We see dining room sofas appearing more and more often in interiors. And that is understandable. Because these luxurious benches for dining tables offer the perfect combination of atmosphere and comfort and provide an intimate and cozy feeling.


Dining room benches


    Dining room benches from DroomHout

    And yes, it is also completely hot and hip. Doesn't a sofa like this really make you want to dine extra long in nice company? Droomhout offers luxurious dining room benches of first-class quality and has selected the most beautiful ones for you. Are you considering exchanging your chairs for such a lovely dining room sofa? Then feel free to read on and convince yourself.

    Which dining room sofa should I choose?

    Dining room sofas DreamWood - dining room sofa Dutchbone Aka

    Are you going for a dining room bench with or without a backrest? Do you want to sink back and relax? Or would you prefer an active sitting position? Which sofa is most comfortable and which color and fabric should you choose? These are all quite personal questions that we would like to advise you on. A sofa must be comfortable, that is of course the basis. And to let you experience that seating comfort, we have a number of models ready for you in our own design studio. So come and try it out and be surprised by our beautiful collection.

    Where to buy dining room benches?

    In addition to the correct size and seating comfort, it is also important that the dining room sofa fits well with the dining table . Droomhout offers a wide range of luxurious dining tables that are made for wonderful long dining. You can try it out in our design studio before you make a purchase. This way you can put together your ideal dining room set at Droomhout.

    What colors and materials are available?

    Are you going for neutral, safe and timeless? Or do you opt for a striking eye-catcher ? There are a lot of options in terms of color and material. We also sell dining room benches where the seat and backrest, for example, can have a different color. Or the inside and outside. At Droomhout you can personalize most sofas entirely to your own wishes. In our design studio you can gain endless inspiration and let us advise you on the many possibilities.

    Dining room bench with or without backrest?

    Do you have limited living space, but are you really looking for a dining room sofa? Then it is an option to choose a sofa without a back and armrest, because you can slide it completely under the table. Saves extra space and you can also easily move it or move it to another location. Such a sofa is not only good for sitting on, but can also function as a side table or at the foot of the bed. You just can't sit back and relax after a meal, but the sofa with backrest does have that advantage. A sofa with a backrest also provides more support. As a finishing touch, add a few cozy pillows and drape a soft rug over them, and voilà!

    Dining room benches from DroomHout - buy your most beautiful dining room bench here

    Dining room sofa is a gain in space

    The dining room bench takes up little space. Place the sofa flush against a wall and your dining table does not have to be half a meter far into the living room. More people can also sit next to each other, ideal if you are with a large group of people. This way you also create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. If that's not an asset to your interior.

    Dining room sofa from Tower Living

    At Droomhout we sell dining room benches from the brands Tower Living, Dutchbone and Mobitec. We start with the industrial dining room benches from Tower Living: a real pleasure to sit on. The sofas are covered with microfiber upholstery. The fabric has a sanded 'look', which gives the sofas a sturdy, robust and retro appearance. These sofas are so comfortable that you can spend hours on them. Also not unimportant: the sofa requires little maintenance. So, are you a messer when eating or drinking? No problem! You can simply wipe it off with a damp cloth.

    Dining room sofa from Dutchbone

    The solid wooden dining room benches from Dutchbone give the dining room a warm, stylish and somewhat more classic look. In addition, the benches are extremely practical and save space. You can place your dining area closer to the wall, accommodate more people and place a nice (sheep) rug on the sofa for even more comfort and atmosphere. The table legs are made of iron and are powder coated black. Tough and robust, don't you think? A wooden bench like this in the hall or corner of your living room or even at the foot of your bed is also very attractive!

    Dining room sofa from Mobitec

    Soft and stylish, those are the wonderful sofas from the Belgian design brand Mobitec. The benches are available in different lengths, so that you have a suitable bench for every table. You can also choose from various fabrics and colors for the upholstery. In addition, it is possible to provide the front and rear upholstery with two different colors.

    How wide is a dining room sofa?

    Dining room sofa Tower Living - by DroomHout

    The length of a dining room bench depends on the table width and your personal wishes. Do you want to be able to invite an extra guest or just want more seating space on a couch? Then it is smart to choose a slightly longer sofa. At DroomHout we are happy to provide you with appropriate advice, so that you will undoubtedly make the right choice.

    How high is a dining room sofa?

    The correct height of the sofa is very important. Feet that just won't touch the ground and keep dangling under the table is of course no fun and sitting too low is also not good for your posture, especially if you regularly do some writing or computer work at the table. We want to prevent pain in shoulders, back and neck at all times.

    The ideal seat height of a dining room sofa is 45 centimeters high. For smaller people it is nice that the seat height is a little lower, while taller people need a higher seat height. Are you unsure about the correct height? Then it might be an idea to come and have a try in our showroom. Feel free to drop by or make an appointment via our website.

    Dining room sofa from DroomHout