Craftsmanship in an Amsterdam garden - the Montecastelli outdoor lounge sofa from DroomHout

Massief duurzaam douglas houten loungebank Montecastelli by DroomHout

Make the outside an extension of the inside with a comfortable luxury garden lounge sofa

During the spring and summer months, outside is the new inside. There's nothing better than relaxing after a long day at work in the evening sun. Or start the day quietly with a newspaper and coffee. Sounds delicious, right? To fully enjoy the outdoors, sitting comfortably is of course a must. We are happy to help you choose the ideal lounge sofa or lounge set. DroomHout has a wide selection of wonderful lounge sofas for every garden. We are happy to make wishes come true with a lot of passion and craftsmanship. Also looking for a custom-made garden lounge sofa? DroomHout likes to make people happy with quality, can we make you happy too? If you want to know more, see here a nice overview of options for indoors and outdoors.

Montecastelli outdoor lounge sofa in the heart of Amsterdam

Wooden garden lounge sofa with footstool Montecastelli by DroomHout
Is comfort important, but does the eye also want something? This is a combination that our customers often look for. This also applies to our customers from the capital. Looking for a beautiful, comfortable lounge set for their lovely garden in the heart of Amsterdam. They chose the spacious 5-seater Montecastelli lounge set . Which fits perfectly, see the result here. The Douglas wood fits perfectly with the tropical plants and characteristic house. This type of wood is ideal for outdoor use. Over time it slowly turns silver-gray. So it actually only gets better with age. In addition to being practical for outdoor use, this choice is also sustainable. With a thickness of 36 mm, this lasts many times longer than standard scaffolding wood types. Chosen for a quiet anthracite base for the lounge cushions, it creates a luxurious appearance. Anthracite gray with wood and green tones forms a serene combination. Where you can relax. And that is exactly the intention. The DroomHout lounge cushions are extra thick and available in 2 colors. An eye-catcher for sure. Practical, comfortable and beautiful to look at. What else do you want. These customers were extremely happy, that's what we do it for!

Enjoy variety with the Montecastelli custom garden lounge set

The great thing about this set is the flexibility. Whether you have a spacious, rectangular garden or a compact roof terrace. This set always fits. In the Amsterdam garden, a conscious choice was made for the corner arrangement with an ottoman. This composition can accommodate up to 5 people, perhaps more! Here we combine a 2-seater sofa with a 3-seater lounge sofa. The 2-seater has a length of 140 cm and the 3-seater has a length of 210 cm. The footstool is loose, so you can slide comfortably here. Use it as a table or relax with your feet up. If this is a bit large, then 2x the 2-seater might fit better. Something for everyone. The standard size of the back cushion is 50 x 70 cm and the seat cushion is 70 x 70 cm. The lounge cushions have a natural linen look. In light gray and anthracite gray. With a seat of 12 cm thick, you can sit comfortably for a while. It is filled with cold foam, so it remains sturdy. So no sitting pit. The back cushions have a soft block filling. This calls for relaxing with a cold drink. You'll get through the summer here. Already have a nice outdoor lounge sofa? You can also order the DroomHout lounge cushions separately from stock.

Practical outdoor lounge sofa in the sun or rain

Naturally, you want to enjoy your garden set for as long as possible. Once this is in place, little is actually needed. The question from our Amsterdam customer was whether we also sell garden covers. Now it is of course a nice idea to protect your beautiful wooden lounge sofa. Are there some rainy days and do you want to leave the lounge cushions behind? Then a protective cover is certainly an option. The cushions can handle small showers just fine. So you don't have to keep dragging the cushions. Is summer really over? Or is there a tropical storm approaching? Then we recommend that you store the cushions dry indoors. This way they stay the best. If you leave them outside, mold can slowly develop on the lounge sofa under the cover. By microcultures that form due to humidity. Of course you want to prevent this, so is summer over? Put away your pillows. You can of course leave the lounge sofas where they are, as they can take a beating. Good to know, the covers can be zipped off. So you throw them straight into the washing machine and they are washable at 30 degrees. Want to sit as comfortably as this customer? We are happy to help you! Also read our blog post: The best lounge sofa in the Netherlands.

Wooden outdoor lounge sofa with ottoman Montecastelli by DroomHout

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