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Solid wood kitchen worktops

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The ultimate dream in every kitchen: a solid wooden worktop. You know them, those beautiful pictures of very sleek high-end design kitchens. The most beautiful materials are used and the 'cream on the pudding' is often a kitchen worktop made of a beautiful solid wood. Wood provides warmth in your kitchen. While in most kitchens all colors and components are quite sleek, the use of wood creates fine contrasts that give a rich appearance and are a feast for the eyes.

Wood in my kitchen, is that possible?

Good question, because wood and water naturally have an exciting relationship, right? But the answer is actually very simple. If you take into account the golden basic rule that you do not leave water on your leaf. So after use, simply wipe your countertop with a slightly damp cloth. Then things will just go well for 100 years.

How has my kitchen worktop been treated?

And solid wood works so well in your kitchen because we treat your solid wood kitchen top perfectly with an oil and varnish or just an oil or varnish. We do this in multiple layers at the top and bottom for optimal protection. Whether you choose oil and/or varnish is primarily an optical choice. Some people prefer the fuller, deeper appearance of oil, while others appreciate the matte clear look of lacquer. They also each have their own properties and advantages. If you finish your kitchen worktop with oil, you can easily remove any small scratches or signs of wear over time. And if you choose our strong 2-component paint, you will get those scratches and signs of wear less quickly. You can also treat an oiled leaf with lacquer; the oil can be painted over. Then you have the warm appearance of oil with the protection of a lacquered top. You can also easily finish your kitchen worktop yourself, we understand how much fun that can be and it also saves money on your wallet.

I want to see that

We understand that and that is of course also possible at DroomHout. Our wood factory is located in Utrecht and our design studio is next to it. In the DroomHout design studio we show you all kinds of examples of the things that our factory can make. In addition to tables, bathroom furniture and kitchen fronts, this also includes kitchen worktops made of solid wood . We have beautiful setups that you can view and we are happy to explain how it works. You will also find various examples of wood types and their many finishing options in the design studio. So feel free to visit us if you want to get your bearings and get some good advice while enjoying a good cup of coffee. Here you can read and see what our customers Jade and Tim have purchased from us.

Plan of approach

Once you have decided in which type of wood and finish you want your kitchen worktop, we can get started. Email us your kitchen plans or make a sketch with us live here in the DroomHout design studio. Once we have a good idea of ​​your plans, we will come up with an attractive and concrete price proposal. This way you know in advance exactly where you stand and how long you can expect to receive your new kitchen worktop. We work in our wood factory with a clear weekly schedule that we almost always achieve, so there are no surprises. And if we have to coordinate with the delivery from your kitchen supplier, that is no problem, it works fine in practice.

Do I actually need a kitchen supplier?

Because we are specialists in solid wooden kitchen fronts and worktops, you still need a kitchen supplier to supply you with the cabinets and equipment. Whether it is IKEA or a luxury kitchen specialist store, you can order your kitchen without a worktop at almost all kitchen stores. And if you indicate that you are going to choose solid wood for your worktop, most kitchen stores will have no problem installing that top for you when they install the kitchen. And many people simply do the installation themselves, it is not that complicated and we are happy to give you tips for a good result.

Okay, I'm done, what's the first step?

Super nice if you choose a solid wooden kitchen top from DroomHout. The first step is to share your kitchen plan with us. You can do this using the form below or by sending an email to . You can of course always drop by, by appointment or during our opening hours, you are very welcome in our design studio in Utrecht.
Kitchen top walnut DroomHout design studio

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