Maintain wooden kitchen fronts

Wooden kitchen fronts not only radiate natural beauty, but are also a sustainable choice for your kitchen. To ensure that these beautiful elements retain their charm and that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. It is essential to maintain them regularly and properly. At Droomhout we understand the importance of good maintenance, which is why we share here a step-by-step guide to keeping your solid wood kitchen fronts in top condition. Still looking? Take a quick look at our range of solid wooden kitchen fronts .

Step 1: Maintain with a slightly damp cloth:

Maintaining your solid wood kitchen fronts starts with simple steps that prevent dust, dirt and greasy residue from accumulating. Use a soft, slightly damp cloth to remove superficial dirt. This not only helps to maintain the natural appearance of the wood, but also prevents minor scratches from being caused by abrasive particles. Make sure the cloth is only slightly damp to avoid excessive water on the wood. Then dry the kitchen fronts with a clean, dry cloth to ensure that no moisture remains. This simple daily ritual helps to keep the wood in optimal condition. Do you have matt lacquered kitchen fronts? Do not apply too much pressure while cleaning. This prevents the matte layer from being damaged.

Step 2: Clean with a slightly damp cloth and soap

If wiping with a slightly damp cloth is not enough to remove stains or stubborn dirt, it is time to move on to the next step. Wipe a slightly damp cloth and add a mild, natural soap. This allows you to effectively tackle grease stains and other dirt without damaging the wood.

Apply the soap solution to the cloth and gently clean the kitchen fronts in the direction of the wood grain. Avoid aggressive scrubbing as this can cause scratches. After cleaning with soap, wipe the kitchen fronts with a clean, dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

Step 3: Restore and protect with sanding and varnishing/oiling again:

If the previous steps do not produce the desired results and there are still signs of wear, scratches or discoloration, consider a more in-depth approach. Re-sanding and varnishing or oiling offers an effective way to restore the original shine and color of the wood. We at DroomHout are happy to help you with this, but if you want to get started yourself, start by preparing the surface by lightly sanding with fine sandpaper. This removes any damage and prepares the wood for the new finish. After sanding, choose between lacquer or oil, depending on the desired finish.

Lacquer: Lacquer forms a protective layer over the wood, making it more resistant to water, stains and wear. Apply the polish evenly with a brush or roller and let it dry according to the instructions on the package. Repeat if necessary for optimal protection. We at dreamhout use SKYLT (original #5501) for the best results. This two-component lacquer does not discolour the wood and ensures that white oak does not yellow.

Oils: Oil penetrates deep into the wood and emphasizes its natural beauty. Choose a high-quality wood oil and apply it with a cloth or brush in the direction of the wood grain. Allow the oil to dry sufficiently and repeat the application if necessary. Oil provides a warm, matte finish and protects the wood against moisture.

Wooden kitchen fronts to enjoy for a long time

Maintaining solid wooden kitchen fronts does not require much care and attention, we at dreamhout can supply them already lacquered or oiled. So you can enjoy it straight away without all the worries. By maintaining them periodically afterwards, you can significantly extend the retention of the same appearance. Start with simple maintenance that really doesn't have to be done every week, followed by a slightly more thorough cleaning with soap if necessary. As a last resort, re-sanding and varnishing/oiling offers an effective way to restore and protect the wood. By following these steps, you will not only maintain the aesthetics of your solid wood kitchen fronts, but you will also invest in a sustainable and timeless choice for your home. At DroomHout we are ready to answer all your questions and guide you in preserving the natural beauty of solid wood in your kitchen.

Wooden kitchen fronts for your kitchen

Don't have wooden kitchen fronts yet but are you excited to get them for your kitchen? You can always visit our showroom in Utrecht to look at the possibilities in kitchen fronts. if you want a completely new kitchen now. Or just replace your kitchen fronts, for example your IKEA kitchen. In both cases, solid wooden kitchen fronts give your kitchen a maximum natural look and the luxurious appearance of an attractive kitchen. In our showroom itself there is an IKEA METOD kitchen where our solid wooden fronts have been installed. In different finishes and with slatted structure. This allows you to immediately see what would suit your kitchen. In addition to kitchen fronts, we also offer the option of making the worktop from solid wood. Combine the two in solid wood and you will see that a completely wooden kitchen also looks great.