Tower Living is a cool brand for beautiful industrial chairs and sofas. But don't forget the wooden dining tables from Tower Living either. A very nice collection that you can shop at DroomHout.

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Tower Living by DroomHout


    Tower Living - interior design

    Barstool Tower Living Ferro DroomWood

    Have you ever thought about rural living? Or living with an industrial touch, without it feeling cold and chilly. Tower Living is a trusted name in the furniture industry. And that has been the case for more than 25 years with an enormous collection. Rural, but also sturdy and industrial. Always surprising. Tower Living is the trendsetting partner for furniture stores, purchasing organizations and project partners in Europe, but also far beyond. The Tower Living collection is one of the largest in the Netherlands. Tower Living also carries an incredibly cool collection of more than 30 complete living programs. Vary yourself with countless table and cabinet collections and more than 125 different models of dining room chairs . And DroomHout supplies them all. With approximately 160 color and fabric options! In addition to rural and industrial, you can also go to Tower Living for some classics. Or more contemporary, sleek and functional. So there is something for everyone. A piece of furniture as an eye-catcher, or a complete interior in one style. Within Tower Living's enormous range of furniture you can combine to your heart's content. The collection from Tower Living's own design team inspires and challenges. Jewels that make everyone go the extra mile in their interior. All this furniture is crafted using traditional methods and is made from sustainable materials. And let's face it. Some pieces look really cool and indestructible! Made for eternity. And often for surprisingly low prices.

    Tower Living, match made in heaven

    If there is one furniture wholesaler in the Netherlands that symbolizes a perfect match between rural and industrial, it is Tower Living! Look, the country interior style has been a favorite for years. The calm appearance, natural elements, colors and materials appeal to many people. Nowadays you increasingly see that this is combined with cool elements. A sturdy wooden dining table , ottoman, stool, cupboard or sofa, for example. Often architectural highlights from a distant industrial past. Do you remember that time when everyone suddenly had to have such a beautiful industrial lamp above the table? Still great by the way. When you think of rural living, you naturally think of a beautiful farmhouse. With views over a relaxing meadow and an interior that mirrors the exterior. Unfortunately, this is not feasible for everyone, but you can easily create this atmosphere in your home. A country interior style immediately gives you a feeling of 'coming home'. Coziness, warmth in a rustic, quiet environment. This style is therefore extra popular. Everyone wants to feel at home in his or her home. Yes, right? But actually such an industrial loft style is also very beautiful. Difficult to make a choice, because you actually want a little bit of both. And how can these different styles be mixed? Does it fit together? Tower Living responds to this with an incredibly extensive collection that continues to surprise. A real 'match made in heaven'!

    Tower Living dining room chair, TV cabinet, display cabinet or coffee table?

    Chair and sofa Seda Tower Living DroomWout

    Every piece of furniture has its own story. A home is much more than a roof over your head. You want to give it your identity. Create a space that radiates your personality. In a specific color setting, full of contrasts or tone-on-tone. With or without many decorative elements. It's your taste after all. And it deserves to be seen! At Tower Living, every piece of furniture has its own story. Stories about origins, the people who make it and the materials used. Sometimes flashy with cool prints, stamping or painted. Another time with lots of detail for structure. Is something rough or does it feel nice and soft? Is it weathered or shiny new. Often it is precisely the contradictions that reinforce each other. Tower Living senses this perfectly and therefore offers 3 lines, each with its own personal interpretation and styling. And always with surprise in mind.

    TOFF a surprising collection of furniture

    Tower Living's wide TOFF collection is always in motion. Do you like straight lines or elegant details? Within TOFF, a team of designers designs furniture and complete living programs. The furniture is made using traditional methods. Brushing, staining, patinating and the finishing process. Much is still done by hand. The TOFF collection is built around four different styles: Romantic & Rural, Cool & Industrial, Stylish & Classic and Contemporary & Functional.

    RENEW a mix of creativity and quality

    The possibilities with RENEW for personal styling are unprecedented. Many pieces of furniture appear to have been cast on a film set in a Central or South American country. The tropical Far East could also be possible. A lot of tactility in her performance, so how does it feel? Cold, warm, rough or cuddly soft. RENEW has it all! And you could write a film fragment for each piece of furniture. With some combinations, even an entire feature film!

    SIDD for personal styling is unprecedented

    Get to know SIDD. This is the label for Tower Living seating furniture. With SIDD you can vary endlessly, and sit! Chairs, sofas, stools, sofas andbar stools . You can't think of anything crazy, but Tower Living has it. With or without armrest. Countless fabrics and colors, and also the choice in which color you want the chair leg! Relax in such a comfortable chair. Oh, and is your house rural, sleek or romantic, vintage or classic? The sophisticated natural materials and colors of SIDD furniture feel at home anywhere.

    Be inspired in Utrecht

    Purchasing new furniture is quite a task. Many people also have difficulty choosing. The offer is enormous. The thought is often: does that suit my furnishings? It's generally not something you do every year. And looking at furniture 'online' doesn't solve everything either. Because how does that chair actually fit? You can taste and try Tower Living in the beautiful DroomHout showroom in Utrecht. In fact, there is no better place for Tower Living. Because it is located in a rural area, a showroom with a lot of wood and a beautiful old industrial building with a story (the DroomHout factory) right next to it! Come to DroomHout Utrecht. There you will see sturdy Tower Living products illuminated with industrial lamps , robust coffee and strict advice.

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