Fifty shades of gray - old scaffolding planks!

Vijftig tinten grijs - oude steigerplanken!

How exciting do you want it to be? Buy the most beautiful old scaffolding planks now at DroomHout, located in Utrecht and open no fewer than 6 days a week. We supply your old scaffolding planks completely cut to size. You can provide us with a cutting sheet for this so that the scaffolding planks are ready as soon as you come to pick it up. But usually you can also just wait for it, we will cut the old scaffolding planks to size for you while you enjoy a cup of coffee in our design studio and be inspired by what can be made from old scaffolding wood. Our panels made of real old scaffolding wood are completely hip, these panels can also be completely customized and are often ready quickly. You can easily turn it into a garden table made of scaffolding wood or a desk made of scaffolding wood.

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