The people behind DroomHout

Alfred van der Molen DroomHout team Alfred van der Molen

Alfred has been working at DroomHout since 2011 and is responsible for assembling, gluing and finishing all wooden panels. Alfred does this with a lot of love, which ensures the most beautiful and high-quality wood selections. Alfred likes machine-sanded oak panels with lots of knots in them. The more knots, the more drawing there is in a panel, which makes the panel beautifully lively and can be used to make all kinds of things. While retaining the natural appearance of the oak.

Jacques Mentrop Dream Wood Jacques Mentrop

As managing designer, Jacques is the driving force behind DroomHout. Supported by a team of enthusiastic and experienced professionals in the field of design and styling, he designs the most beautiful designer furniture from the most beautiful wood. During a holiday in Italy, staring out the window of his idyllic residence, Jacques designed the Montecastelli lounge set . His view was of course the village of Montecastelli. A masterful move, because the Montecastelli is one of DroomHout's bestsellers.

John Verlaan DroomHout John Verlaan

John Verlaan is literally the heart of our production team. As a production manager, he can be found in the factory every day and supervises the team of furniture makers. John also translates new designs into beautiful prototypes for the photo shoots and the design studio of DroomHout. John has the New York table at home as a dining table, in oak with bright steel legs, his favorite design. He loves the optically floating oak top in combination with the sturdy bright steel legs.

Linda van der Horst, DroomHout team Linda van der Horst
Thanks to Linda, DroomHout can be found on all kinds of Social Media. As a communications expert, she writes dream texts for DroomHout and posts our most beautiful photos and news on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram so that we can be found by anyone who is looking for something beautiful made of wood. Linda likes to look at the Elegante table here in the design studio, a beautiful combination of very rustic wood with beautiful rounded corners and sleek lines in the table legs.

Roy van Haaren DroomHout team Roy van Haaren

As an HMC graduate, Roy is a true wood enthusiast who has been making beautiful things from wood since he was eight. Roy thinks the best part of his job is transforming a rough beam into beautiful wooden designer furniture. In his spare time he also likes to make the most beautiful wooden creations for himself and his family. At Roy's home there is the Lima dining table. This fits perfectly into his interior, which consists of natural tones and materials.