Dancing on the table? Sven does it on the Big Top table!

Dansen op tafel? Sven flikt het op tafel Big Top!

Keijser&Co Big Top dining table

Dining table Big Top from Keijser&Co - straight model - by DroomHout

Our highly valued customer Sven knew immediately, this Big Top dining table was coming home with us! That turns out to have been a very good choice when you see how well this robust bestseller table fits in his kitchen. It is truly a table that you cannot ignore! Not literally of course, because it can easily fit 6 dining room chairs ! There is plenty of room for cozy dinners! Not only does the table look very sturdy, the thick table top (9cm!) makes the table also super strong and sturdy! An evening of dancing on the table won't hurt with this table ;) What is also very useful with this robust table is the height. It is 78 cm high! This leaves 69 cm left to place your chair. As you can see in the cozy setting of our customer Sven, a chair with armrests fits perfectly under this robust table top. Ideal for long evenings after dinner!

Easy maintenance

Wooden dining table Big Top from Keijser&Co - 045 black stain - by DroomHout

The Big Top table from Keijser&Co is the ultimate table to hang out on for a long time while enjoying a snack and drink. Then sometimes something wants to fall over... oops! But don't be afraid! The robust table is made of the very best oak veneer available. This means that you can easily wipe off the pasta sauce with a cloth without leaving any stains. That's handy too. This wooden dining table can be supplied in 8 veneer colors. This way you can always make the table match your dining room! It is also possible to make the Big Top table in an opaque RAL color! This way you can be sure that you have a unique table in your possession. And how cool is it to have the entire interior match? Or do you want to make the table pop with a contrasting color? Then you can be sure that it will be the eye-catcher of the house.

Dining table black stain

Sven had his table finished with black stain, which gives a nice neutral but sturdy look. The neutral color is ideal if you like to play with your interior and always want to change colors and accessories. The black stained Big Top actually goes with everything.

Keijser&Co showroom Utrecht

Have you become as enthusiastic about Keijser&Co's bestseller Big Top as Sven is? The Big Top is available in 3 different models. These are the round Big Top 3-leg , the round Big Top 4-leg and the round dining table Big Top cross-leg table . In addition to the different models, there are also different sizes available and you can also choose from different colors! It is therefore inevitable that there will be a model that suits your home perfectly! Feel free to come and have a look in our showroom to get inspired while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Wooden dining table Big Top black stain 045 - wooden dining table by DroomHout

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