The best lounge sofa in the Netherlands

De beste loungebank van Nederland

Siena 3-seater This is Mirjam's garden. Her garden has undergone a beautiful metamorphosis this summer and the result provides a breathtaking atmosphere and optimal balance. As one of the eye-catchers and central basic furniture, Mirjam chose the Siena lounge sofa in a spacious 3-seater version. This lounge sofa Siena is one of the top lounge sofas in the Netherlands and was made by DroomHout entirely according to Mirjam's wishes. What makes this Siena lounge sofa so good are the generous seats of up to 12 cm thick, the wide backrest that serves as an integrated coffee table and the very high-quality finish that takes into account all the customer's custom wishes. The finish of this lounge sofa made of first-class scaffolding planks was done in a good exterior paint in the RAL color of your choice for a very good match with the environment.

Mirjam did the styling of this garden all by herself. With her company Mstyling she regularly advises DroomHout customers about the most beautiful interiors and business working environments. Mirjam designed the wooden storage box with integrated stairs herself, a wonderful spot for the last rays of sunshine in her beautiful dream garden. Do you also want the best lounge sofa in the Netherlands in your garden? DroomHout is happy to advise you extensively about the options for customizing this scaffolding wood lounge sofa for you so that you too can enjoy the summer on the best lounge sofa in the Netherlands.

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