Do you want to buy a beautiful luxury wooden bathroom furniture? Here you see the unique, original bathroom furniture from DroomHout. High end design bathroom furniture of very high quality. And we also make your custom bathroom furniture. Free home delivery and ready in 1-4 weeks.

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Wooden bathroom furniture


    Bathroom furniture wood

    DroomHout has an extensive collection of unique, self-composed wooden bathroom furniture. Are you looking for solid wooden bathroom furniture? Then you don't have to look any further. Whatever type of wood you want, DroomHout is happy to help you! Our bathroom furniture made of solid oak and walnut wood is unique. The design is our own DroomWout design, you will not find this anywhere else. Available in various designs and sizes. How beautiful is that?

    Wooden bathroom furniture Ocean Breeze by DroomHout

    Visit our showroom for tailor-made advice

    At DroomHout we like to go a step further and think along with you. A wooden bathroom cabinet is an essential part of your bathroom. Do you have a house under construction, new construction or are you going to renovate? Every wish for your wooden bathroom furniture requires appropriate advice. We are happy to help you online and remotely, but we are also happy to invite you to our showroom. Here we can provide you with tailor-made advice while enjoying a nice cup of coffee or tea. You can immediately see and test a number of wooden bathroom furniture models live. So nice, right? Make an appointment immediately!

    Solid wood bathroom furniture

    Custom bathroom furniture DroomHout

    We have a wide collection of solid wood oak bathroom furniture that we are proud of. If you choose solid wooden bathroom furniture, you can choose from oak bathroom furniture or walnut furniture. With us you will not find foil or melamine that simulates a wood look. We always work with solid oak or walnut wood. This in any desired style and thickness. Our solid oak bathroom furniture stands for quality and durability. Both oak and walnut are suitable for the bathroom, provided they are properly processed. Our furniture is finished with a strong lacquer. Barely visible and ensures that the furniture can withstand moisture; a must of course for the bathroom. If you choose DroomHout, we will ensure that you enjoy your wooden bathroom furniture for years to come. We only use the most beautiful solid wood, mainly obtained from Eastern Europe. This is how we make the most beautiful wooden furniture.

    Custom wooden bathroom furniture

    DroomHout offers a wide range of custom work for wooden bathroom furniture. There is a type of wood to suit every interior style. Whether you like an industrial look or a country style, wood is always the perfect addition. Wood fits seamlessly with a rural look. Looking for white bathroom furniture? This is also possible, take the Pure with drawers for example. This is a sleek white piece of furniture made of solid MDF covered with high-gloss HPL and a beautiful oak top. The wooden bathroom furniture can be completely adapted to your style because it can be made in various colors and sizes. Are you looking for furniture outside our range, for example a bathroom furniture on legs? No problem. Our range is constantly being expanded. Do you want a lot of storage space? For example, you can choose wooden furniture with one or two drawers. These can even be customized to your liking. For example, if you want the bottom drawer to be deep enough for your shampoo bottles, no problem. DroomHout makes your ideal custom wooden bathroom furniture. Whether you have a small bathroom or a spacious bathroom, we always agree in terms of dimensions. If your size is not listed online, you have come to the right place for custom bathroom furniture . In the showroom we are happy to help you put together your ideal oak bathroom furniture. Please feel free to contact us for more information and opening hours.

    Bathroom furniture wood Soap by DroomHout

    Maintenance of wooden bathroom furniture

    Naturally, you want to keep your wooden furniture beautiful for as long as possible. Natural materials such as oak work with time. We will of course take this into account. We ensure that every piece of furniture and drawer has sufficient clearance during installation. Wood provides a beautiful, calm and natural appearance. All DroomWout furniture is provided with high-quality oil or lacquer of your choice. This gives the oak bathroom furniture a beautifully neat and finished look. More importantly, this ensures that your bathroom furniture fits well in the bathroom and remains good in a damp room. Our furniture is very resistant to moisture and dirt. You can also wipe it off with a slightly damp cloth. More is actually not necessary.

    Advantages of wooden bathroom furniture

    A custom-made bathroom furniture made of oak gives the bathroom a unique touch. Wood also gives the bathroom a soft, natural look. Luxury and warmth at the same time, like a Scandinavian spa. Elements of wood give the bathroom a feeling of tranquility. Wood is low in maintenance. Simply wipe with a mild cleaning agent and a damp cloth.

