We have matching mirrors in our range for our luxurious solid wood bathroom furniture. And of course we can also make custom bathroom mirrors. Choose a beautiful wooden edge in a finish or color of your choice.


Bathroom mirrors


    Bathroom mirrors - choose the perfect bathroom mirror

    Are you going for trendy and round? Or perhaps luxurious and square? Or would an industrial, rectangular mirror fit better above the bathroom furniture? A bathroom mirror gives the ultimate finishing touch to the whole. It is both a functional item and an accessory in the bathroom. With or without lighting and possibly heated? The bathroom mirror sets the mood for your bathroom. But how do you make this choice, what should you pay attention to?

    The perfect match - bathroom mirror in line with the bathroom furniture

    Are you looking for a luxurious, serene atmosphere and do you want unity in your bathroom? At DroomHout you have the option to match your bathroom mirrors to your bathroom furniture. This way you can easily create a beautiful, peaceful whole. We can make the bathroom mirrors for your bathroom in exactly the same types of wood as the bathroom furniture and complete bathroom sets. Curious? Take a look at all the options within our wide range of bathroom furniture . Not only the type of wood but also the finish in terms of lacquer or oil can be completely tailored to your personal taste and style. How beautiful is that? Whether you are looking for a natural look in warm oak, an authentic walnut or a modern finish such as a black oak matt finish, everything is possible.

    Solid oak bathroom mirror Serenity - by DroomHout

    Solid oak in the bathroom

    You can create a sleek and sturdy yet natural look by matching wood with various robust materials. Consider, for example, concrete and metal. Bathroom furniture Serenity is a solid oak bathroom furniture made from the finest quality wood. Is this completely your style? Then we can complete it with a matching bathroom mirror with an oak frame. Available in sizes that fit directly above the furniture. You can also opt for an oak Spa bathroom mirror. This rectangular mirror is made of beautiful, sustainable oak wood from Europe. What makes this mirror special is the extra thick mirror glass of no less than 6 mm. This quality ensures that you will enjoy beautiful clear glass for years to come. The mirror has a sturdy, solid oak frame of 40mm. A very sustainable choice! The choice is endless at DroomHout. If you have a specific wish, we can also make custom bathroom mirrors. You can also determine the color entirely to your own taste. So it's difficult to choose. Choose one of the three standard finishes in warm, clear or white oak.

    Size does matter - round or rectangular bathroom mirror

    Every bathroom is unique. From large rooms with high windows to small alcoves and a dormer window. Is your space limited? Then the bathroom mirror is the perfect opportunity to visually enlarge the space. Round and oval mirrors have been extremely popular in recent years and for good reason! If you choose a round or oval mirror, it will make the room appear larger. You can break the linearity perfectly with a round mirror. This immediately gives a quirky and playful effect. The Circle mirror with lighting is available in matte black or brushed gold. Completely contemporary! This way you can match the mirror with, for example, a matte black sink or brushed brass taps. Bathroom mirror Soap with lighting is a perfect match with brushed gold, for example, due to its neutral appearance. For a unique, luxurious look and feel.

    Bathroom mirror Soap rectangular with lighting - by DroomHout

    Hotel chic bathroom - bathroom mirrors with dimmable lighting

    Bathroom mirrors with lighting for the ultimate hotel chic bathroom. There is nothing better than having a wonderful bathroom at home that gives you the feeling of staying in a chic hotel. The trend of 'hotel chic' has now found its way into the bathroom world. You can fully implement this feeling with timeless and luxurious finishing touches. Think of gold accents, marble details or modern accessories. A fantastic eye-catcher is an example of a bathroom mirror with lighting. You can switch the lighting on and off using a touch screen button. Start your day fresh with the all-round lighting for an optimal effect for the face. End of day and ready for a zen moment? Dim the lighting and relax in the bath with a good book or enjoy a soothing shower! This way you can create a wonderful spa moment in your own bathroom. Both the Circle and the Soap have 3 lighting options for the desired atmosphere. Choose white light, white dimmed light and warm light. Lighting to suit every mood and atmosphere.

    LED Sustainable - bathroom mirrors with lighting

    In addition to being practical, bathroom lighting is a very sustainable choice. The LED lighting provides an environmentally friendly choice in the bathroom. Want to quickly brush your teeth, shave or comb through your hair? Then the bathroom mirror lighting is more than sufficient. This way you can easily save energy every day! If you opt for a round bathroom mirror with lighting, go for the Circle. If you prefer a rectangular shape, then the Soap is the perfect choice!

    Cristal Clear - bathroom mirrors with heating

    Keep your bathroom mirrors creakingly clear by choosing a bathroom mirror with heating. Besides the fact that it is super practical, this again gives an extra luxurious touch to the whole. Thanks to the heating, fogged up mirrors are a thing of the past. Bathroom mirror Pure is a sleek, modern version of bathroom mirrors with heating. This can be perfectly combined with the Pure collection of bathroom furniture. If you have an industrial style bathroom, the Pure is the perfect choice. The Circle and Soap bathroom mirrors both also have the heating option. Want to see all options again? Then view the complete overview of bathroom mirrors here!

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What types of bathroom mirrors do you offer?

    Droomhout offers a varied selection of mirrors to suit different styles and functional needs of your bathroom. Consider round and rectangular mirrors with and without lighting / heating. To complete your mirror, we also offer the mirrors with a wooden frame. Matching the bathroom set.

    Can I adjust a mirror to my bathroom furniture?

    Yes, DroomHout offers the option to adapt mirrors to your bathroom furniture. This also applies to the wood type and finish, to create a cohesive look in your bathroom.

    What are the advantages of a bathroom mirror with heating?

    A bathroom mirror with heating ensures that the mirror remains free of mist after a hot shower, giving your bathroom a luxurious look and you always have a good view.

    How do I choose the right size and shape for my mirror?

    The choice depends on the size and style of your bathroom. Round and oval mirrors can make a room appear larger and add a playful touch, while square or rectangular mirrors are better suited to a more traditional or industrial style.

    Circle bathroom mirror with lighting - by DroomHout