Beautiful wooden conference tables made of solid wood. You can also have conference tables custom-made at DroomHout. Both a modified standard model and a completely unique design. We guarantee that meetings will become more and more fun with these chic and natural, high-quality conference tables.


Conference tables


    Wooden conference table

    DroomHout is happy to contribute to creating an attractive workplace and meeting rooms. Looking for a stylish wooden conference table for your workplace at home or in the office? We offer various sizes and styles from great brands such as Mobitec and Zuiver . We also make beautiful wooden conference tables ourselves from solid oak or walnut wood. Curious about what DroomHout has to offer in terms of wooden conference tables? Then read on...

    Visit our showroom for tailor-made advice

    Our wooden conference tables are available in various sizes and types of wood. You can choose from any favorite color. Think of white oak, warm oak or walnut. Dizzy about all the options and different finishes? Need help choosing from all the different sizes? Leave this to DroomHout. We are happy to think along with you. In consultation we will put together the ideal table. Make an appointment in our showroom and together we will create the most beautiful one for your space. Whatever wish you have. We will work for you with a lot of love and craftsmanship! Fast delivery and a quality product, that's what we stand for!

    Wooden conference table

    Whether you want to upgrade your office with a new conference table or you are just starting your own business, a wooden table is always a nice addition to your office space. The natural appearance of a wooden table immediately gives any room a warm appearance and coziness. A real addition to the interior for any company. A large conference table, centrally located in your business, the perfect place for meetings and lunch together. Enjoying a drink together at a wooden table , who wouldn't want this in the office! Brainstorm and come up with the best plans with your team at one of our custom-made wooden conference tables. Curious about having a custom table made? We will help you sort it out, come by or make an appointment immediately!   

    Large wooden conference table

    A rectangular wooden conference table is ideal for larger groups. Robust and stylish at the same time. Whether you want to meet with four people or ten people, a rectangular table top is the right choice. Take our own DroomWout table Copenhagen as an example. A winner in the wooden conference tables category. With its wooden base, this luxurious table is a real eye-catcher in your office interior. This wooden conference table with a Scandinavian look is available in various sizes. Choose from 250 x 100 cm, 300 x 110 cm or even 350 x 120 cm. The dimensions offer enough space for 8, 10 or even 12 people. The wooden base ensures that you also sit comfortably at the end, for extra seating space when necessary. Specifically looking for tree trunk tables? The Tower Living Yunta table with steel base is a perfect choice. This table is available in 5 sizes. This table has a beautiful thick table top made of acacia wood with special table legs made of steel. Robust and sturdy thanks to the steel leg. Whatever size you choose, everything is possible at DroomHout. For example, add a cable duct so that all cables can be neatly concealed. Or a socket, so you'll never be without power again during a presentation. Do you have special table legs in mind? Tell us. Whatever your wishes, we make tailor-made and high-quality products. Come to DroomHout for conference tables in various colors and sizes.

    Round wooden conference table

    Is space limited and do you still want to create a cozy corner for meetings? Then choose round or oval ! Something different than a rectangular table. The round shape allows you to look all your conversation partners in the eye and come up with new ideas even faster. Tables with an oval top are becoming increasingly popular and they also look cool in a meeting room. A special shape gives an office space character and a unique appearance. Table legs under the chair ensure that the base never gets in the way. Ideal for when you receive customers or want to accommodate several colleagues. And because of the arch you are sitting at, you can easily switch conversation partners. Handy if you have to sit at the conference table for a long time. Mobitec's Eclipse or Dolmen are perfect examples. Both tables are ideal as conference tables. The table top can be adjusted entirely to your own taste and wishes. The top is available in various sizes. With and without electricity. Looking for a special color? In addition to oak and walnut, the table is also available in colour. For example, the Eclipse comes with a mosaic pattern top and a wooden base with steel wire. Super unique! Or the Dolmen, how cool its organic leg. The wooden base can be turned in and out. The Dolmen and Eclipse are fantastic choices as conference tables.

    Solid wooden conference table

    DroomHout is great at making tables. Whether you are looking for a table with wooden legs or steel. We make the product that fits your space. Conference tables are products with specific wishes and requirements. How great is it if you can make this happen in wood? A solid wooden conference table is a statement piece, an eye-catcher for any room. A lot more cozy than a plastic melamine table. Although melamine is practical and often economical, it is not nearly as durable. Therefore, choose wooden conference tables. Solid wood tables can give you years of pleasure and can last for generations. DroomHout makes sustainable tables with passion. A high-quality product in oak or walnut. Rectangular or square. With solid wooden legs or in steel. You will find the table you are looking for at DroomHout.

    Combine wooden conference table with sit-stand desks

    It is sometimes said that sitting is the new smoking. So stand up more often. Now we have the perfect product for this. The Manhattan sit-stand desk with adjustable steel base. Purchasing a sit-stand desk has many advantages. For example, it ensures more productivity while working, prevents back problems and working while standing can prevent many diseases. Adjustable desk Manhatten is available in six different colors. The size ranges from 140 cm to 200 cm in length. So it always fits. For example, choose a stylish white oak top with a white adjustable leg. You choose the color of the base, white or black. Style the desk with a nice desk lamp and a nice office chair to alternate standing. Neatly conceal cables with a cable duct or provide extra power points with a power strip. We attach this under your wooden conference table or desk.

    Wooden conference table in Utrecht

    Looking for beautiful wooden conference tables for your company? Visit our showroom. Have you decided which table it will be? In addition to conference tables, you can find matching chairs at DroomHout in one visit. This way you turn the meeting room into one whole. We have various products in the chair category to combine with our conference tables. For example, the popular Mobitec Mood 91 or 95 . Available in various colours. With and without armrest. A fantastic, comfortable office chair for any table. Or how about Stoel Fab or Nikkie van Zuiver ? Do you want to give your office a makeover? In addition to conference tables, DroomHout also offers rugs , coffee tables and chairs . A dining table can also function perfectly as a conference table with the right dimensions. Check our products online or come visit us. You are very welcome!

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