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Residual wood for the Levenskunstbeurs

Resthout voor De Levenskunstbeurs

As a former sheltered workshop, DroomHout has never lost its social character. That is why we are always happy to participate in good social initiatives.

Residual wood Dream Wood Charlotte Verhoeve of De Levenskunstbeurs, below she explains in a short blog post what De Levenskunstbeurs is and how DroomHout contributes to this.

Hello! My name is Charlotte Verhoeve and last August I organized the children's part of the Levenskunstbeurs in Doorn for the first time. The Living Art Fair is a fair that combines enjoyment of life with awareness.

Chair residual wood DroomHout The children's section consists of a workshop program including biodanza, mantra singing, mindfulness and yoga. There is also continuous entertainment with crafts, face painting, mega bubble blowing and carpentry. Koen, who works at an after-school care center, suggested the idea of ​​doing carpentry with the children. I had once gotten wood for my wood stove from the DroomHout wood container. Then I thought to myself that there could be some nice wood in there for carpentry with the children.

The part turned out to be immensely popular! That is why we have included this element at all three fairs this year, which take place throughout the country. It is interesting for all ages and you can make it as easy or difficult as you want. More than 80 children aged from 4 to 14 years have now made chairs, (yoga) stools, tables, boats, boxes, birdhouses and a coat rack. By boys, but especially by a striking number of girls. I love seeing what the children come up with, what creativity! And the good thing is that the first plaster still has to be distributed! On behalf of the organization of the Levenskunstbeurs and the children, we would like to thank DroomHout very much for the hours of carpentry fun we experienced thanks to them.

With kind regards,

Charlotte Verhoeve

Residual wood chair DroomHout

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Residual wood for the Levenskunstbeurs