Lounge sofa

Lounge sofa from DroomHout

The ultimate lounge sofa , it exists, and we have it :-) for you! DroomHout has been making lounge sofas from honest, sustainable wood since 2008 and we are happy to tell you all about it.

The best-selling lounge sofa for 12 years

It was in 2009 in the picturesque village ofMontecastelli where designer Jacques Mentrop was on holiday with his wife. In the early morning sun that shines generously through the open windows, he designs this timelessly beautiful lounge sofa. When you return home, the design is refined and put into production.

Lounge sofa from DroomHout

From old scaffolding wood to sustainable Douglas fir

In the beginning, the lounge sofa was made from old scaffolding wood. The beautiful wide and grayed parts did well, but had a major disadvantage. The pine wood from which old scaffolding wood is made is not very durable. DroomHout further developed this lounge sofa in 2016 by using the much more sustainable Douglas fir wood. Because we use the same beautiful wide parts, the successful design remained unchanged. However, this lounge sofa now lasts twice as long. And that is of course great.

The secret of the ultimate lounge sofa

Part of the great success of the Montecastelli lounge sofa can be attributed to the perfect seating angle and the slightly sloping seat. But perhaps the most important are the lounge cushions that we have designed at DroomHout and had specially made to measure. The secret to nice lounging lies in the thickness and filling of the seat cushion and back cushion. With the 12 cm thick cold foam filling, our pillows are much more comfortable than what you find on the average on the market. All this available in a trendy light gray color.

Lounge sofa in many shapes

We sell the Montecastelli lounge sofa most often as a lounge set in a straight version and as a lounge set in a corner arrangement . In both cases you get 2 comfortable 2-seater sofas and an ottoman. The difference is in the corner table. If you want your set to fit nicely to the wall of a corner, choose the corner sofa. If you prefer to sit opposite each other with a nice coffee table in between, then the straight setup is perfect for you. Nowadays the 3-seater lounge sofa offer with ottoman is also very popular, a must see.

Lounge sofa from DroomHout

Sleeping on your lounge sofa

Did you know that you can also easily turn the Montecastelli lounge sofa into a lounge bed? The footstool, which also comes with a comfortable seat cushion as standard, has the same height as the front of your lounge sofa. So if you slide it against your lounge sofa, you can easily create a spacious bed where you can stretch out. Would you like to bet you'll fall asleep with the sun on your face?

How do I maintain my lounge sofa?

Well, that's easy. Because we use that nice, thick, durable Douglas fir plank, you don't have to do anything about it at all. You can simply place your lounge sofa open and exposed outside in all weather conditions. Because it is dry most of the time, the wood can dry again quickly, which keeps it good for a long time. Did you know that when you receive your lounge sofa, this Douglas fir has a bright light wood color that will discolor to a beautiful deep silver gray within about a year? This gray color matches very well with the light gray of your cushions.

Easy home delivery or extra discount

You can say it. The delivery of your lounge sofa is included in the price, but if you pick it up at our factory in Utrecht, you will receive a 10% collection discount. We actually give the saved transport costs to you and also help you with loading. At our factory we also have a great showroom and design studio where you can take a look around at all the other beautiful things that the DroomHout factory makes. Check our opening hours immediately.

Lounge sofa from DroomHout