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Seats2meet 10 years!

Seats2meet 10 jaar!

Time for a party

And a party deserves presents, they thought at Seats2meet, and for that purpose they developed the “Seats2meet Box 10 years!”. This box is composed of products and discount vouchers from inspiring start-ups, movements and companies linked to iPhone stand DroomHout oak S2M, so is DroomHout. Discover tasty and fun items in the themes Food, Future of Work & Serendipity and let yourself be pampered. In any case, the tip of the hat is that the S2M box contains a super cool DroomHout smart phone stand made of beautifully reused solid wood, useful for your smart phone or tablet, for work or for watching a movie. So come to Seats2meet at Utrecht CS on November 27 and get your hands on an exclusive party box!

Serendipity and the haystack

Serendipity is finding something unexpected and useful while looking for something completely different. Serendipity refers to the ability of an alert mind to draw conclusions from coincidences and to actually make discoveries through chance. Personally, I think the best description is that of the American researcher Julius Comroe, who described 'serendipity' graphically as "looking for a needle in a haystack and rolling out with a farm girl." Various well-known products such as Post-it, aspartame and even champagne were discovered by chance and are great examples of serendipity.

DreamWood and serendipity

Seats2meet DroomHout design studio We believe in the power of chance and encounters and facilitate this by offering workspaces in our DroomHout design studio that you can book free of charge via www.seats2meet.com/nl . In those few months we have already met several nice, smart and inspiring people who make entrepreneurship even more fun. Also curious about our S2M workplaces at DroomHout? Be very welcome!

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Seats2meet 10 years!