A current interior trend is the black dining table. A real eye-catcher that can easily be combined with other living styles. Here you can see all the dining tables that we (also) supply in black.

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Black dining tables


    Black big top table around Keijser & co by DroomHout

    A black table with a round shape

    It is not surprising that many people choose a black dining table for the dining room. Although the color black is quite striking, it still looks very calm. At DroomHout we sell black dining tables from great brands such as Keijser&Co, Zuiver and Dutchbone. The use of round and oval shapes in your interior is, as you may already know, all the rage again. We really love a round dining table. In addition to the other shapes, this dining table shape is also making quite a comeback. You remember the round dining table from the past. Your parents or grandparents' living room probably had a round extendable wooden dining table. You know, one of those that you could extend and then out of nowhere an extra half meter would pop out. We never actually see the extendable one anymore, but the round dining table is the trend again. Rightly so. Because where a square table fits well in a square room, a round dining table does the same. A round dining table breaks up the square lines in your home so nicely. In addition, it is also much more pleasant to sit at a round table: it is nice and cozy and you can easily look at each other. A round dining table is also ideal for smaller spaces. There are already small round dining tables from 100 cm or even smaller. That keeps things nice and light. Depending on the size, you can fit 3, 4, 5 or even more chairs on it. Or combine your round table with a dining room bench. You might not think so, but that can also look really nice. Place the sofa flush against the wall and place some chairs around it.

    Black rectangular dining table storm Zuiver by DroomHout

    How do you style your black dining table?

    You can combine the color black with many other shades. This way you can decorate your table with new accessories in every season. Now comes the big question: what is the best way to style your dining table? Very simple. How about choosing a set of cool chairs? Of course, we leave it entirely up to you which type of dining room chairs that may be. Do you choose neutral brown or gray tones, or do you go a step further by adding ocher yellow dining room chairs, for example? Fortunately, you can go in any direction with a black dining table and you can combine endlessly. So choose what suits your taste. DroomHout has selected the most beautiful, high-quality dining room chairs for you. So whatever dining room chair you choose, you will undoubtedly find it here. How about the famous bucket chair from the trendy Dutch brand Zuiver? Or the Toro chair from the top brand Mobitec? Toro is a chair with style and no fuss, it fits great with a sleek black dining table. The seat and backrest are designed separately. This way you can sit comfortably and the Toro chair also looks airy. Everything has been thought through in the design of the Toro chair. Complete the setting with a striking hanging lamp above the table. For example, choose an airy lamp, one that is not too heavy or too striking. This way it fits perfectly with a striking black dining table. In addition, choose a stylish table runner and finish it off with a beautiful vase of flowers. With the right combinations you can complete your dining room completely. Do you think it will look crazy? The black dining tables from DroomHout are truly works of art for your dining room.

    Robust oak dining table with black stain

    Looking for a round oak table with a black stain? And do you love a nice thick table top? Then the dining tables from Keyser & Co might be something for you. The thick table top of 9 cm gives the table a sturdy and robust appearance. The round shape makes the table a bit softer. A great one available in different sizes. The round table, also called the Big Top. Did you know that Big Top is a very large family of dining tables? Keijser&Co has no fewer than 4 models of Big Tops to choose from. But also in various sizes so that the table always fits in your living room. The Big Top round tripod and the Big Top round cross leg are beautiful round tables, just like the Big Top around 4-legs. There is also a straight variant. That is the Big Top straight model . Actually very easy, the names say it all.

    Black dining tables at DroomHout

    The black dining tables from DroomHout are truly works of art for your dining room. We are sure that there is a black table in the collection that fits perfectly into your interior. Do you go for a round black table with a robust table top and thick legs, or would you prefer a stylish thin table top with slender legs? Whichever table you choose, it will undoubtedly look great in your interior. For example, how do you find the Storm dining table from Zuive r ? Available in the modern color black ash. The legs merge very gradually into the table top. A very special design by Zuiver. What is also ideal about the Storm table is that it offers a lot of practical space. This is due to the thin legs at the corner of your table top. The table is available in sizes 180 x 90 cm and 220 x 90 cm. The table is a real eye-catcher, which looks very spacious.

    Black organic table Dolmen Mobitec by DroomHout