Zuiver by DroomHout

Zuiver by DroomHout

    Young, fresh and pure. For 10 years. Fashionable and contemporary. Just a few words that come to mind when you think of the beautiful interior design label Zuiver. Future-oriented in all its fibers, also in materials and innovative design ideas. Beautiful designs that clearly reflect the essence of Zuiver. Creating added value with creativity and quality in the environment in which we prefer to live. Our house!

    Pure furniture from DroomHout

    Make your place as comfortable as possible with innovative and timeless design. As beautiful and authentic as possible. But Zuiver does more. Zuiver adds experiences, memories, comfort, the unusual and the unexpected to your daily activities. Zuiver challenges you to mix as many ideas as possible. To create unexpected combinations with an amazing contemporary collection of furniture, lighting and accessories. Designed in our own Netherlands and, with sustainability in mind, the aim is to reduce the footprint as much as possible. Zuiver pursues a passionate mission. For each new product, the raw materials required for this are placed on a scale. Is it necessary? Can we justify this with a view to the future? The future of our children!

    The origins of Zuiver furniture

    Zuiver furniture by DroomHout

    Zuiver emerged from a group of four friends. All four were born and raised in the Zaan region. A small start, but boundlessly ambitious. Zuiver has recently been nominated several times for the fastest growing company in the Netherlands! In 2015, the company was chosen as Zaanse Company of the Year. This turned out to be just the beginning of a beautiful journey. The Zuiver collection is sold in more than 80 countries on 5 different continents. Dutch Design is popular for a reason! And in return, Zuiver brings influences from all over the world to your place of residence. Read on to find out what else this innovative brand from Westzaan has to offer you!

    Pure furniture - design for all times of the day

    Form, function and high-quality materials go hand in hand at Zuiver. The design must inspire, seduce, challenge and, above all, add value. Value for every moment of the day. It is therefore not surprising that the heart of Zuiver is formed by its design team. A mixed group of experience, partnerships and young emerging talent. Zuiver does the latter through its famous scholarship program. Across Europe! During this program, students are enabled to develop a product from paper. These products are included in Zuiver's delivery program. How cool is that? These products are also extremely sustainable. Did you know, for example, that the successful Zuiver Albert bucket chair is made from coffee grounds? Comes from a large coffee shop chain. Having a cup of coffee in optimal form. Other examples include a chair made from upcycled PET bottles, and a chair made from 100% ocean plastic. At Zuiver, in addition to your home, our planet is always in the foreground. Naturally, the choice of materials is enormous at Zuiver. They also have your favorite color. Wall shelves made of wood and metal, a vase made of concrete or marble. An aluminum bistro table and a hanging lamp on a leather strap. Nothing is too crazy at Zuiver. A round rug , oval mirror, or a rectangular side table. It's pure. Zuiver designs it. Design with a Northern European character, without wanting to be flashy. Always in perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Warm functionality that is useful to you. That immediately makes you feel 'at home'. Can be endlessly combined with the favorite things you already have at home. And the rooms in your home where you let your imagination run wild. Now, and in the near future.

    Zuiver furniture - 1001 possibilities and many more ideas

    Zuiver furniture by DroomHout

    Is your interior white, light and calm? Scandinavian, minimalist or poetic monochrome. Perhaps your interior is bursting with energy with beautiful (dark) colors, designs and accessories? Wooden plank floor, concrete look cast floor or sleek laminate. The great thing about the extensive Zuiver collection is that it can always be beautifully combined. With each other, but of course also with your interior and your wishes. Zuiver supplies a wide range of furniture, lighting, rugs and accessories. For indoor and outdoor! Iconic products with ditto names. A Teddy, Albert Kuip or a Thirsty? In yellow, pink, high, low, velvet or recycled? A shell chair, terrazzo side table, or one of those lovely vintage tubular chairs. With or without armrests, you name it. Each can be chosen from a wide range of colours, upholstery and material types. Within the Zuiver collection there is always something that suits your taste. And hey, let's not forget the most important thing. Relief; often the neglected child when furnishing a room. Not at Zuiver. With around 140 different fixtures in their collection, they understand the art of light. And how! Create a beautiful play of light in your interior with such a beautiful lamp from Zuiver. A large hanging lamp, several small variants together, a dimmable floor or table lamp. Even a combination of light and art is possible. What about an exotic houseplant as a lamp? Or a lamp with woven rattan as a filter. And do you want to highlight your favorite painting? This is also possible with Zuiver's many commercials.

    Pure furniture - from the inside out and vice versa

    Do you want to make your terrace or garden even more in keeping with your interior? How about a beautiful outdoor sofa next to your lounge sofa that you can leave outside all year round? No hassle with putting the cushions on and taking them off, and having to store them in dusty cushion containers. Zuiver even has outdoor rugs in its collection. This way you create an extra cozy Mediterranean seating area as an extension of your living area! Can you picture it already? Enjoy nice long summer evenings in your Breeze outdoor sofa complete with ottoman. A few outdoor chairs and outdoor tables really complete the picture. Now let that garden party really begin. What about the next level mobile cool box! This way you are always cooler than your neighbor. Who would not want that? Zuiver also has beautiful bistro tables for smaller spaces, patios and terraces. Sweet romantic evenings for two. Zuiver continues to surprise you all year round. By creating added value in your living environment.

    Zuiver furniture and DroomHout - a perfect duo for your interior

    Since the founding of the Zuiver furniture brand in 2011, DroomHout has been a reseller of all Zuiver furniture. Because DroomHout has a good nose for spotting new trends and brands in the interior design field, the Zuiver brand caught the eye soon after its foundation. There was a good click from the very beginning. And for over 10 years you have been able to buy everything from furniture brand Zuiver and its interior sister Dutchbone at DroomHout. In our design studio and showroom we try to show you the most important collections and latest trends. Whether it concerns Zuiver chairs , Zuiver dining tables or Zuiver lamps, you can view them all live with us. And under such a table set, a Zuiver rug is of course the bomb. But the Zuiver outdoor furniture and Zuiver outdoor rugs have also been selling very well since their recent introduction.

    Does DroomHout sell the entire Zuiver range?

    Yes! Because we are an all-round reseller of Zuiver furniture, the answer is a resounding "yes". This means that we can deliver all Zuiver furniture to you cheaply and quickly. And because Zuiver has such a large stock and can usually deliver the furniture in about 2 - 3 days, your order always arrives quickly. We can have your Zuiver furniture sent directly to you. But collection from our factory and showroom in Utrecht is also an excellent option. What you like. The advantage of picking up Zuiver furniture in Utrecht is that you can try it out first before you buy it and take it with you. If everything is to your liking, you can immediately take your Zuiver furniture with you. And if it's not entirely to your liking, just leave it with us and we'll find someone else to do it for you. You can buy all your Zuiver furniture online at DroomHout for a 30-day trial period. This means that you can always try your Zuiver furniture in your own environment. Do the colors match, is the style, how do you like the shape? You can see it immediately with our easy 'showroom at home' concept. Be surprised and inspired by Zuiver's beautiful collection that fits seamlessly with the warm, atmospheric collection of Droomhout in Utrecht. You are very welcome!

    Zuiver furniture by DroomHout