Round rug in a corner room

Rond vloerkleed in hoekige ruimte

A round rug: out of the box

Rugs are very popular. They give warmth and atmosphere to the room. But what for

Round rug Zuiver Hilton | DreamWood

carpet do you choose? Of course you have a lot of choice: high pile or low pile, modern or vintage, large or small. The shape has now also become an important choice. We are now familiar with the rectangular rugs. But have you ever thought about a round rug? Round shapes make the space playful and less rigid. Break up angular, framed spaces with a round rug. Always choose a large size. This way you can make a rug disappear a bit under the sofa. This makes a room look larger and creates a less cramped effect. By overlapping you create a beautiful whole in your interior

Different styles of round rugs

Round rugs are completely hip. But what is your style? If you choose a round rug, you are a trendsetter, but that's just it about the shape. There are round rugs for every taste.

If you opt for a sleek retro look, the Hilton carpet from Zuiver will be very popular. The Bliss rug also has beautiful sleek shapes but is much calmer in its use of color. A very beautiful rug for a romantic atmosphere. And let's face it, round is soft and soft is even more romantic! For the travelers among us , the Pix rug from Dutchbone is highly recommended. Bring a piece of India into your home with this beautiful round rug. Beautiful colors have been incorporated into this rug and cheerful tassels hang on the edge. A very playful round model. Rugs from grandmother's time are also very popular. The Bodega rug has this classic look!

Combination rectangular table and round rug

A round table naturally looks beautiful on a round rug. It matches so well. But it is not crazy at all to combine rectangular with round. Step out of the box and break the pattern. The room becomes much more lively and cozy. We are used to placing a rectangular table on a rectangular rug to create an island, a framed dining area. With a round rug, it is super fun to place it half under a rectangular dining table . This way you can color outside the lines and connect different parts of the living room with each other. And what do you think of the bedroom? Slide a round rug under one corner of the bed. Voilà, the finishing touch!

Round rug Zuiver Bliss | DreamWood

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  • Chilling

    Bedankt voor jullie goede tip. Dit heeft me enorm geholpen om mijn rechthoekige woonkamer te doorbreken!

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