No dining table without a bar stool. At least, if you have a high dining table or bar of course. Place chairs at a low dining table, and bar stools at a high dining table. Or just sit at the bar, that's where the name bar stool comes from. Here you see all the low bar stools (counterstools for a kitchen) and high bar stools (barstools for a bar) in a row.

Barkrukken / counterstools

Bar stools / counterstools


    High or low bar stool?

    Bar stool Pamp Mobitec - by DroomHout

    Which bar stool should you have now? In other words: how high is a bar stool? The seat height of a high bar stool is usually around 75 cm, making it suitable for high dining tables or bars of around 105 - 115 cm high. The seat height of a low bar stool is usually around 65 cm, making it suitable for a kitchen or counter of around 90 - 95 cm high. Or put differently: place a high bar stool at your high dining table or bar and place a low bar stool at your kitchen island. What you often see is that a certain model of bar stool is made in both a high and a low version. When you order, you can easily choose for what purpose you want to use your bar stool. Make your home more beautiful with a bar stool in your living room .

    Difference barstool and counterstool

    Both are English translations of the Dutch word barstool. A barstool is the high bar stool with a seat height of 75 cm. And a counterstool is the low bar stool with a seat height of 65 cm. Once you get used to the terms it is very easy. But it can also be confusing for others. And especially annoying if you ordered the wrong height bar stool. Because those sizes are there for a reason. A barstool absolutely cannot be attached to your kitchen or cooking island. Then you can't even get your knees under the tray. And a counterstool is much too low for a high dining table or bar. You can then slide the food straight from your plate :-)

    Bar stool with backrest or bar stool without backrest?

    In addition to the height of a bar stool, there is also the question of whether or not there is a backrest. In other words: which bar stool is comfortable? A bar stool with backrest gives you support and comfort for a little longer. Ideal for long evenings dining at your bar or high dining table. Where a bar stool without a backrest is ideal for quickly sitting down and, above all, being able to get up again. Your bar stool with backrest is especially nice to eat on. And your bar stool without backrest is ideal for a drink at the dining table, bar or kitchen. If you really like to sit and enjoy for a long time, pay particular attention to how high the backrest is and how much support it offers. A bar stool with a low backrest actually only supports your lower back well. Here you are a bit more active with a straighter back. A bar stool with a higher backrest is also great for sitting at the table for longer and possibly slouching a little more as the evening progresses.

    Diverse materials

    Whether you are looking for bar chairs with a luxurious leather finish or go for the cozy look of a velvet bar stool - at DroomHout you will find the bar stool that suits your interior and wishes. You can choose from various materials and finishes, including leather, teddy and ribbed fabric. Each material gives the bar stool its own look and feel, from cool to modern or retro. Which fabric are you going for?

    Bar stool brands DroomHout

    At DroomHout we sell bar stools from the brands Mobitec, Zuiver, Dutchbone and DREAUM. A Mobitec bar stool is handmade in Belgium. Really nice quality and lots of options to make your bar stool completely to your liking. You have to imagine that there are hundreds of fabrics and colors and that you can even determine the color of the frame of your bar stool. A real custom bar stool. In our design studio we have all the color samples and fabric samples ready for you at Mobitec and we are happy to advise you. The bar stool from Zuiver, Dutchbone and DREAUM is your choice if you go for a more affordable bar stool. These bar stools are available in a number of super fun and trendy colors, materials and frames. So you don't choose the fabric here, but just the complete look. These colors often match very well together, so combining different colors on 1 dining table is very possible. Most bar stool models are available in both high and low variants. And many Zuiver bar stools also have a chair in the same model available. Then it can look great if you want to implement the same style in both chairs and bar stools. This way you get a nice balance in your living room or kitchen/diner.

    Bar stool Rob Mobitec - by DroomHout

    Bar stool Franky Dutchbone Zuiver - by DroomHout