Looking for a new dream table? And are you unsure about a straight or round dining table? Perhaps you haven't thought about an oval dining table yet! Oval is the new round. And guarantees extra fun. And what about the nice intimate atmosphere in which you can see each other better.

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Oval dining tables


    Oval dining tables from DroomHout

    Unlike round dining tables, an oval dining table is suitable for both square and rectangular spaces. An oval dining table also offers a layout that makes the most of your chairs. Not such a tight row of backrests next to each other! Each chair viewed from a slightly different angle. The oval dining table is back with a vengeance and is a real eye-catcher in any home! A trendsetter too. This model exudes a certain luxury with a timeless design. Certainly as an exciting contrast in the often rectangular rooms of the Netherlands. The beautiful gently sloping oval shape really stands out, together with your dining room chairs. Did you know that an oval table, then and now, is a favorite table during negotiations? Especially if there are multiple parties at the negotiating table. Furthermore, this table shape offers optimum functionality! A dinner soiree or just a game of Monopoly. Have a quick meeting in Teams.Gourmetten with the whole bunch or play cards with the bridge club. Read on to find out why this is really a table for your home.

    The oval dining table, a dream of a table

    Oval dining table solid wood - DroomHout

    The oval dining table has a soft character. Literally and figuratively. This shaped table has no right angles to bump into! This makes the table quickly the favorite spot of everyone in the room. A dinner with family, a board game with the whole family, or just relax with your e-reader or laptop on the table. A newspaper is even better. Furthermore, the oval dining table offers the convenience and carefreeness that everyone can easily walk around it. Wonderful for children to be able to frolic and navigate around it without any hesitation. And if there is an extra guest at the table, no problem to add an extra chair! Even multiple guests are possible. The oval table shapes itself to your group and always creates beautiful table moments. When you order an oval dining table from our dream factory, we will think along with your wishes! Decide for yourself how big your table (your oval) should be. Should it be extra long and less deep? Or not so long but extra deep. What about the finish? A slanted edge or a straight edge? Oak or walnut, or a shade in between? Experience what it's like to design your own table as a designer! How cool is that!

    How many chairs fit around an oval dining table?

    An oval dining table stands alone in the room. Just like the round dining table . Yet it takes up less space. As a rule of thumb, we use a placement of at least 90cm from the wall boundary. This way, someone can still walk behind a chair that has been pushed over. Then it is completely up to you, and your available space, how long the oval dining table should be. Also inquire about the possibilities of an extendable oval dining table! Yes, there are too! Ideal for beautiful cooking and party moments. How many people can I fit at such a table? In length, use approximately 60 cm per person for narrow chairs. Do you have wider chairs with armrests? And do you want some more personal space? Then use about 70 cm per person. With this calculation, about 6-8 people can sit at a table of 200cm or 220cm in length. These are the narrower chairs without armrests. If a table is not too round, even a dining room sofa can be perfectly combined with an oval table. Our design studio has different types of tables in different lengths. The perfect place for you to find out what best suits your situation and wishes. We also sell great dining room chairs , but feel free to bring your own chair. Mix and match and avoid surprises.

    Do you choose a black oval dining table or one made of warm wood?

    Oval dining table solid wood - DroomHout

    Create your own dining table in our dream factory! Because, we know, every interior is different. One likes Bach, the other likes the Rolling Stones! Look, of course we have no influence on this. Happy! What is possible with us? Selecting and putting together your dream table yourself. Choose your own dimensions and appearance. Remember that the shape of oval dining tables can vary greatly. Do you want a gently sloping model with flattened ends (Danish) or a model with round ends? A table made of solid oak, beech or walnut. Rustic or more classic? Wood with steel, surface wax, lacquered or oiled. Everything is possible! And what about the base or the shape and number of legs? We work with standard models, but also with our own designs. Do you want table legs on the border of the top? Or just a bit set back. Thick legs, slender legs, or curved legs. Perhaps made of steel. With multiple color options. Also take into account your floor color and other furnishings and accessories in your home. Our oval dining table nestles like a new jewel in your home.

    Create your custom oval dining table at DroomHout

    So there are many factors that you should take into account when purchasing a new dining table! Do you really have no idea and could use a little help? We think along with you and provide good advice that will be useful to you. We are the specialist in the field of tables. But also moments! A table is the place in the house for any time of the day. Our goal is ultimately to let you shine with your dream table! We supply beautiful brands, but also our own solid wooden tables. Come visit our design studio . This is right next to our dream factory. Be surprised and inspired. The scent of high-quality oak and walnut wood will greet you! Our enthusiastic team is ready to serve you with delicious coffee and a nice, no-obligation conversation. You can try our cool chairs right away! With a chocolate.

    Oval dining table solid wood - DroomHout