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Custom solid oak conference table

Vergadertafel massief eiken op maat

Meeting table at new location

Meeting table Copenhagen DroomHout ABC Nova is an integrated consultancy firm in the field of spatial and architectural projects. ABC Nova had previously been a customer of DroomHout and when a new location had to be set up in Utrecht, we were again allowed to contribute ideas. This time for a conference table made of solid oak. The idea was to create a kind of large table in the large open space for meetings and flex workers.

Solid oak for optimal natural appearance

The beautiful new building that houses ABC Nova exudes an amazing atmosphere. It is a large open space with a lot of industrial 'sauce' over it. These types of spaces almost beg for custom furniture and that was exactly ABC Nova's wish. A very spacious solid oak conference table was chosen, around which eight generous chairs could be placed comfortably. Cables and network connections also had to be neatly concealed, which we did with a milled stainless steel power strip in the center of the table. For the finish, a beautiful matte clear lacquer was chosen that retains the color of untreated wood, maximum appearance and maximum protection.

Meeting tables and flex desks made of wood

Would you like one of these in your own workplace or office? beautiful conference table or flexible workplace with the warm appearance of natural materials. Then feel free to contact DroomHout. In our design studio in Utrecht we are happy to advise you about the benefits of wood and how to optimally use this sustainable natural product in environments where this type of custom furniture is used intensively. Don't just think about that conference tables but also height-adjustable wooden desks and beautiful matching carpets, chairs and lamps.

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Custom solid oak conference table