Add atmosphere to your bathroom with wood

Breng sfeer in je badkamer met hout

Almost all interior styles have one thing in common. Wood is used. In Scandinavian interiors you will encounter polished wood, and in a rural interior this is robust untreated wood. Although you mainly encounter wood in living rooms and kitchens, wood is also suitable for the bathroom.

Atmosphere in the bathroom

Most new-build homes have bathrooms with white tiles. This can quickly feel boring and without atmosphere. Do you have white tiles in your bathroom, but it lacks atmosphere? With a bathroom furniture you can create atmosphere in no time. It is an adjustment that you will enjoy for a long time.

Bathroom furniture Soap Choose a wooden bathroom furniture. Wood works well in a bathroom! A bathroom furniture made of oak such as the Soap bathroom furniture creates a warm atmosphere and is also practical. Because the furniture is hung, you have the floor nice and free. The ceramic washbasin top fits perfectly on the wood and its white matches very nicely with the light oak.

You don't have to worry that wood won't stay nice in a bathroom. Our furniture is treated with a super strong matte clear lacquer that ensures that the furniture is well protected against moisture and heat, but also against possible stains from, for example, toothpaste.

Wooden mirrors and accessories

In addition to a wooden bathroom furniture, you can also opt for a wooden mirror. Especially in a bathroom with little color, a wooden mirror is a real eye-catcher. Especially if you choose a solid oak mirror such as the Serenity mirror .

Does the wooden mirror not create enough atmosphere? Then you can also add a wooden wall shelf. A sturdy wall shelf made of solid oak fits very well in a bathroom. You can, for example, hang the shelf above the toilet. This is useful for toilet rolls and toiletries. You can also hang the wall shelf next to the bath. Great for decorative accessories, but also useful for putting down your bath items.

Plachet bathroom furniture Pure Matching the Pure bathroom furniture, there is also a shelf for under your mirror, on which you can place your toothbrush. If you want to go smaller, you can also buy wooden accessories. Think of a wooden toothbrush cup, wooden soap dish or a wooden soap pump. Small details that certainly create atmosphere.

Plants in the bathroom

Bathroom furniture oak oiled In addition to wood, you can enhance the natural atmosphere in the bathroom with beautiful plants . For example, you can place a large plant next to the sink. Or a small plant for the wooden bathroom furniture. A plant in combination with wood gives a sturdy look and is also very attractive at the same time.

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