Ultimate relaxation in luxurious, comfortable bean bags for indoors or sturdy, practical bean bags for outdoors. Beanbags for children, adults and pets. The whole family. At DroomHout you can choose from beautiful brands such as Vetsak and Bubalou. We'd love to take you along.

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Outdoor bean bags


    Stylish beanbag for indoors and outdoors

    Looking for the perfect soft beanbag to relax on? The beanbag is a great addition to a beautiful lounge sofa . Meet Bubalou and Vetsak. Both brands are available at DroomHout. You can create comfort and coziness in an instant. Flop down in one of the many bean bag options. We are happy to help you choose the perfect beanbag. Innovative and flexible seating comfort that will last a lifetime? These bean bags have it all. Filled with foam, so soft, so cozy as if you were sitting on clouds. For both indoors and outdoors.

    Outdoor beanbag: luxurious and practical

    The most comfortable beanbag in the world? Search no further. The bean bags for both indoors and outdoors are completely filled with foam. This provides a wonderfully soft and cozy feeling. Imagine yourself plopped on a gigantic cloud and slowly drifting off into a dream. That is the Vetsak beanbag feeling. Sounds good right? In addition to ultimate comfort, these bean bags are extremely practical. Available in several sizes, for example choose outdoor beanbag 'large' which offers space for more than two people. It is an asset to your garden and a hit with the whole family. The vetsak is the perfect beanbag for children. An accident? The cover is machine washable. The design has been created for all ages and the whole family. The whole family? Yes, certainly, including your four-legged friend. Pets can snuggle up in this beanbag. The cover is robust and easily replaceable. It's still a fight over who gets to go on it!

    Beanbag beanbag Vetsak outdoor - outdoor beanbag - by DroomHout

    Bean bags for both indoors and outdoors

    The design of the vetsak is practical, comfortable and a real eye-catcher! Give your interior a modern boost with a beanbag. The timeless design can be used in any interior. Choose from one of the many colors and fabrics . A beanbag provides a unique element in the living room or bedroom. Instead of the standard lounge chair or sofa, think 'out of the box'. These bean bags are super hip and super comfortable. So in addition to outside, also indoors! So enjoy your beanbag twice as much. In the summer, lounge stylishly in the garden or balcony. Use the outer cover for this.

    A luxurious velvet beanbag chair or trendy faux fur

    This is both water-resistant and UV-resistant. Change the cover and relax indoors during the winter months. Easily adapt the Vetsak to your personal style. For example, choose rich velvet fabric or a trendy corduroy velvet suitable for indoors. Looking for ultimate luxury? The bean bags are also available in leather and faux fur. Easily vary or adjust. You can create a whole new look for both indoors and outdoors in an instant. Vetsak has developed a sturdy canvas fabric for outdoor use. The covers are available separately and are interchangeable. View the options here.

    Choose your ideal bean bag size - medium or large

    Vetsak has made the selection process extremely easy. First of all, choose the format. Medium is perfect for 1 person and compact spaces. This beanbag has a diameter of 110 cm. If you prefer grand lounging, choose large. Two people can easily sit on this spacious beanbag. Pet or small toddler? These certainly fit in too! This large beanbag has a diameter of no less than 140cm. Whether you want to lounge on the beanbag with two adults or with the kids, it fits! Then you choose the fabric. Use is important for the choice of fabric. Will the beanbag be placed indoors or outdoors? Choose from the wide choice of rich materials. Finally, you can choose from beautiful timeless shades in soft tones such as canvas stone, canvas sand or canvas gray. Compare bean bag options for indoors and outdoors here.

    Beanbag Vetsak outdoor - outdoor beanbags - by DroomHout

    The sustainable beanbag for the whole family

    Vetzak is known for its beanbag for its unparalleled quality and exceptional comfort. A unique combination. Sustainability is important, also for Vetsak. These bean bags are handmade, ethically produced and 100% vegan. The beanbag has a durable inner bag completely filled with upcycled memory foam flakes. This is covered with a high quality zip-off cover. All covers are designed for everyday use, year after year. With a 5-year quality guarantee, you can relax with peace of mind.

    Bubalou bean bags - makes outdoor life easier

    This outdoor brand offers a wide choice of comfortable seating options. There is no shortage of bean bags. The Bubalou Bub beanbag combines cool and stylish seating. In a handy size, lightweight and yet super sturdy. This also makes this luxurious beanbag the ultimate choice for hotels and cafes, for example.

    Sitting comfortably - the beanbag chair with backrest

    It is often thought that a beanbag provides little comfort. The Bub beanbag follows the contours of the body. This way you can sit down and get up again with peace of mind. Especially if you want to lounge a little longer. Do you prefer a soft landing or more firmness? You can easily adjust the amount to your own taste. Combine the outdoor beanbag with a matching ottoman. Put your feet up, have a drink. Summer can begin.

    Rain or sun - bean bags for all weather conditions

    Choose your favorite color and adjust the beanbag to your lounge area. This beanbag can take a beating. The cover is resistant to sun, wind and rain. The durable, all-weather fabric is colourfast and washable. Once again a sustainable choice that you can enjoy for years to come.

    Outdoor lighting and wine coolers - cool accessories for outdoors

    Bubalou has more than just bean bags and garden furniture. Take for example the cool wine coolers , designed in the shape of a champagne cork. This immediately gives the lounge corner a unique and playful effect. A very nice object to see but also extremely practical. Once you sink into the beanbag, enjoying a cold drink. This is how we will get through the summer! Available in 3 shades. Meet the Belly65 and Belly25 outdoor lamps . Atmospheric lighting and at the same time a real eye-catcher in the garden. You can place this wonderfully cute lamp next to the table or hang it in the tree. You can choose your favorite LED color with the remote control. You will get through the summer evenings, the lamp provides light for 12 hours! Convinced? Or take a test run? You can come and have a try in our showroom in Utrecht. :)

    Outdoor beanbag - beanbag Vetsak - by DroomHout
    Bubalou Wine Cooler Champ Stool Garden Accessories