Round dining tables are completely 'hip and happening'. We sell beautiful round dining tables from the brands DREAUM, Mobitec, Zuiver, Dutchbone and Keijser & Co. You will find the round dining table of your dreams here. Or else we will lovingly create a custom round dining table for you.

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Round dining tables


    Round dining tables from DroomHout

    Ha, do you love dining tables as much as we do? We completely understand that. Here at DroomHout we have been table makers through and through since 2008. We have our DroomHout wood factory in Utrecht, where our team of furniture makers makes the most beautiful tables for you. With great pleasure and, above all, passion, that makes the difference, and we would like to explain that to you. The round dining table is a true classic. Beautiful because of its round shape and practical because it takes up less space than a rectangular one. The round table is a playful addition to any interior.

    Wooden round dining tables

    Round dining table solid wood - by DroomHout

    A wooden round dining table looks great in different interior styles. If you prefer a Scandinavian interior , choose a light oak round dining table with slender legs. More of a fan of the rural living style? Then go for a table made of solid oak in a dark shade. Whatever your living style, round dining tables look great in everyone's interior. Wooden dining tables immediately give your space a warm feeling and invite you to enjoy long evenings at the kitchen table.

    Round dining tables with chairs

    Cozy long dining is ideal at a round dining table. You sit together in a circle at the table and easily make contact with everyone at the table. This is different with a rectangular wooden dining table. How many chairs fit on your round dining table depends on its diameter. Depending on the size, five to ten people can fit at the table. If you choose a tripod, you will have more than enough space to stretch your legs. Very tasty when you sit at the table for a long time. At DroomHout, in addition to round dining tables, wooden conference tables and square dining tables, we also sell the nicest dining room chairs. We carry the brands Mobitec , Zuiver , Dutchbone and Tower Living , among others. A classic is the Zuiver Ridge Rib chair . Available in different colors so you can mix and match.

    Unique round dining tables

    In addition to tables from well-known brands, we also sell the most beautiful wooden round dining tables from our own factory. These exclusive designs are from our own DroomHout brand. These round dining tables from our collection have been designed and put together with love. A highlight from our collection is the oak DroomHout Forcina . Because we make the tables by hand in our own factory, we are able to tailor the table completely to your wishes and needs. A custom round wooden dining table. For example, do you want a different color top or base under your round table? No problem. We can adjust all tables from the DroomWout collection in length and/or shape. There is always a wooden round dining table that suits you. How cool is that!

    Round dining table made of solid wood

    Round dining table solid wood - by DroomHout
    Our expertise lies in the field of solid wood dining tables. We make them the most beautiful. Even more beautiful than anyone else in the Netherlands. Although you wouldn't immediately read that from the relatively competitive prices. You can safely compare a wooden dining table from DroomHout with the most expensive designer table on earth. We dare to make the comparison and are not inferior to it. Did you know that we even make wooden conference tables in various sizes and shapes? A real asset to your office building!

    Quality tables

    Why are the wooden round dining tables from DroomHout so good? Very simple. By doing a few things better and, above all, being very consistent about them. That starts with wood purchasing. We buy well-dried wood for our dining tables from the best suppliers. We then sort out the most beautiful planks ourselves for the production of your table top. We do the entire process ourselves and our inspectors are critical. Only the most beautiful wood is good enough to call itself Dream Wood. In addition to rectangular and square dining tables, we also make your round dining table. Why would you think round? These round dining tables are on the rise because they simply look great in your interior. And give it a playful twist. We will go through all the advantages of your round dining table with you.

    A wooden round dining table is cozy

    Perhaps the most important reason. Because you don't sit right next to each other, you have good eye contact with everyone at the table. It's easier to look at each other and the entire group participates in the conversations. Or when playing a game, everyone can easily reach it. This makes the conversations more central and you can be sure that it will be a pleasant evening. You also have the same effect with an oval dining table .

