The wooden bathroom furniture from DroomHout, but complete with a matching high wooden bathroom cabinet. Priced extra attractively as a combination, so grab your chance. Shop our complete and super affordable wooden bathroom sets here.


Bathroom sets


    Wooden bathroom set - luxury wooden bathroom sets by DroomHout

    Bathroom furniture complete with sink and tall cabinet

    Are you looking for bathroom sets that really make a statement? Then you should definitely take a look at the beauty of wooden bathroom sets. And I'm not just talking about any wood, but about the legendary wood types oak and walnut. On this page you will find all wooden bathroom furniture from DroomHout. Which, combined with a tall cabinet, forms the perfect bathroom set for an extra attractive bundle price. So sit back, relax and let us take you on a journey through the world of oak and walnut bathroom sets. These competitively priced bundles consist of the wooden bathroom furniture including siphon(s), the wooden bathroom cabinet and the sink. We also sell the taps and click-wastes and are optional, you choose these yourself.

    Wooden bathroom set - luxury wooden bathroom sets by DroomHout

    Oak bathroom sets

    Let's start with oak. If you are looking for a robust and durable type of wood, oak is your go-to choice. It has a natural beauty with its striking grain pattern and warm tones. Oak wood has a timeless look that fits effortlessly with both modern and traditional bathroom styles. And you know what's best? The older oak wood becomes, the more beautiful it becomes. It develops a beautiful patina and character as time goes by. So you can be sure that your oak bathroom set is a long-term investment.

    Wooden bathroom set - luxury wooden bathroom sets by DroomHout

    Walnut bathroom sets

    But let's not steal the show from walnut. Walnut is like the rock star among woods. It has a deep, rich brown color with beautiful dark stripes that create a dramatic contrast. It is really an eye-catcher in any bathroom. Walnut is known for its luxurious appearance and is often associated with elegance and refinement. A really nice, chic hotel. If you want to make a statement and give your bathroom a wow factor, then a walnut bathroom set is the right choice.

    Wooden bathroom furniture - for a sustainable bathroom

    In addition to their aesthetic appeal, oak and walnut bathroom sets also have practical benefits. Both types of wood are durable and resistant to moisture, making them perfect for use in the bathroom. They can stand the test of time and remain looking beautiful for years to come. Moreover, with bathroom sets made of wood you can enjoy the natural warmth that the material radiates. In a world full of plastic and ceramics, wood brings a feeling of peace and comfort to your bathroom.

    Wooden bathroom set - luxury wooden bathroom sets by DroomHout

    Custom bathroom set

    When it comes to the style of oak and walnut bathroom sets, the choices are endless. Whether you like a sleek and minimalist look or prefer a more traditional and rustic look, there is always a bathroom set that suits your taste. You can choose from different designs, wood types and finishes for a playful and unique look. And if the wooden bathroom furniture of your dreams is not listed, we will simply make it custom-made for you. Send us a photo or sketch or come by and we will be happy to design your dream bathroom for you. In any case, it's useful to come by because then you will immediately see beautiful bathroom mirrors and get inspiration for your bathroom taps and more.

    Luxury bathroom furniture made of wood

    So what are you waiting for? Look for that perfect bathroom set made of oak or walnut and give your bathroom the upgrade it deserves. With this timeless and elegant combination of wood types you add a touch of luxury and style to your daily routine. Make your bathroom a place where you can relax, refresh and surround yourself with the beauty of nature.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What types of bathroom furniture sets do you offer?

    DroomHout offers various options when it comes to bathroom furniture sets so that we can make your bathroom completely complete. As a basis, we offer a set consisting of a bathroom cabinet including a sink with a matching bathroom cabinet in the same style and natural material. Solid oak or walnut wood. To expand this, we also offer matching mirrors, taps, space-saving siphons and click-waste. However, these are not included in the set.

    How do you guarantee the sustainability of your products?

    We focus on using responsibly sourced wood and maintaining high-quality craftsmanship to ensure the longevity and durability of our products.

    What if I am not satisfied with my purchase?

    No problem! We offer a 30-day money back guarantee after receiving your standard product from DroomHout. The perfect way to test whether you actually like your purchase! Please read our refund policy for more information. Unfortunately, we do not offer a money-back guarantee for custom-made products. But I'm sure you'll understand!

    How do I maintain my wooden bathroom furniture?

    Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is sufficient. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. For more information, you can always visit our blog post: Maintenance advice for solid wood products .

    Wooden bathroom set - luxury wooden bathroom sets by DroomHout