Dining room chairs

    Super beautiful dining room chairs for your table, you can find them here. Whether you are looking for a dining room chair with armrests or without, or a dining room bench. We have selected the most beautiful chairs and sofas for you below. Shop the complete collection of dining room chairs from Mobitec, Zuiver, Dutchbone, DREAUM and Tower Living.

    Which dining room chairs are comfortable?

    Dining room chairs from DroomHout

    We get this question regularly. In addition to our top collection of wooden dining tables , we also sell our beautiful collection of dining room chairs online. But luckily we also have a physical store where you can try out many of the dining room chairs live. That is important because a good chair must first and foremost be comfortable. In fact, we often see very trendy dining room chairs that look super fancy. But if the seating comfort is poor, we will not include them in the collection. A chair must be comfortable, that is the basis. And to let you experience this, we have dozens of chair models ready for you in our design studio. So come and try it out and convince yourself.

    Where to buy dining room chairs?

    DroomHout sells beautiful luxury wooden dining tables. And for us the answer to that question is crystal clear. You prefer to buy your dining room chairs where you also buy your dining table. Chairs and tables are inextricably linked. It is extremely important not only to have the right height dining table. But especially that your dining room chair fits well. Nothing is more annoying than a chair that is too high. Even worse is a dining room chair that is too low. You really want to avoid that by doing a trial run. With us you can try out chairs in our design studio before you buy them. And you can also immediately see whether the armrests fit under the table. Very important when putting together your ideal dining room set. And did you know that more luxurious dining room chairs are now increasingly used in office settings for a conference table ?

    Dining room chairs with armrests or without

    We also get that question a lot. Which chair is most comfortable? First of all, that is very personal. Some people like a firm, active seat. Where the other prefers to sink back into soft plush. And the armrest of your dining room chair plays an important role in this. Dining room chairs without armrests are somewhat slimmer and narrower than dining room chairs with armrests. They are often purchased by people with less space. Without an armrest, you can simply fit more chairs at your dining table. But also the ease of getting in and out. With a chair without armrests you can easily slide in from the side. Handy if you don't have too much space behind your chair so that your chair cannot slide too far back. Dining room chairs with armrests offer more support and comfort. They are mainly purchased by people who enjoy long tables or who also use their chair for working from home. Then that extra support provides a comfortable feeling.

    How long do dining room chairs last?

    Good question too. And of course the answer mainly depends on the brand of chair. For example, we sell very trendy dining room chairs from the brands Zuiver and Dutchbone, for example. Both very current and the quality is excellent. We see that many of our customers use these chairs for between 5 and 7 years. Not that they are 'used up', but then most people are ready for a change and want different chairs in their interior. That's how it goes. Dining room chairs from Zuiver and Dutchbone are an excellent choice because they are not too expensive and you can easily resell and replace them. They certainly won't run out after those 5 to 7 years. We have customers who have used it for more than 10 years without any problems. But if you are really looking for a dining room chair that will last a lifetime, the Mobitec brand, for example, offers exactly what you are looking for. Lots of choice so you can customize your chair to your own taste. But also super high quality. Mobitec chairs are dining room chairs that can easily last 20 to 30 years. They are not only of timeless beauty, but belong to the absolute top class when it comes to dining room chairs. They can easily compete with the very best dining room chairs on the market, but are usually slightly cheaper, so a very nice price/quality combination.

    How wide are dining room chairs?

    Of course, not one chair is the same. But as a guideline you can assume that a chair without armrests will be on average around 50 cm wide. A dining room chair with armrests usually measures approximately 60 cm wide. Now you may be thinking, why do I need to know that? This is of course super useful if you want to determine the required size of your dining table. Or, if you already have your dining table, how many chairs will fit at your table. It is important to know the space between the table legs. This ultimately determines how many dining room chairs can be placed at your table. You can read all about it in the article " How many chairs fit at my dining table? "

    Dining room chairs - what should I pay attention to?

    Buying a good dining room chair is a bit personal. Some people like to buy a cool designer chair that makes a statement in the room. The other just wants to sit comfortably. So many people, so many wishes. But what should you pay attention to when buying your dining room chairs? These are the things we pay attention to:
    1) How does a dining room chair sit? Not number one for nothing. Above all, a chair should be very comfortable. That's the basics. So it is useful that you can try some chairs live, like at DroomHout. We have various chairs for you that we are very satisfied with. And we know that they are simply wonderful. Come try it out, we will surprise you.
    2) What is the feeling of a dining room chair? A chair should feel nice and solid and fit well in the hand. For example, try moving a dining room chair. If it's easy, you'll soon have fun doing it at home. But is that very difficult and does it require two hands? Then that might irritate you over time. But also look at how the dining room chair is made. What impression do you get from the material and finish? Do the stitching look good?
    3) Finally, there are the 'hard specs' of a dining room chair . What is the value of the well-known Martindale test? The higher this value, the more durable the fabric is. Or, for example, what is the percentage of cotton in a fabric? An all-cotton fabric may seem nice, but with a little bit of polyester added, your dining room chair will be stronger and your fabric will wrinkle less than 100% cotton. Our chair specialists are happy to advise you.

    Which color dining room chair should I choose?

    Most people simply add 4, 6 or 8 dining room chairs in the same color to a dining table. That is safe, easy and of course also very sleek. But people are increasingly daring to experiment with colors. And then mixing and matching becomes very tempting again. For example, you can give 2 of your 6 dining room chairs an accent color that is reflected elsewhere in the room. But colors that are closer together can also really give your chairs a boost. The well-known 'ton sur ton' principle gives a very rich look and luxurious twist to your dining table. We also sell dining room chairs whose seat and backrest, for example, can have a different color. Or the inside and outside. There are many options in terms of color. With the chair brand Mobitec you can even mix different materials in addition to different colors. And that even in 1 dining room chair. You wouldn't immediately think of a leather seat and a velor backrest, but that combination is really cool. Come take a look at our design studio and get inspired.