At DroomHout we have a wide choice of luxurious lounge sets. Lounge sofas for every garden or balcony. Take a look online or visit the showroom. We are happy to help you choose the perfect outdoor lounge sofa. DroomHout sells both the solid wooden lounge sofa and the all-weather lounge sofa. We sell all lounge sofas from DroomHout, Vetsak and Bubalou.


Lounge sofas


    Wooden lounge sofa - DroomHout Montecastelli outdoor lounge sofa

    Looking for a beautiful outdoor lounge sofa? At DroomHout you can buy the entire lounge collection of DroomHout, Vetsak and Bubalou. This collection can actually be divided into the wooden lounge sofa and the fabric lounge sofa. They are both wonderfully comfortable, but there are also differences. We will explain this to you here.

    Visit our showroom for tailor-made advice

    Because a new outdoor lounge sofa is always exciting and furnishing your garden or balcony is also quite difficult, sometimes we have an inspiring showroom to show you our range of lounge sofas. You will not find the wicker lounge sofa there because DroomHout is of course a specialist in the wooden lounge sofa. Not only can you see your wooden lounge set in real life with us, we also have other products for your garden. Including the all-weather lounge sofa made of fabric. This way you can easily find a beautiful lounge sofa for every garden with us. With matching cushions, for a normal price of course. Delivery is included as standard in the price.

    Custom made wooden lounge sofa

    Wooden lounge sofa - lounge sofas wood and fabric - by DroomHout

    Making a wooden lounge sofa for the garden is a craft in itself. In short, the challenge is to turn a bundle of scaffolding planks into a comfortable garden lounge sofa with a long lifespan. By the way, we no longer use scaffolding wood for your garden bench or lounge sofa. Even better than impregnated wood or teak is the durable Douglas fir, which is very suitable for a wooden lounge set and has a much longer lifespan. Wooden lounge benches are assembled in our workshop and we make your garden bench to measure, plank by plank. The advantage is that you can also determine the ideal dimensions for your garden. Do you want a douglas scaffolding wood corner sofa or would you prefer a straight lounge sofa? You will definitely find the garden lounge sofa of your dreams in our range of lounge sofas. Furniture with the right number of seats for under your canopy. A piece of furniture with armrests or without. We make it.

    Douglas wooden outdoor lounge sofa

    Our wooden lounge sofas are from our own brand DroomHout. High-quality lounge sofas that we make ourselves using traditional methods in our own DroomHout factory in Utrecht and deliver them to your home. These lounge sofas are made of sustainable Douglas fir wood and come with nice thick lounge cushions in light gray with a linen look. These Douglas fir planks have a light wood color upon delivery. Over time they slowly change color to light silver-gray. A kind of natural greywash. This discoloration of Douglas fir wood lasts about a year if your lounge sofa is left outside in all weather conditions. If your garden lounge sofa is under a roof or on a veranda, the aging process will take a little longer. Many people find this light gray color very natural and therefore fits very nicely in the garden or on the terrace. So if you quickly want this beautiful gray color for your garden sofa or lounge set, it is advisable to place your new lounge sofa open and exposed immediately after delivery so that the weather elements have free rein and the sun and wind can reach it properly. The Douglas fir planks of a wooden DroomHout lounge sofa are approximately 20 cm wide and approximately 36 mm thick. They are sanded nice and smooth and are screwed with first-class stainless steel screw material. This means that your Douglas lounge sofa will last a long time outdoors, up to 10 - 20 years. It is best not to cover your wooden lounge sofa with a tarpaulin or cover. It is the wind and sun that keep your lounge sofa in the garden nice and dry all year round. Our own collection of lounge sofas consists of the Montecastelli series and the Siena series. Lounge sofa Montecastelli is a minimalist high-end design. Super sleek, generous seating comfort and yet compact. Popular in this series is the attractively priced Montecastelli corner sofa lounge offer. Lounge sofa Siena has side rests, a seat that extends into the corner and sits a little higher. Popular in this series is the also attractively priced lounge offer Siena lounge sofa .

    Wooden lounge sofa - lounge sofa douglas scaffolding wood Montecastelli - by DroomHout

    Wooden lounge sofa for the garden

    Wooden lounge benches for your garden are completely hip and sustainable. We no longer use unnecessary aluminum or other materials. Only beautiful natural materials that combine beautifully with your other garden furniture in your garden. A graywash is therefore not necessary because the white Douglas wood naturally discolors to a beautiful shade of gray. Did you know that you can leave your wooden garden bench, your scaffolding wood lounge set and other garden furniture outside in the garden all year round? It is an ideal product to leave outside without a cover. Whether you have a garden lounge sofa made of scaffolding wood or impregnated wood, it doesn't matter. If wooden garden furniture is left open and exposed in the wind and weather, the air can reach it well and it dries quickly after a shower. And the Douglas scaffolding wood ultimately remains drier, which is good for a long lifespan.

    Maintenance wooden lounge sofa

    Wooden lounge sofa - lounge set douglas by DroomHout

    And the maintenance of a garden lounge sofa? So that's very simple. Even if your garden furniture is in a dark corner, it is better not to cover the wood. Simply leave it alone and clean the product as desired in the spring. This can be done by wiping the planks of your lounge set with soapy water and a sponge or very carefully with a high-pressure cleaner. Make sure that you keep sufficient distance, otherwise the structure of the wood will change and it will no longer be as colourfast and it will also lose its gray tint. Our Douglas garden furniture is all made of durable Douglas scaffolding planks with stainless steel screws. These are wooden products that are specially made to be placed outside in the garden. Ideal, right? If it rains for a long time, put the cushions of your lounge set indoors. This is also better for the wood. And if, unexpectedly, some of the wood from your lounge set becomes loose, you can usually simply screw it back together again. Because it does not contain an aluminum steel frame or the like, it is furniture for your garden that you do not have to worry about.

