Luxury wooden bathroom furniture 160 cm

Luxe houten badkamermeubel 160 cm

Wendy had been done with her old bathroom furniture for a while. It was ugly, uncomfortable and it didn't feel good. She wanted something new, something that would make her happy every day. They also got a new bathroom and transferring the old one was certainly no longer an option. She took her chance! She had already visited many stores, but she had not yet found anything that met her needs. She wanted furniture that was beautiful, but also practical and durable. She was looking for furniture that matched her bathroom, but also her style. Wendy was a true nature lover, so a luxurious wooden bathroom cabinet was the obvious choice. She loved the warm, soft colors of nature and the peace she experienced with it. She wanted a bathroom furniture that would evoke these feelings. And the furniture had to be long because there was enough space.

Bathroom furniture 160 cm

Bathroom furniture Pure 160 cm

One day Wendy came to us. She checked the extensive category of wooden bathroom furniture and immediately fell for the Pure bathroom furniture. It was a beautiful long bathroom furniture with a solid oak top in the color "white oak". And available in no less than 160 cm with 4 drawers. Wendy immediately fell in love with the furniture. It was exactly what she was looking for: beautiful, practical and durable.

Oak bathroom furniture Pure

The Pure bathroom furniture is made of solid oak. This gives the furniture a warm, natural look. Wendy chose the color white oak, because this color fits perfectly with the many gray tones of the rest of her bathroom. When Wendy touched the Pure bathroom furniture for the first time, she immediately felt the warm, soft wood structure. It was as if she had a piece of nature in her hands. With a length of 160 cm, the size of the furniture was perfectly suited to her large bathroom. The furniture filled up the space nicely and there was enough room for all her bathroom items. Wendy finally had enough room for all her things. She could take her nicest things out of the closet and put them in the furniture. The drawers are equipped with soft-close, so they open and close gently. Wendy heard the drawers open and close softly. She felt relaxed and zen.

Matching bathroom cabinet

An obvious choice was to opt for one of the DroomHout wooden bathroom cabinets . But instead, Wendy opted for beautiful custom planks that matched the "white oak" wooden worktop, which she hung in an existing niche. This niche is a nice place to display her most beautiful things. Wendy has placed a number of plants, candles and photos in it. It gives her bathroom an extra chic look. Wendy enjoys the beautiful things in the niche every day. It makes her feel happy and completely zen. Need any additional tips? Also check out these 8 great tips for the bathroom furniture of your dreams !

Bathroom furniture Pure 160 cm

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