    Round dining table for small spaces

    Round is the ideal shape for not too large spaces or rooms. There are already small round dining tables from 100 cm or even smaller. That keeps things nice and light. Depending on the size, you can fit 3, 4, 5 or even more chairs on it. Or combine your round table with a dining room bench. This is not done very often, but it looks great. The bench can be placed against the wall and chairs can also be placed around the round table, very nice.

    Extendable round dining table

    Do you want to adjust the size of your round dining table whenever you want? DroomHout recently added a new wooden round dining table to our collection: the Metz from House Nordic . This elegant table is extendable, making it suitable for any dinner or party. An extra panel can easily be placed in the center of the table. This fits seamlessly, as if the table always looked like this! Is the extra space no longer necessary? Then the extra part can easily be stored in the table itself, so that you don't see anything. You no longer rub your neighbor's elbows or have a table leg against your knee. Stylish and practical, that is the Metz. The table has a Scandinavian look and its modest size fits any room. This is a table that fits in any interior for any occasion.

    Round dining table = safe for the kids

    And of course a round dining table is better for the sweet heads of your small children. There are no corners to tape or bump. Ideal in your small kitchen or corner of the dining room. Your round table fits perfectly and there is more walking space so you are less likely to get hurt.

    Round dining table in various models

    Round dining table solid wood - by DroomHout
    Such a nice round dining table, you should actually take a look at it. So come live to our design studio and showroom in Utrecht, where we have various models for you. You can immediately see which dining room chairs match nicely.

    Custom made wooden round dining table

    DroomHout also has your custom round dining table if you can't find what you're looking for anywhere. Because we have our own factory next to the showroom, we can make anything you can imagine. You can even come and watch us make your wooden dining table, cool, right? We have various frames that would fit well under such a custom round dining table. In every conceivable color and from wood to metal. Everything is possible!

    Maintenance of your round dining table

    Our round wooden dining tables are easy to maintain. You will hardly have to worry about anything if you follow our tips for keeping your table beautiful. But in fact it means that our round wooden dining tables require no maintenance. And that is entirely due to the sublime finish. The strong lacquer that we use as a final finish is simply the best finish for your table that exists on earth.

    Round dining tables made in Utrecht

    The DroomHout factory is located in Utrecht. Dozens of dining tables are made by hand here every week. Would you like to admire a table in real life before ordering? Which can! In the adjacent design studio you will find our collection and we are happy to advise you on what is possible. Our professionals are very experienced and work with the most beautiful oak wood. After all, we are not called DroomHout for nothing ;-)Schedule your appointment today or visit us in Utrecht during opening hours.

    Frequently asked questions about round dining room tables (FAQ)

    Which size round dining table should I choose?

    The ideal size depends on the size of your room, the desired number of seats and the intended use. Here is a general guideline:

    Diameter 110 cm: Seats 4-6 people, ideal for small spaces or breakfast corners.
    Diameter 130cm: Seats 6-8 people, suitable for most dining rooms and comfortable for daily use.
    Diameter 150 cm: Seats 8-10 people, ideal for larger families or regular visitors.

    How do I maintain my wooden dining table?

    Easily wipe your wooden round dining table clean with a slightly damp cloth to remove light stains and dust. If necessary, use mild cleaning agents, but avoid aggressive chemicals. For more instructions, read our blog post: maintaining your wooden dining table .

    Can I customize my round dining table?

    Yes. DroomHout offers custom-made round dining tables, made in our own factory next to the showroom. Come by to see how your table is made! Choose from different bases in any color, wood or metal. If you can imagine it, we can make it. Plan your appointment or visit with us in Utrecht during opening hours.

    Can I return my round dining table if I am not satisfied?

    Yes. Droomhout offers an easy 30-day return policy for undamaged tables. Unfortunately, this rule does not apply to custom-made items. We trust that this is understood! Read our returns procedure for more information.

    Round dining table solid wood - by DroomHout