You can buy wooden kitchen fronts and kitchen tops at DroomHout. We use first-class oak and walnut with a very high-quality finish that perfectly protect your wooden kitchen fronts and kitchen worktop and keep it beautiful for a long time. Below you can read all about why you should choose kitchen fronts and/or a kitchen worktop made of solid wood.




    Wooden kitchen

    The kitchen is increasingly becoming part of the living room. We like to have this in style with the living room or at least just as stylish. With a wooden kitchen worktop and/or wooden kitchen fronts you can quickly create a pleasant atmosphere in your kitchen. Wood creates atmosphere and warmth and that is how you want to be in your kitchen, after all, you are here for a large part of the day. And especially if you have a kitchen island with counter chairs attached to it, you would like to sit with a coffee and a newspaper or if one person is cooking, the other can catch up with a drink. Especially if your dining table is also in the kitchen, then the kitchen really belongs to the living room. And how nice is it when the wood from your dining table returns to your kitchen fronts? Stylishly responsible and super chic!

    Solid wood kitchen fronts

    The basis of your kitchen can simply be from IKEA, the METOD kitchen is a great kitchen. And if you top it off with the solid wooden kitchen fronts from DroomHout, you immediately have a beautiful kitchen.

    DroomHout kitchen fronts always fit your kitchen, because we make them to measure in our own wood factory. IKEA's standard fronts are easy to make, with the hinge holes and drillings for the drawers in the right place. But we also make kitchens with other sized kitchen fronts for you. We only need the correct dimensions and even better, just the old fronts, so that we can copy the pre-drillings for the hinges exactly.

    Skirting boards and side panels in solid wood

    How nice is it if the skirting boards or side panels are also made of the same wood so that you have a nice unity in your kitchen. Or shall we call it cut from the same cloth? Sometimes a leveling bar is just needed to close off any cracks or empty space. We can also fix that for you and we are also happy to finish it for you, in the same matte clear lacquer that you want on your fronts.

    Finish with lacquer and/or oil

    Kitchen fronts oak DroomHout

    We can treat the solid wooden kitchen fronts beautifully for you. With our super strong matte clear lacquer that protects your kitchen front well against stains, scratches, moisture and warping. You can also choose to give your wood a color, so that the fronts match your kitchen worktop or floor just that little bit better. You can choose from natural oil, for a nice warm look, or something colder with white oak or gray oak. Darker is also possible, brown oak makes your wood look more like walnut. Or choose real walnut wood, in clear or warm. What do you like?

    Slatted front look for your kitchen fronts

    Kitchen front with slatted structure

    The kitchen front with slatted structure is completely contemporary. The kitchen front looks as if it is made of slats. You can determine the width yourself, depending on what you like. A bit wide and sturdy, or a bit narrower if you like subtleties.

    How do you order the fronts for your kitchen?

    And how do you order the fronts for your kitchen? It's a simple process: all we need is the exact dimensions of your desired fronts. You can display this on a sketch or on a list. On the page 'Order kitchen fronts, how does that work?' you will find a checklist on how you can order your kitchen fronts most easily and quickly.

    Solid wood kitchen worktops

    Solid oak kitchen top

    We make our kitchen tops from oak or walnut and of course the tops are also only made of solid wood. Our standard thicknesses are 30 or 40 mm and you simply place the tops on your kitchen cabinets. We also work with super strong oil or varnish and even with oil and varnish. This oil can be painted over and gives a color to your wood. A lacquer finish protects the kitchen worktop against moisture and stains. This way you have minimal maintenance on your kitchen worktop.

    Why solid wood kitchen worktops?

    Whether you choose oak or walnut, it is always nice to choose a wooden kitchen worktop. In addition to durability, a solid wood kitchen top also offers a unique aesthetic. Each piece of wood has its own unique texture, color variations and characteristics, giving each kitchen countertop a one-of-a-kind look. Whether you choose oak, walnut or another type of wood, the natural pattern and warm tones of the wood add a touch of character and beauty to your kitchen.

    Strong lacquer on your kitchen countertop

    We treat your kitchen worktop with a super strong matte clear varnish that protects your worktop well against moisture, stains, the effect of the wood or temperature fluctuations. As long as you keep in mind that wood cannot withstand extreme heat or prolonged moisture and you do not use your kitchen top as a cutting board, your top will remain beautiful. And it requires little maintenance, which is also important. And as you could read earlier in the

    A kitchen worktop from DroomHout, how does that work?

    If you have opted for a kitchen worktop from DroomHout, you do not have to supply much. If desired, we mill a hob into your kitchen worktop or build in your (self-installed) sink. All you have to do is indicate the exact location for the hob and/or sink and tap. And indicate the correct dimensions for the leaf. See the blog about the wooden kitchen island with kitchen fronts and solid oak kitchen top from our valued customers Jade and Tim. In addition to their story about choosing us as a supplier twice, you will also see nice photos of their beautiful oak kitchen island.

    Kitchen fronts and kitchen worktop DroomHout

    All in all, solid wood kitchen countertops are a wonderful choice for anyone looking for a combination of beauty, durability and versatility in the kitchen. They bring a natural warmth and character to the room and can be the eye-catcher you are looking for. Invest in a solid wood kitchen worktop and enjoy the timeless beauty and functionality it has to offer.

    Kitchen top made of solid walnut