At DroomHout you can buy the complete collection of the Dutch interior brand Dutchbone. Beautiful dark tones and ethnic influences characterize the dining tables, lamps, chairs and rugs of this great brand.

Dutchbone interieur merk voor mooie vintage meubels - by DroomHout

Dutchbone by DroomHout


    Dutchbone, showmasters of long-distance travel!

    Bar stool low Dutchbone Ovid DroomWout

    Do you know that feeling? Just returned from holiday, and the desire to see those memories in your interior. So you can experience that traveling feeling again at home? Of course you can hang those photos on the wall of your most beautiful trips. Put on Sufi music when you have just returned from Turkey. Or snack on petiscos, the Portuguese tapas. But what is better than having that one chair, seen during your holiday, in your house. Or that one vase on your terrace outside? What could be better than incorporating traveling into your interior? Is that possible? Oh, sure. This can be done in many ways and in combination with many different styles. Dutchbone, a worldly brand from the Netherlands, is the showmaster of long-distance travel! Dutchbone is happy to take you on a journey of discovery! Her journey of discovery into new products and collections takes you all over the world. We're sure Dutchbone has something in store for you. Or have something that suits your home. A unique piece that fits perfectly with that retro Danish armchair or Turkish Berber. Perhaps you have a vintage French sideboard. Such a green one. Or a cool Mayan statue on the TV cabinet? Or do you not have a TV cabinet, but a Mexican sideboard that does not fit a TV?

    Dutchbone, from antique market to drawing board

    The people of Dutchbone like to travel to other countries. There they gain inspiration and learn from different cultures. They also want to pay you tribute to the craftsmanship there. From the past and from now. This often results in unique interior pieces for the Dutchbone collection. Pieces that perfectly capture a certain place and moment. And where memories and traditions come together in harmony. Many of these icons are immediately added to the collection after purchase. The Meena cabinet and the Ming lamp have been lovingly incorporated into the Dutchbone family. Sometimes the 'inspiration journey' goes differently. Occasionally something is found in your own attic. A piece that reminds of times long past. Grandmother's. This is what happened with the Dutchbone armchair, the Flair. Found as a worn out chair in the attic. But still inspiring enough with striking details. The shape and color caught the eye, and the chair had a skirt. One of those down to the floor. Desperately in need of a makeover. And Dutchbone did that. And how! The chair has been on the Dutchbone drawing board for a year. Here the old lady has been transformed into a trendy beautiful princess, but with classic details. This is Flair's story. A beautiful shell-shaped chair. Sometimes with or without a skirt. It looks fantastic on her, like the wild mane of a beautiful lion. One from the glamor 'roaring twenties' of Hollywood.

    Dutchbone takes something with you from every trip. You too, right?

    Sofa sofa Dutchbone Chester - by DroomHout

    You cannot create a travel interior in one day. At least, that is possible, but it is of course more fun if you have brought all that stuff yourself from the countries you have been to. A bit like living among your own holiday photos! Try to skip the standard souvenirs and look a little further for something special. Like the cool first class Class dining table . And if you can't figure it out, let Dutchbone help you. Dutchbone always fits in your suitcase! Hang up an Oriental rug or lay it down. A Dutchbone rug immediately brings you into a worldly atmosphere. Go for natural materials, such as the Filo table lamp made of woven rattan. Do you want to take the holiday sun home with you? How about the golden Gauri mirror that makes you shine like a sun queen every day! Create an urban jungle with lots of plants. Choose a fabric with an Oriental or Latin American touch. How about a wooden wall shelf , a rattan side table or some bowls made from coconuts? And have you recently been to the Grand Hotel Budapest? The Allis table lamp from Dutchbone miraculously escaped from this hotel! This incredibly stylish lamp also did not fit in your suitcase. Dutchbone to the rescue!

    From a Dutchbone chair to lamp, from generation to generation

    Dutchbone, together with parent company Zuiver, is a true pioneer when it comes to sustainability. The clearest example is the collection itself. This high-quality collection is designed to last from generation to generation. Dutchbone carries out a passionate mission. The most sustainable materials and production methods are used. For each new product, the raw materials required for this are placed on a scale. Is it necessary? Whether it concerns a Dutchbone chair or a Dutchbone lamp . The common goal is of course to reduce the footprint as much as possible. In addition, Dutchbone's global headquarters generates 30% of its own energy through solar panels. The aim is for this to be 100% within 5 years! Did you know that this Dutchbone head office is located in one of the oldest villages in the Zaan region? Westzaan is a village with a rich history. Small and typically green wooden houses grouped together in the meadows of the Zaan region. With hundreds of windmills, it is also called the pantry of the Netherlands. Once one of the oldest industrial areas in Europe. It cannot be a coincidence that this is the birthplace of the Dutchbone team!

    Experience adventures of a thousand and one nights with a Dutchbone.

    Do you have a great itinerary in mind or would you really like to 'score' something during your long trip? Here's how to put together your own 'journey' with Dutchbone: Be welcome in our beautiful, warm showroom in Utrecht and we will be happy to show you what treasures we have collected from the Dutchbone collection. Here you can 'dig for treasure and plan your trip' to your heart's content. Are you going for a beautiful Dutchbone rug with an antique look? Or do you float on a Shisha rug to the adventures of a thousand and one nights? You can go to Marrakech, Fez or Istanbul, but why not to DroomHout? We are located in a location with a rich history. In the middle of the meadows and old former defensive strongholds of Utrecht. Our 'long-distance travel' specialists are ready to help you. This can be done in many ways and in combination with many different styles. Boarding time!

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