Solo Gietvloeren chooses DroomHout

Solo Gietvloeren kiest voor DroomHout

Great conference table for Solo Cast Floors

Table Annemarie at Solo Gietvloeren - dining tables by DroomHout

At Solo Gietvloeren they know that a beautiful wooden table is a fantastic addition to your space. Not only because it is a convenient place to eat your lunch, but also because it is a connecting place. A place where you come together for a good conversation or even to hold your meeting. But also to have endless pleasant evenings while enjoying something tasty. The (dining) table quickly becomes the heart of the room. Of course you want the table to be an addition to your interior. Especially when you are here for the necessary hours. Choosing a stylish table is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. Add a beautiful dining room sofa and the picture is complete.

Wooden dining table Annemarie - Stylish and unique

The DroomHout (dining) table Annemarie is an absolute sight to behold. The round shapes invite you to slide your hands over them. The sloping legs provide visual stimulation. A smile is then almost impossible to suppress. Solo Cast Floors knows what is beautiful! They have therefore chosen to place this beautiful table in their showroom. With its sleek lines, sloping shapes, solid oak top and durable finish, this table is not only stylish, but also multifunctional.

Custom conference table as an eye-catcher

Table Annemarie at Solo Gietvloeren - dining tables by DroomHout
'What do you mean, functional?' I hear you think. That is because the Annemarie dining table in this case was not used as a dining table, but as a reception table. Solo Gietvloeren has many customers over. They therefore opted for a real eye-catcher to which they can receive their customers. And let's face it, the Annemarie is a table where you like to have a conversation with a good cup of coffee!
The Annemarie dining table has a minimalist but inviting design and requires no decorations. The legs are an eye-catcher in themselves! The sloping shapes give the otherwise sleek table an organic touch. Using a dining table as a conference table is a great idea, but we also have real conference tables on our website. Feel free to take a look

Wooden dining table for you!

Have you, like Solo Gietvloeren, fallen in love with the Annemarie wooden dining table? We get it! You can come and admire the table at Solo Gietvloeren in Lienden. And you are also welcome in our showroom in Utrecht. Be inspired while enjoying a good cup of Utrecht coffee. The great thing about DroomHout furniture is that we can tailor everything for you. For example, the Annemarie in standard size is available from 200 x 90 cm and we even go up to 360 x 100 cm! This looks particularly nice as a conference table, for example, but also as a reception table as they have done at Solo Gietvloeren. The table is 76 cm high as standard, meaning that almost any dining room chair will fit underneath. But even if you are looking for other dimensions, you have come to the right place. DroomHout makes everything tailor-made for you with love. Truly wood to dream of!

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