So many beautiful lamps together. What luck and what lighting :-) Here you can see our complete collection of lamps from Zuiver and Dutchbone. And even more beautiful things. Shop your floor lamp, hanging lamp or table lamp here. Come and have a look at our showroom in Utrecht. You like to see yourself in good light.

    Lamps from DroomHout

    Lighting should not be missing in a complete interior. Lamps are of course there to provide (extra) light in a room, but they also certainly create atmosphere. We offer you a beautiful collection of hanging lamps and floor lamps from the best brands, such as Zuiver lamps , Dutchbone lamps and Frezoli lamps . ///The living room is a place that exudes warmth, peace and coziness. This is also reflected in your lighting. The first step in choosing the right lamps for the living room is often making a lighting plan.

    Lamps: how do I make a good lighting plan?

    Lamps - Zuiver table lamp - lighting by DroomHout

    Creating a good lighting plan is not difficult if you follow these three steps. The best lighting plan starts with the basics.

    • Step 1 is therefore to make an overview of the room and indicate where you want to place your lamps. Here you determine the number of lamps, the location and for what function you need the lamps. You indicate which lamps you switch on the fixed wall switch in the living room. So the ceiling lamps and spotlights. These are the lamps that illuminate your space in a well-organized manner.

    • Step 2 is the functional lighting. The lamps you need when reading a book or doing some work. Good light is essential here. It is best to choose a table lamp, hanging lamp or an orientable floor lamp. This means that the entire room does not have to be well lit, but only where you need it.

    • Finally, plan step 3: the mood lighting. Mood lamps make your living room cozy and cozy. With mood lighting you can best relax after a long (work) day. Also for an atmospheric evening with your loved one or friends, it is best to choose cozy light. Think of a trendy floor or table lamp next to the sofa and on your cupboard or spotlights. Choose warmer white light for this category of lamps. And preferably also dimmable. Dimmable lamps are still the ultimate atmosphere maker in the home. Therefore, choose lighting that is suitable for dimmable lamps. At DroomHout we sell attractive floor lamps and hanging lamps from the brands Zuiver, Dutchbone and Frezoli.

    Pure lamps

    Lamps - Zuiver hanging lamp - lighting by DroomHout

    Lamps from the Zuiver brand are characterized by a fresh and light style. Zuiver makes lighting that is super hip and trendy. With a Zuiver lamp you create a nice light atmosphere in your home. These lamps also consist of very current and sustainable materials such as wood and metal. The lighting collection is very extensive and there is always a lamp that you like. For us at DroomHout, this is also a pleasant brand to work with because these lamps match well with our collection of dining tables .

    Dutchbone lamps

    The Dutchbone lighting collection, which is a sub brand of Zuiver, is more ethnic and darker in color. Dutchbone lamps often contain darker materials such as black wood, leather and copper. Each one is a very warm lamp for an ultimate bohemian atmosphere in your living room . Just like with the Zuiver lamps, updates are regularly released in the Dutchbone lamp collection. This collection therefore fits very well with our own collection of home furniture, which is also always in development.

    Frezoli lamps

    Lamps from Frezoli Lighting are a category in themselves. We sell the entire Frezoli collection and the top items are also available in our webshop. Characteristic is the use of beautifully colored metals that have been made into lamps in a traditional way. Frezoli lamps are a bit heavier and have a nice industrial look. The long hanging lamps for above your dining table are famous, but at Frezoli also consider lamps for outside in your garden or canopy. All Frezoli lamps are handmade in the Netherlands. We compensate for the slightly longer delivery time by having a stock of the running models Frezoli Bizz and Frezoli Lozz .

    Table lamps

    Hanging lamps from DroomHout - the hanging lamp of your dreams

    Need a table lamp for your desk, dining table, wall cupboard? DroomHoudt has great table lamps of good quality; from minimalist modern to super chic or hip and cool. We've got it! If you like a sleek model with little fuss, the great brand Zuiver has a great lamp for you. Take a look at the Float table lamp from Zuiver . A super unique model. The lamp is almost weightless and both the shade and the base have a slim model. The lamp also resembles a frisbee. It actually looks like it's floating, don't you think? Or how about Smokey hanging lamp? A fantastic lamp that really fits into any interior. The Smokey lamp is carried on a tripod. The name Smokey says it all, this lamp has a misty appearance. The glass bowl is made of a beautiful smoke-colored tinted glass.

    Hanging lamps

    Still looking for a beautiful hanging lamp that fits perfectly in your interior? DroomHout has selected the most beautiful hanging lamps for you. Lamp Float really looks like a Frisbee or a UFO. Do you see it too? Whether you have a small or large dining table, we have a Float hanging lamp in the perfect size for you. This hanging lamp always looks great in the interior. Precisely because it is such a minimalist and simple lamp.

    Lamps with a chic look

    Do you have a more rural interior and are you looking for a matching table lamp? Then you don't have to look any further. DroomHout has selected beautiful chic table lamps for you with a more classic and chic look. Take a look at the AYSA lamp from Dreaum . This beautiful lamp has a classic look. The base of the lamp also makes it a bit retro. Do not you think so? The lamp, in combination with the lampshade, is simply a must-have for your interior! The table lamp is available in 2 colours: black or sand. Whatever color you choose, you can never go wrong with these beautiful basic colors. The inside of the hanging lamps are gold-colored and provide a warm and atmospheric light effect. The base with organic shape and stripes is made of aluminum. The lampshade is made of sturdy and high-quality cotton. Place this cool lamp on your desk, dining table or on the cupboard in the hall. Wherever you place it, the Aysa lamp makes every room just that little bit more cozy!

    Lamps - Zuiver floor lamp - lighting by DroomHout
    Lamps - Zuiver table lamp - lighting by DroomHout
    Lamps for your interior - table lamps by DroomHout