank ages very nicely. The wooden lounge sofa can be left outside all year round and you do not need to cover it. However, you do have to take the lounge cushions inside when it rains or in winter. This keeps them nice and dry and beautiful for a long time. But the lounge sofa itself is left outside all year round. We produce two successful series in this category: lounge sofa Montecastelli and lounge sofa Siena . If you don't like dragging lounge cushions around, a lounge sofa with fixed cushions is perfect for you. We sell the collection of outdoor benches from bubalou and vetsak in this version. The bubalou lounge sofa is of Dutch origin and has a number of beautiful lines. There are the bubalou Icon lounge sets, where it all started. In addition, the bubalou Chill lounge sets, with slightly higher side rails. And the bubalou Luxury lounge sets for the most luxurious lounge experience. Bubalou lounge sofas are made of a special outdoor fabric and, like all our other outdoor lounge sofas, can be left outside all year round. Our other brand in this category is the vetsak brand. Vetsak is an originally South African lounge sofa that is a huge hit worldwide. A vetsak lounge sofa is a design icon with very generous dimensions. Vetsak lounge sofas actually only consist of three elements that you use to create all configurations. A very powerful and simple concept. You can put together these vetsak lounge sofas in our design studio. We have all the samples and you can try them out. Ask about our special vetsak offer.

    Lounge cushions

    Lounge cushions from DroomHout
    lounge cushion offering seat and back. These lounge cushions are mainly purchased by people who want to replace their existing old lounge cushions. Or by people who make their own lounge sofa and look for new lounge cushions to go with it. All our lounge cushions are made of a luxurious fabric with a beautiful texture. That radiates comfort and luxury. This fabric can withstand water and rain well, but is somewhat softer than the average outdoor fabric, which can often feel a bit plastic-like. The edges of the lounge cushion are finished with a luxurious piping. And they are lounge cushions with a removable cover that you can simply put in the washing machine. Easy is not it?

    Outdoor rugs

    This is a relatively new category of garden products. What we sometimes did in the past was to put down an old indoor rug in the summer to create an outdoor atmosphere. But that carpet quickly became completely faded and worn out and you had to throw it away after a summer season. There is a solution for this: the outdoor rug. The so-called outdoor rug. Outdoor rugs are rugs that can be left outside permanently due to their fabric and composition. Imagine that you can place a super cool outdoor rug next to your lounge sofa that will not discolour. How cool would that be? The outdoor rugs that we sell at DroomHout are all from the Zuiver brand. Zuiver has been making super cool indoor rugs for a long time, but now also outdoor rugs for outdoor use.

    Outdoor rug Coventry Zuiver - by DroomHout

    Can be roughly divided into two groups: the round outdoor rug and the rectangular outdoor rug. For example, round outdoor rugs can be combined very nicely with a Montecastelli corner sofa or a pair of garden chairs. Where rectangular outdoor rugs match very well with, for example, a garden table and chairs. So don't let this trend blow over and shop your outdoor rug with us now or come and see them in our design studio.


    Did you know that bean bags are so comfortable that you can simply sleep in them? We represent bean bags from the brands Bubalou and Vetsak, two trendy outdoor brands for garden furniture. You already know both of these brands from their luxurious lounge sofas, but both now also make bean bags. Bean bags made of outdoor fabric, of course, so that you can simply leave them outside in a light shower. And that's nice when the sun breaks through again. You can then immediately sit outside because your beanbag is already ready for you. The bubalou beanbag is the most compact of the two beanbag brands. The bubalou Bub, that's what it's called. Beanbag bubalou Bub is a chair-shaped beanbag that is already pre-shaped to your body. When you sit in it, you can further fine-tune the shapes for a nice, lazy lounge seat. Or just a bit straighter and active. You decide how you sit in your bubalou Bub. The matching foot stool, also called an ottoman or ottoman, is super nice. The bubalou Bub is made of 100% polyester with PVC backing.

    Vetsak outdoor beanbag large beanbag vetsak - by DroomHout

    The outer cover can be cleaned and machine washed. We also sell all bean bags from the vetsak brand. A vetsak beanbag is slightly larger and more comfortable than the bubalou Bub. This vetsak outdoor bean bag, as it is also called, is filled with a water-resistant flake filling. This makes this beanbag feel very soft and can be completely transformed from chair to bed and back again. Vetsak bean bags are available in two sizes. The vetsak beanbag medium and the vetsak beanbag large . The vetsak bean bag medium measures approximately 110 x 70 cm, weighs approximately 20 kg and offers ample space for 1 adult. The vetsak beanbag large is a bit larger. This king of the bean bags measures approximately 140 x 90 cm. You can comfortably sit or lie down here with 2 adults. And with a weight of almost 30 kg, this super large vetsak beanbag will not just blow off your patio. The vetsak bean bags are available in 4 trendy colors. The covers of this beanbag are also loose and machine washable. For both bubalou bean bags and vetsak bean bags, it is best to bring them indoors in winter or during prolonged rain. This way your beanbag will remain beautiful for a long time.

    Vetsak sofa outdoor lounge sofa - by DroomHout