Beautiful dining tables for your living room. With, of course, nice chairs, attractive lamps and a great rug. You can't do this better anywhere than at DroomHout. Also custom-made if you want.

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Living room


    Dining tables and more

    On this page we not only show you all the dining tables we make. We also show you the most important accessories of your dining table. Of course dining table chairs, lamps and your rug. But also think of bar stools and IKEA hacks. And of course a work table or conference table for your office or home office. We will briefly go through them with you.

    Wooden dining tables

    Dining table from DroomHout

    Look, you have to see it this way. In the Netherlands you can buy loads of dining tables that everyone already buys. The well-known designs you see everywhere. But how nice is it to find something special for your dining table. An original dining table that makes you happy every day. Made for you with refined details. But above all, a high-quality dining table that will last 100 years. In that case, shop at DroomHout. We design and make our dining tables ourselves under the brand name DroomHout . In our own factory in Utrecht. These are truly dining tables of the highest quality for a very reasonable price. We dare to say that our dining tables therefore have the best price/quality ratio in the Netherlands. We buy and select our wood ourselves. Often first-class quality oak, but also walnut or other types of wood. We buy or make our table frames ourselves. And we finish our dining tables with the very best protection you could wish for. No more stains or other misery. And in terms of form you always succeed with us. Of course for a regular rectangular dining table. But also consider a round dining table , an oval dining table or even asquare dining table. You don't see that everywhere. And is your shape, type of wood or frame not listed? Then we will simply make a custom dining table for you. In addition to the DREAUM brand, we also sell dining tables from the brands Mobitec, Keijser & Co, Tower Living, Artisan, Dutchbone and Zuiver. And we have extendable dining tables . In short, you are in the right place for your dining table.

    Dining room chairs

    Dining room chairs from Mobitec - Mobitec Moods - by DroomHout

    A top design dining table naturally also includes a very nice set of dining room chairs. The two are inextricably linked. We do not make these dining room chairs ourselves, we have a few interesting partnerships with chair manufacturers. We sell all dining room chairs from the brands Mobitec, Dutchbone, Tower Living and Zuiver. These chair brands all offer a lot of variety so that there is always a chair that you like. What we also look carefully at is how your dining room chair matches your dining table. A frequently asked question is: how many chairs will fit at my table? Or the other way around: how long should my table be so that it can accommodate 6 chairs? In both cases, the answer of course depends entirely on the type of dining room chair and dining table. A chair with armrests is on average wider at approximately 60 cm than a chair without armrests, which is approximately 50 cm wide. The nice thing is: if you buy your dining room chairs and dining table from us, which we make for you ourselves, we can adjust the table exactly to the size of your chairs. We then look at the correct space between the legs of the table so that your chairs always fit properly underneath. Even if you already have existing dining room chairs.


    Our rugs are actually all from the brands Zuiver, Dutchbone and DREAUM, our own brand. A rug is the 'cream on the pudding' for your dining table. It makes your table look even more 'dressed'. In addition, a rug is acoustically very sound. It dampens the sounds in your living or dining room very nicely. And of course such a rug looks great with a dining table and chairs. There are rectangular rugs and round rugs. Which shape suits you best is first and foremost a matter of taste. But logical matches can also be made. For example, a straight rug fits better with a straight dining table. And a round rug looks great with a round dining table. Round rugs, in turn, can also look great next to a sofa, for example. For under the coffee table. And rugs are totally hip. So hip in fact that they are also placed outside. Now, an indoor rug naturally cannot withstand the weather conditions outside very well. And voilá, that's why the outdoor rug was invented. A different category but just as beautiful.


    If you have your dining table on a beautiful rug surrounded by beautiful dining room chairs, there is still one thing that is missing: a lamp above your dining table. A beautiful designer lamp makes your dining room or dining area complete. Our beautiful range of lamps has three brands: Zuiver lamps, Dutchbone lamps and Frezoli lamps. We sell the complete collection of these 3 lamp brands. The Zuiver lamps are quite sleek and modern in style. Zuiver designs very trendy lighting that is nice and light and modern in character. Dutchbone lamps are usually slightly darker, more ethnic in nature. You can also see this in the use of materials and the finish. Finally, the Frezoli lamp is a traditional handmade lamp that provides a more industrial atmosphere. They are beautiful large lamps that really make a statement above your dining table. You can also view these lamps in our design studio.

    Bar stools

    Bar stools - bar stool Pamp Mobitec - by DroomHout

    A bar stool is the ideal chair to choose for your counter or bar. Or at your high dining table, where you also need a bar stool. Bar stools are usually available in two heights: 65 cm and 75 cm seat height. A bar stool of 65 cm high is also called a counter stool. It is the ideal bar stool for your kitchen island or countertop. A bar stool of 75 cm high is also called a barstool. This is the ideal bar stool for a bar. A bar is usually higher than a kitchen island, that's the difference. Of course, there are also height-adjustable bar stools. You can simply adjust the ideal seat height. There are bar stools with backrests and bar stools without backrests. Which one is best for you is also mainly a matter of personal preference. If you want to be able to sit at a bar or counter for a longer period of time, the backrest is often nice and comfortable because it supports your back well. DroomHout sells bar stools from Zuiver, Dutchbone, DREAUM and Mobitec.

    Sheets for IKEA cabinets: the IKEA hack

    IKEA hack SMÅSTAD cupboard DroomWout

    If there is one party on earth that is good at mass-producing trendy cabinets, it is IKEA. Now at DroomHout we also make cabinets ourselves, but they are made of solid wood. We are happy to leave cabinets made of sheet material to someone else. But how cool is it to transform your IKEA furniture into a true designer piece of furniture by adding a beautiful solid wood top? We call that the IKEA hack . A clever trick to turn a boring white cupboard into a beautiful designer cupboard. DroomHout makes tops for basically every IKEA family. You have the BESTÅ top , the STUVA worktop and the SMÅLSTAD worktop . It goes like this. You first buy the desired IKEA storage system at the local IKEA around the corner or online. Then you choose a suitable solid oak top or worktop from us. These IKEA hacks are available in standard thicknesses of 18 and 30 mm. You can choose between a lacquer-treated top or one that you treat yourself. And if your desired size is not included, we will simply make a custom sheet for you. Ask us about the possibilities, we like to think along with you.

    Conference tables

    Some people simply see a conference table as a large dining table. And others think the conference table is a category in itself. In any case, DroomHout is happy to help you buy the most beautiful conference table. The most important starting point for a conference table is often the size or number of chairs that should be around it. We make rectangular conference tables, square conference tables, round conference tables and of course the oval conference table. We have a few top models of conference tables in our standard range, but you can also find your tailor-made conference table with us. Consider the height of a conference table. But also, for example, the sockets and other connections that you want in the magazine. Because we custom-make your conference table for you, anything is possible. Tell us your wishes and we will be happy to work it out with you.

    Conference table oak solid wood DroomHout
    Lamps Frezoli - by DroomHout