    Wood types lounge sofa

    Wooden lounge sofa - douglas lounge set offer by DroomHout

    The wood used for your lounge set is often teak or other hardwood. Or made of wicker or other material. But because we at DroomHout love sustainability, we prefer not to use wood that comes from distant countries. We usually obtain all the wood in our range from the north of Europe, where a lot of Douglas fir grows and a lot of additional plants are planted. Sustainable forest management. This wood lasts a long time (did you know that Douglas fir in your garden lasts almost as long as teak?) and has a low footprint. Furniture that is good for your garden and good for the world.

    Lounge sofa cushions

    The cushions of your lounge sofa are made of a special outdoor fabric. The fabric is often stronger than indoor fabric because it must be able to withstand rough scaffolding planks or a loose screw on your garden bench. It is also a fabric that has a high color fastness and can withstand a blow. The lounge cushion product actually consists of lounge cushions that can be left outside all year round, but can be brought indoors during prolonged bad weather or in winter.

    Advantages of a wooden lounge sofa in the garden

    Wooden lounge sofa - lounge corner sofa douglas scaffolding wood for the garden - garden furniture by DroomHout

    The advantages of a wooden lounge sofa in your garden are mainly the sustainable and natural character of your garden sofa. A lounge set made of Douglas scaffolding planks simply ages beautifully and it 'blends' beautifully with all the greenery in your garden. And the price is often friendlier than a more expensive fabric lounge set. Just a normal price for a super cool sofa or corner lounge sofa.

    Disadvantages of wooden lounge sofa

    There are also disadvantages. For example, there may be some green deposits on your lounge set after the winter. You can easily remove that green from your wood, perhaps even easier than from an aluminum steel frame or wicker. If you have your lounge set in a corner of your garden or close to a hedge, the risk is somewhat greater. But it does not have much effect on the wood and/or its lifespan. And of course you can only make a straight lounge sofa or a lounge set for a corner with wood. But going around becomes challenging :-)

    Lounge sofas and lounge sets made of 'all-weather' fabric

    Wooden lounge sofa - Vetsak beanbag by DroomHout

    Because when we talk about lounge sofas made of fabric, we are of course talking about all-weather fabric. DroomHout sells the entire lounge collection and the lounge range of the Vetsak and Bubalou brands. What both of these brands have in common is that they make lounge sofas that are completely made of fabric on the outside. There is of course a frame on the inside of the corner or sofa, but you cannot see that from the outside. All-weather lounge sofas are made of a lounge fabric that can withstand rain, weather and wind. These lounge sofas can therefore be left outside all year round, just like the wooden lounge sofas. But while wooden lounge sofas require you to bring the lounge cushions inside when it rains, you do not have to do this with all-weather lounge sofas. The big advantage of an all-weather lounge sofa is that you can always sit directly without having to drag around lounge cushions. Nowadays, the fabric of an outdoor sofa is so beautiful that your outdoor lounge sofa is almost indistinguishable from an indoor lounge sofa. We call that the inside-outside feeling. We will discuss both brands Vetsak and Bubalou in more detail.

    Wooden lounge sofa - combination with Vetsak sofa - Vetsak lounge sofas by DroomHout

    Vetsak lounge sofas

    DroomHout is an official Vetsak reseller and this means that we can supply all lounge sofas from the Vetsak brand to you. At Vetsak this is called a lounge sofa. In addition to the outdoor lounge sofas, we also sell the indoor lounge sofas, but that's completely aside. The Vetsak outdoor lounge sofa is available in 4 trendy colours: cream, stone, gray and terracotta. Super cool colors that are either natural in nature or with which you can contrast nicely. A Vetsak lounge sofa actually consists of only 3 parts: the side (105 x 31.5 cm), a medium module (105 x 84 cm) and/or a large module (105 x 105 cm). With these 3 elements you can build any conceivable Vetsak lounge sofa and create exactly the number of seats you need. A fantastically simple product with which you can vary endlessly. Can be completed with the beautiful Vetsak bean bags and a cool outdoor rug of course. And if you want something different after a year, you can simply convert your Vetsak lounge sofa into a different setup. In our design studio you can, in addition to trying them out, also see all the color samples in real life. This way you can easily choose the sofa of your dreams.

    Bubalou lounge sofas

    Wooden lounge sofa - Bubalou lounge sofa - lounge sofas Bubalou by DroomHout

    We also sell all Bubalou lounge sofas. At Bubalou there are roughly 3 main collections when it comes to lounge sofas: the Icon lounge sets, the Chill lounge sets and the Luxury lounge sets. The Icon lounge set is the very successful lounge sofa that Bubalou once made a breakthrough with. The Chill lounge sets are very similar, but have high side rails instead of low side rails. The Luxury lounge sets excel through generous seating comfort in combination with plenty of included lounge cushions. There is a wide choice of colors and fabrics for all three types of lounge sets. You can watch them all live in our design studio. Bubalou also makes Petit sofas, Trend sofas, Roundabout sofas and the famous Bub bean bags. These are all lounge solutions that can sit or lie outside all year round. You can also buy Bubalou lounge sofas at DroomHout, ask about our special promotions.

    Delivery lounge sets throughout the Netherlands

    We also arrange the delivery of your garden bench. We will deliver your sofa or corner neatly to the garden. This must of course be accessible. And all for a normal price because delivery is included in the price. You even get an extra 10% collection discount on garden furniture that is collected. Cool, right?

    Wooden lounge sofa Siena - wooden lounge sofas by DroomHout
    Wooden lounge sofa - Bubalou lounge sofa - wood lounge sofas by DroomHout