    Disadvantages of wooden bathroom furniture

    There are actually no disadvantages to a wooden bathroom furniture. This is because you can adjust it to your own wishes. Wood is durable and often becomes more beautiful with time. Wood works and responds to light. If your bathroom furniture does catch daylight, it could discolour slightly over time. We try to prevent this by choosing the right quality of paint. You will see that our Skylt lacquer comes with a colourfast product.

    Bathroom furniture wood types

    At DroomHout you can choose from a wide range of oak and walnut. We have listed our 8 strongest color combinations. Think of white or warm oak. If you are looking for a little more freshness, check out white oak or a white or gray wash combination. Treating the wood with oil before painting creates the right color. Combining a hearing type can sometimes be a challenge. At DroomHout we have oak and walnut in various color shades. There is always a nice color that suits. Matching wood with wood is sometimes difficult. You may want to match your new furniture with your current bathroom. Think of an existing item such as a teak cabinet. Sometimes it is difficult to match the exact color of walnut or oak with the current setup. We are happy to advise you here. Our advice focuses on the strength of different wood tones. Combining oak and teak, for example, can be incredibly surprising and it is the contrast that creates a connection. If you choose a color that is too close to the existing item, this can cause unrest. And that in a place where you want peace and serenity. Mixing various styles is a challenge but certainly not impossible. With our advice it will be done anyway. We are ready for you. And also check out these 8 great bathroom tips for the bathroom of your dreams.

    Wooden bathroom furniture with sink

    At DroomHout you can also find washbasin furniture or wooden bathroom furniture with washbasin. This is a bathroom furniture with washbasin or sink of your choice. Are you going for a floating washbasin, a double washbasin or a wooden bathroom furniture on legs? A nice option is the Soap of Breeze . You can opt for a built-in fixed sink or a sink on the top. Washbasins are fun and slightly different from most bathroom furniture with sinks. It also gives you just a little more space on the page. Wash basins come in different shapes and sizes. Are you looking for a round wash basin, a designer ceramic wash basin or a round wash basin with an industrial look? Droomhout offers a unique collection of wash basins that are designed and made by small factories in Italy. So you can be sure that you are getting unique Italian design for a fair price.

    Wooden bathroom furniture Pure by DroomHout

    Stylish taps for the bathroom

    A bathroom furniture also needs a sink tap. Necessary elements that you may not immediately think of but want to match with the whole. In addition to the tap, you can also order a suitable waste plug directly. So easy! For example, we have washbasin taps that stand on the sink, washbasin taps that stand next to the sink and washbasin taps that come out of the wall. We have put together a diverse collection of sink taps that go perfectly with our bathroom furniture. The taps and matching accessories are available in chrome and stainless steel, from trendy gold and black to timeless silver stainless steel.

    Bathroom taps that match DroomHout wooden bathroom furniture

    Bathroom mirrors with heating and lighting

    A bathroom is not complete without a bathroom mirror that fits nicely above your bathroom furniture. The mirror is often the central focal point. It gives the bathroom atmosphere and character. Wooden bathroom mirrors are made with the same wood as your DroomWout bathroom furniture and finished with the same lacquer. This way, the mirrors fit perfectly with your new bathroom furniture. If you choose a wooden bathroom furniture of 120 cm, you can also choose a suitable mirror of 120 cm. We have mirrors in various styles and sizes. Round, with heating and indirect light. Or a luxurious, rectangular mirror with lighting. This creates a luxurious atmosphere as if you were in a hotel. View our collection of bathroom mirrors .

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Does black bathroom furniture make my bathroom look smaller?

    Not necessarily! Black furniture can add depth and drama to a bathroom, making it feel more spacious. However, if you have a very small bathroom, you may want to consider lighter colors or furniture with open shelving to create a more airy feel.

    How do I maintain my wooden bathroom furniture?

    Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. For more information, you can always take a look at our blog post maintenance of your wooden dining table . You maintain this in the same way.

    What is the average delivery time?

    DroomHout strives to deliver your custom bathroom furniture within 4-6 weeks, with free delivery for extra convenience.

    Do you have special offers?

    We currently offer a 10% collection discount. For the latest bathroom furniture offers, including discounts and promotions, you can always email or call us.

    How do I choose the right type of wood for my bathroom furniture?

    The best wood for your bathroom depends on your desired style and budget. Popular choices at DroomHout include oak and walnut. We offer these two popular types of wood in several dream colors. Make an appointment immediately for good advice!