You can combine all these washbasins with your custom-made wooden bathroom furniture. We sell ceramic wash basins, solid surface wash basins, metal wash basins and natural stone wash basins. Knowing more? Come take a look at our design studio, we are happy to help you.




    Wash basins for your bathroom furniture by DroomHout

    Are you looking for a wash basin that fits perfectly with your bathroom furniture? At DroomHout you have come to the right place. Because a beautiful custom bathroom furniture also includes a very chic wash basin, right? You can also contact DroomHout for this. In addition to our extensive collection of bathroom furniture, we carry various types of suitable wash basins. We have opted for an authentic, high-quality collection of wash basins that are designed and made in Italy by small factories. So if you choose a washbasin from DroomHout, you can be sure that you are purchasing a beautiful piece of design of very high quality and for a fair price. A sink can be that final touch in your bathroom. Also functional. A storage bowl creates extra storage space in and around your bathroom furniture. Is the bowl of your choice not listed? No problem! There is a good chance that we can purchase it for you at an affordable price. Ask us :-) If you would like to see the complete bathroom furniture overview with washbasin, click here .

    Wash basins in all colours, shapes and sizes

    The ideal wash basin or sink is the icing on the cake in the bathroom! These provide a fresh start to the day. Every day again. Above all, a wash basin must be functional, but it also determines the look & feel of your bathroom. Choose timeless natural stone or classic ceramic, always a nice, solid choice. The white washbasin made of porcelain or ceramic guarantees durability and user-friendliness. In addition to these options, you can also opt for a wash basin or sink in solid surface. This is a composite material that is very strong, making it ideal for the bathroom. In addition, it has hardly any seams and feels very soft. Ideal for keeping clean and a sustainable choice for the long term. A nice additional advantage is that this material is ideal for color. Whatever style you choose, it always fits. Do you want to add color to the bathroom? The matte Victoria Colorline wash basin is completely contemporary. Available in fantastic colors of soft pink, mint green or beige sand. This round wash basin gives your bathroom a contemporary retro touch. Fan of black? A sleek matte black wash basin is also a beautiful combination with oak wood. There are also several options in terms of style. Do you prefer a chic round wash basin, or a rectangular modern version? Or choose a wash basin with rounded corners. A round wash basin provides a classic look, super stylish. Often chosen in ceramic, which makes it immediately functional, like the Luca Venere. The round wash basin gives a nice playful twist and breaks the clean lines in the bathroom. An industrial style bathroom or do you want to play with various types of steel? Then a steel wash basin in gun metal gray or bronze may be a good choice. The steel washbasin Deluxe is super cool and a real eye-catcher. View our wide range of beautiful, high-quality wash basins.

    Wash basins in natural stone, ceramic or solid surface

    Natural stone wash basins are a timeless choice. It also immediately gives character and atmosphere. Consider a fantastic marble bowl, in veined rosé. This immediately gives your bathroom a hotel chic look. Looking for a serene spa atmosphere? Then a dark natural stone is a wonderful option. The rectangular nature box wash basin has a luxurious zen appearance thanks to the choice of dark natural stone. The choices in natural stone are endless. Also a great option is the round Marmo wash basin . Available in a sleek black version with white veins or white with a light gray hint. A beautiful luxurious touch, style it with a gold tap and you step into your own hotel bathroom. Whether your preference is marble or matte natural stone. Matching various natural materials in the bathroom immediately creates the ultimate relaxing environment. By working with materials such as natural stone and wood in the bathroom, you can relax in your own spa every day. Ceramic wash basins are always a good choice year after year. The material stands for durability and is very easy to maintain. Do you prefer ceramics but want something slightly different? The Pure ceramic wash basin has a natural organic shape. And with that a unique character. It gives a stylish touch to a beautiful, sleek wooden bathroom furniture.

    Washbasin with matching built-in or surface-mounted washbasin tap

    A wash basin requires a suitable tap. Various options are possible depending on the design of the wash basin. For example, you can choose a built-in tap, which comes directly from the wall above the sink. Because everything is neatly concealed, it gives a nice, calm appearance. And of course it is easy to maintain. Another option is a raised sink tap. Also called surface-mounted crane. Easy to install and repair and your sink can remain in place. You can choose these to suit your height and they come neatly above the bowl. Curious, a nice option is, for example, the Pure raised washbasin tap. Immediately choose a matching click waste plug to complete it. Would you like to come and watch it live? You are very welcome in our design studio in Utrecht!

    Frequently asked questions regarding wash basins (FAQ)

    What types of washbasins do you offer?

    We offer a very wide range of washbasins, allowing you to personalize your bathroom furniture down to the last detail. Should we not be able to supply the washbasin you are looking for on your custom-made wooden bathroom furniture? then we always offer the option of delivering these ourselves. We will then make it completely suitable for your dream bathroom furniture.

    How do I maintain my bathroom furniture with sink?

    To keep your bathroom furniture with sink beautiful, you can regularly clean it with mild soap and/or water. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasives. Depending on the materials chosen, we can provide specific maintenance instructions.

    Are custom options available?
    DroomHout specializes in custom-made bathroom furniture, making a tailor-made approach possible. We can make your bathroom furniture perfectly fit for the washbasin you have chosen, which suits your specific requirements and preferences.