Are you looking for a new rug? Then from now on you don't have to look any further, because at DroomHout we offer rugs in all shapes and sizes. Here you will find the most beautiful rugs from the trendy brands Zuiver, Dutchbone and our own brand DREAUM. We have selected rugs with the nicest prints and designs for you.

    Rugs from DroomHout

    The rugs at DroomHout are very diverse, you will always find a rug that suits you and your interior. There is plenty of choice between rectangular and round rugs and there is even a very playful other shape that fits perfectly on your herringbone floor: the Harmony rug . The print and shape give this rug a 3D effect. Do you want a rug made of wool, rayon, polyamide, cotton, viscose, polyester or jute? Are you looking for an anti-allergenic rug, with anti-slip, suitable for underfloor heating, high pile, low pile, with or without fringes, under your dining table , in your sitting area or reading corner?

    Rectangular rugs

    Rug Pure Bliss

    A rug with a rectangular shape is the most popular shape. Not surprising, because this shape can be combined well with a rectangular dining table or in a sitting area with a sofa, a corner sofa and round coffee tables. Do you want to add something more organic, soft and round, but is a rectangular rug more practical in your interior? There are now many rugs with round lines in the pattern. The Bliss rug is our favorite, with different weaving techniques and in 2 calm color combinations. The rectangular Hilton and Dream rugs also have round geometric shapes in the pattern.

    Round rugs

    Round rugs... we love them! A round rug breaks the standard shapes of straight lines in your home. Make your reading nook its own place by placing a round rug such as the Bodega rug . The rug is available in hip green and Delft blue, in a crazy pattern, we can't choose, both are completely stylish. In your sitting area, a large round rug provides a nice delineation and just a little more walking space because the corners are rounded. Slide the rug a bit under your sofa for a playful effect. You also have that extra walking space with a round dining table and below a round rug, such as the Pix rug . Handmade and based on Indian styles and colors. The hand-knotted look and tassels on the edges make it extra cheerful! The size of a round rug varies from a diameter of 170 cm to even 280 cm, so round rugs can be placed anywhere. The size of a round rug varies from a diameter of 170 cm to even 280 cm, so round rugs can be placed anywhere.

    Rugs in neutral tones

    Do you like calm colors in your home and are you therefore looking for a rug consisting of neutral tones? Droomhout offers beige rugs, cream-colored rugs, gray rugs and other rugs in neutral tones. We are sure there is one that fits beautifully in your interior! For example, take a look at the Shore rug from Zuiver. Available in the colors Moss & Sand. Relax and imagine yourself on the beach with these soft sand colors. Wonderful, right?

    Another beautiful one: Rise rug , again from the beautiful brand Zuiver. A beautiful mixed gray color. As soon as you look close, you see the contrast. The contract is clearly visible through the light background with the dark parts. The rug is finished with a blanket stitch. A coarse stitch, which gives the rug a sturdy, yet calm and neutral appearance.

    Rug with graphic design

    Rugs with a graphic design are also very trendy. And DroomHout has them. Even in multiple sizes. Now I hear you thinking; why choose a rug with graphic design? We know the answer. The graphic prints in various colors give a great dynamic to your interior. And it is also wonderfully playful and colorful. Even if you have an interior with calmer tones, such a graphic rug is great. It really brightens things up. Curious about such a rug? Take a look at the Hilton carpet from Zuiver.

    The multi-colored rug really lives up to its name. You can really create a hotel look with it. The surfaces in the design not only consist of different color schemes but also different heights. Zuiver's designers have pulled out all the tricks.

    A rug from the universe

    Have you ever seen a rug that looks like space? Not? Then take a look at the Solar rug from Zuiver. This is a very special rug. You imagine yourself in space and look from your space capsule at a planet in the universe. Fantasize about rivers and volcanoes in color combinations gray with ocher, pink or terra. The rug is also available in a round version. Combine the two rugs in your living room, for example, by placing the square rug in your sitting area and giving that nice reading corner the round version. This way you create unity and playfulness, especially if you choose two different colors. Have you spaced it yet?

    Outdoor rugs

    Gardens and terraces are becoming more and more like indoors, so an outdoor rug in your garden is a must-have. Zuiver has a complete range of outdoor rugs, which you can leave outside. Under your garden table or lounge set it immediately looks a lot more cozy with a rug. The Ranger rug is a sturdy, sturdy rug, the Crossley rug has a vintage diamond pattern. Round rugs are also available in outdoor shapes, so you can break the straight lines on your patio with the organic shape and you can't choose: the Coventry rug is available in round and rectangular and has a beautiful classic pattern. It's cool to combine a round and rectangular rug with the same pattern in your garden.

    Nice tip outdoor rugs

    And... tip: an outdoor rug can also look great indoors, just look at the Moon outdoor rug , how cool is it in a children's room? Great for bare feet and great for playing with your dolls and Lego. And also easy to keep clean.