Beautiful sustainable Dutch Design

Prachtig duurzaam Dutch Design

Coffee table oak Hairpin reclaimed wood This is really what we call DreamWood. The design is of course perfect, but that's not all. This coffee table is also made from reclaimed oak. This oak top is composed of residual parts that we have left over from the production of our other furniture.

Reuse of wood

In the past, we simply threw away the parts we kept. Pellets (those small wood balls for stoves) were made from that, but that was it. Later we also sold our residual wood as firewood, which we still do, but it still doesn't give us such a satisfied feeling. And now we're just turning it into something new. Beautiful reclaimed oak, ultimately sustainable.

Coffee table made of scrap wood

And the quality? That one is just great. To make the top of your coffee table, we glue the beautiful wide continuous parts together, waterproof and under high pressure. We select the wood ourselves, so the 'composition' of the top is beautiful. Finally, we mill a rounding of approximately 25 mm at the corners and finish with a very good matte clear coat. And voilá, Oak Hairpin coffee table is a fact. From now on for sale at DroomHout and customization is also possible.

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