Sustainable entrepreneurship with FSC

Duurzaam ondernemen met FSC

DroomHout has carried the FSC quality mark since 2010. FSC, the abbreviation for Forest Stewardship Council, is an international company committed to responsible forest management worldwide. The FSC quality mark shows that the raw materials of certified wood and paper products come from responsibly managed forests, with full attention for the people who depend on the forest. A company that is FSC certified operates in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. DroomHout does this by purchasing the wood exclusively from responsible suppliers, the wood then comes from FSC-certified forests. The FSC logo may only be placed on a product when all links in the supply chain have been certified with the quality mark. With a DroomWout furniture you not only buy a piece of furniture with an unparalleled experience and exclusive appearance, you also buy a piece of furniture with a beautiful sustainable message and a high social character. Doing business according to DroomHout, you are very welcome!

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FSC wood DroomHout

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