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Housing fair 2014 - lots of wood and color

Woonbeurs 2014 - veel hout en kleur

DroomHout visited the most recent edition of the Woonbeurs 2014 held in Amsterdam for you. In this vibrant and inspiring environment it is always fun to see which trends and colors will be popular again in the coming year.

In terms of size, the fair was similar to last year's fair, large in scale and well attended, again with many new designs and sometimes surprising introductions of young designers.


Housing fair 2014 DroomHout What is always nice to see is that wood plays a very important role in interiors. From small accessories to complete walls or floors, wood continues to provide the natural look that provides that little bit 'more' even in the sleekest furnishings.


Housing fair 2014 DroomHout This year the use of color seems to be divided into two main streams. Smooth earthy colors and gray tones that are used very quietly (for example a completely light gray cupboard wall where the accent is on visible items in that cupboard) and on the other hand the use of accent colors in combination with, for example, wood where the use of very powerful, sometimes even neon like colors is not avoided. You will also see this combination of beautiful, naturally finished wood (for example with a matte varnish that preserves the appearance of untreated wood) with colored accents in the DroomHout collection in the near future. We will keep you informed!

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Housing fair 2014 DroomHout

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Housing fair 2014 - lots of wood and color