Round rugs add a little warmth and playfulness to your interior. Discover the unique round rugs in our range!

Ronde vloerkleden

Round rugs


    If you are looking for a round rug, look no further. We have various round rugs in our range with beautiful designs and from trendy brands such as Dutchbone and Zuiver. View our range of round rugs!  

    Choose a round rug

    Round rugs actually fit into any interior. A round rug is a bit more playful than a rug with right angles, making it a perfect fit for a cheerful and exuberant interior. But round rugs can - although it may sound contradictory - also find a place in a sleek interior. A round rug can be used as a break from all the sleek and straight lines in the room. This often makes the whole feel a little more atmospheric and makes your interior a little more interesting.  

    Our range of round rugs

    In our wide range of rugs you will find round rugs in all kinds of styles. There are differences in terms of shape. Our range consists of rugs that are really round, but also rugs that have round corners, but are not completely round. Our rugs are also available in different sizes, both a small round rug and a large round rug.  

    Most of our round rugs are indoor rugs, but you can also contact us for a round outdoor rug . These rugs have special properties that make them suitable for outdoor, but also indoor use, so that you can benefit from the benefits of these round rugs everywhere.  

    A playful addition to your interior  

    Each round rug has its own unique look, which is largely due to the wide variety of designs. Our round rugs are available in calm designs that fit well in a sleeker interior, for example. A round rug is a nice playful addition, but with a calm design you prevent it from becoming too playful. The more exuberant prints, such as graphic prints and ethnic prints, are ideal for more lively interiors.  

    Buy a round rug at DroomHout

    Have you found the perfect round rug for your room in our range? Then order this from DroomHout and immediately benefit from great benefits. This means we do not have very long delivery times and delivery is free. You can also choose to pick up your order in our showroom in Utrecht. In that case you will receive a 10% collection discount.

    But even if you haven't ordered anything yet, you are very welcome in our showroom. This way you can gain inspiration and we are always there for you if you need help or advice. Come by or order your new round rug online at DroomHout!