Custom table? Go for Danish oval

Tafel op maat? Ga voor Deens ovaal

In a world where personalization and unique designs. Think highly of. Custom-made furniture pieces have become a trend. A recent customer of ours decided to have a table custom made. Made from beautiful 40 mm oak wood. With a 30 degree faceted edge finish and an upcoming Danish oval shape. In this blog post we share the inspiring story of this customer. Including the advantages of choosing a custom-made piece of furniture.

Custom wooden dining table

Our client was a lover of contemporary design. The desire to have a table that would not only make a statement in their interior, but also fit perfectly with their personal taste and lifestyle. They chose oak with a thickness of 40 mm. Because of the natural beauty and durability of the material. In other words, a table that will last for years. To emphasize the natural color of the oak wood. The table is finished in warm oak. A deeper oak color that adds warmth to the interior. In the case of our customer, the warm oak combines perfectly with the warm wooden floor.

Choose a 30 degree facet

But you might say that an oak table in itself is not that exciting. That's where the 30 degree faceted edge finish comes into play. This type of edge finish adds a refined and elegant detail to the design. This subtle slope of the edges creates a light and airy appearance, while at the same time providing a playful contrast to the robustness of the oak. The result is a table that is both contemporary and timeless. A perfect harmony between modern and classic. The quality of 40 mm oak wood is retained. In combination with a slimmer-looking table. A conscious decision was made not to opt for a slimmer-looking rejuvenated edge. A 30 degree faceted edge finish gives a playful nod to the 40 mm thick oak top.

Danish oval dining table

The choice for a Danish oval shape is a bold and trendy step. Danish oval tables are on the rise in the interior design world. Because of their soft and organic shape. They bring a sense of dynamism and movement to the space. Creating an interesting visual element. In addition, a Danish oval table offers more flexibility. When placing chairs. In addition to the aesthetic aspect, choosing a custom-made table also offered practical advantages. The customer was able to fully customize the dimensions to their specific needs and available space. This meant that the table was perfectly tailored and fit seamlessly into their interior, making optimal use of every centimeter.

Why a custom table?

This customer's story illustrates the beauty and benefits of choosing a custom-made piece of furniture. A custom oak table not only offers the opportunity to reflect your own style and taste, but also to integrate functionality and personal needs into the design. The result is a unique piece of furniture that fits perfectly with your interior and lifestyle. So, if you are looking for a statement piece that is both stylish and functional. Then consider investing in a custom-made table like the one from our inspiring customer. So come and visit the showroom quickly. To see what is possible. To realize your dream table.

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