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Beautiful custom work in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

Mooi maatwerk in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid

A thick slice of Iroko hundreds of years old

Custom Iroko tree trunk top table DroomHout For Jesse and Esmée, going to DroomHout was a real surprise. Not realizing that everything they could imagine in wood was actually possible, a beautiful plan was made for their new home. Jesse and Esmée moved into a truly fantastic villa in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid with an unobstructed view of lots of greenery and water. The moment they 'discovered' DroomHout they were actually already in a fairly advanced stage of a huge renovation, but a few important 'dotting the i's' still had to be completed in the form of beautiful custom solid wood tables.

Custom tables with a beautiful story

Iroko table custom-made DroomHout tree trunk top During her many wanderings in search of beautiful materials, Esmée had picked up a hundreds of years old disk of iroko at an auction. Iroko, which vaguely resembles teak, is a beautiful and exotic hardwood species from Africa. The tree from which this slice was once sawn must have been at least hundreds of years old, judging by the many annual rings. Esmée came up with a great plan to give this beautiful 'heirloom of nature' a second life, she decided to have the passionate furniture makers of DroomHout turn it into a comfortable desk. For this purpose, DroomHout chose a three-legged base made of new iroko, which with its sleek shapes forms a well-thought-out contrast with the irregularly shaped 10 cm thick solid top. A finish with natural hard wax oil gives the top a nice warm appearance.

And then there was the kitchen...

There was also an important component missing to complement the hardwood kitchen furniture already present. Oak wood with a natural finish was chosen here in combination with a black spray-painted steel frame. The design was created in close consultation with Jesse and Esmée, and their dream table was realized on paper in various rounds. Together with a matching sofa, this spacious dining table set completes this grandiose kitchen. DroomHout thought it was an honor and pleasure to be the crowning achievement. Also read our blog post: DreamWood at a wedding location .

Custom kitchen table DroomHout

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Beautiful custom work in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid