The IKEA hack: a wooden shelf for an IKEA cupboard. IKEA hacks come in all shapes and sizes. Give your IKEA STUVA, IKEA SMÅSTAD or IKEA BESTÅ cupboard a fantastic makeover and high-end look. We also make the IKEA shelf to size. You can shop your IKEA hack at DroomHout!

IKEA hacks

IKEA hacks


    IKEA hacks from DroomHout

    IKEA hacks, who doesn't know them by now? An IKEA hack is a wooden shelf for your IKEA cupboard. No more and no less. Or other solid wood kitchen fronts on your IKEA METOD kitchen. And then you might wonder: why should I put a wooden plank on my IKEA furniture? In principle there is nothing wrong with a nice cupboard from IKEA, they are just often a bit boring and standard. And that's where the IKEA hack comes into play. By placing a beautiful piece of oak on your white or black IKEA cupboard, your cupboard comes to life. You transform your standard IKEA cupboard into a super cool high-end design piece of furniture. And who wouldn't want that? Wood also gives a beautiful natural look to your interior. And think how beautiful it would be to have a dining table in the same color wood. That gives a fantastic balance to your space. So measure that cupboard and easily order your IKEA hack online from us.

    IKEA hack for IKEA BESTÅ

    IKEA hack - IKEA shelf - by DroomHout

    Of all the IKEA cabinets, the BESTÅ is perhaps the best known. The IKEA BESTÅ frames are available in 60 and 120 cm wide. If you combine them, you can actually put together almost any desired cabinet or TV cabinet. The elements are 40 cm deep and if you order a front you will reach a depth of 41.8 cm. That is why our IKEA BESTÅ tops are 42 cm deep so that the top falls nicely over the front. We call that equal is unequal. The IKEA BESTÅ elements with a height of 38 cm are often used for TV furniture. Often floating TV furniture, but the cabinet can also stand on the supplied legs. An oak top on this TV cabinet is very beautiful. This is possible in thicknesses of 18 and 30 mm, depending on your preference. Another option is to miter your top on the sides. In that case, please send us an email with the desired sizes. We also make your IKEA BESTÅ top to size. The other height base element of 64 cm is often used to make a play table or desk for the children. If you place two of these elements slightly apart and place the IKEA BESTÅ hack on top of them, you will get a wonderful custom-made desk. The combinations are endless. So think out of the box and combine to your heart's content.


    IKEA hack - IKEA shelf - by DroomHout

    If you search for STUVA on the IKEA website, you will find the STUVA / FRITIDS toy storage on wheels. This IKEA series used to be simply called the IKEA STUVA. It is a series of chests of drawers that are now only supplied on wheels. But many people have this popular cupboard from IKEA at home, also on legs. And then a children's desk is made very easy. You order the IKEA STUVA hack from DroomHout and simply place this high-quality desktop over 2 IKEA STUVA cabinets. The depth of IKEA STUVA / FRITIDS toy storage on wheels is 50 cm and we make the IKEA top in the same depth.


    A fairly new collection at IKEA is the IKEA SMÅSTAD. This IKEA SMÅSTAD / PLATSA family is characterized by very sleek cabinets with doors and drawers in fresh, soft colors. The 63 cm high cupboard and chest of drawers are especially interesting for turning into children's furniture. If you place 2 of these IKEA SMÅSTAD / PLATSA elements slightly apart and place a DreamWood IKEA shelf over them, you will have an ideal children's desk that looks very cool. The depth of these elements is 57 cm and we also make the IKEA hack for IKEA SMÅSTAD / PLATSA to that size. Or you can go for the basic element IKEA SMÅSTAD chest. This handy storage chest with drawer measures 49 cm deep and that is the width of our top for the IKEA SMÅSTAD play chest . We make these popular IKEA shelves in any size for you. So if your desired size is not listed, just send us a message and we will be happy to help you.

    IKEA hack for IKEA METOD kitchen

    IKEA kitchen fronts slatted structure DroomHout

    The METOD kitchen from IKEA is top, available in white and black. Pimp your kitchen with our solid wooden kitchen fronts . Email us the link to your IKEA kitchen planner and we will make all fronts/levelling slats/side panels for you from beautiful oak or walnut. In the color you want, it couldn't be easier.